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Monday, June 25, 2012

It is the business suited Soka Gakkai priests with perverse wisdom and hearts who are the Buddha's worst enemies

"Shakyamuni Buddha is the father, sovereign, and teacher of all the other Buddhas and all the gods, of the whole assembly of human and heavenly beings, and of all living beings. How could the heavenly gods and benevolent deities rejoice if the Buddha were killed? Today all the people of our country have proved to be enemies of Shakyamuni Buddha, but more than laymen or laywomen, it is the [business suited Soka Gakkai] priests with perverse wisdom and hearts who are the Buddha’s worst enemies. There are two kinds of wisdom, correct and perverse. No matter how wise a person may appear, if his assertions are warped you should not listen to him. Nor should you follow priests merely because they are venerable or of high rank. But if a person has the wisdom to know the true meaning of the Lotus Sutra, no matter how lowly he may appear, pay respect to him and make offerings to him as though he were a living Thus Come One. Thus it is written in the sutra. That is why the Great Teacher Dengyo says that the men and women who believe in this sutra, even if they lack knowledge or violate the precepts, should be seated above priests who observe all two hundred and fifty precepts of the Hinayana teachings, and never be seated in a humble position, and that this is all the more true of the priests of this Mahayana sutra."

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What a Low Life Condition

"Some protest video clips were posted earlier in this thread. Here's an interesting related clip:

Some of those same protestors, on another day, are being tailed through the streets by an earpiece wearing undercover soka (MIB=Men In Black, but in this case light brown) James Bond wanna-be stalker. He appears at the beginning of the clip (~20 sec. mark) and is confronted toward the end of the clip (~2:00 min. mark).

Take a look at his face at the beginning of the clip --> psycho eyes. At the end of the clip, when confronted, he is reaching for his communication piece in the back of his waist." Hitch, ex SGI fortune baby and Cult Education forum poster

A joyful bodhiNOTva is he. Unbelievable clip. Those anti-SGI people are such fearsome desperados. He looked so angry. What a low life condition. -- Mark