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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What a Low Life Condition

"Some protest video clips were posted earlier in this thread. Here's an interesting related clip:

Some of those same protestors, on another day, are being tailed through the streets by an earpiece wearing undercover soka (MIB=Men In Black, but in this case light brown) James Bond wanna-be stalker. He appears at the beginning of the clip (~20 sec. mark) and is confronted toward the end of the clip (~2:00 min. mark).

Take a look at his face at the beginning of the clip --> psycho eyes. At the end of the clip, when confronted, he is reaching for his communication piece in the back of his waist." Hitch, ex SGI fortune baby and Cult Education forum poster

A joyful bodhiNOTva is he. Unbelievable clip. Those anti-SGI people are such fearsome desperados. He looked so angry. What a low life condition. -- Mark


  1. very creepy.

    makes me think of mr. martin.

  2. Hehe. This fellow is obviously more intelligent and bright...

  3. You shouldn't be so afraid of such people. I'm sure Rev. Tsuchiya is not.

  4. I'm afraid of kittens, duckies, and armed escapees from mental institutions.

  5. The dude is like 5 feet tall. If he escaped from the crazy house, just put him back in, Doc. He's not exactly Rambo/Chuck Norris.

    Buku: "I'm afraid of kittens, duckies..."

    Pff. What about chickens?

  6. What about a driving belief? Rooting out the cause prevents the effects.

  7. Not even the US government. However, if they ask me to do something, not unreasonable, I will do it in order to repay my debt of gratitude to the sovereign and also to avoid the hassles. That is, up to the point of compromising my faith in the Lotus Sutra.