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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Kempon Hokke Tanuki [Racoon Dog] Temple ["Other denominations welcome"]

Guidance of cemetery memorial service-permanence

Changzhou Fu Temple CemeteryKuon Jiangxi cemeteryPerpetual memorial service
  person of Dan congregation   by a person who new parishioner

: Perpetual royalties
from 1.5 million yen 90cm × 90cm
  It does not matter religion sect . ●  does not matter kinship

Cemetery use fees:
1 compartment ¥ 570,000 (up to 2 people)
  grave of the person without a successor   It does not matter religion sect   It is also well enough common name

Perpetual memorial service fee: ¥ 800,000

Changzhou Fu Temple CemeteryPerson of ordinary believers Dan Fu temple, or in the area of ​​the grave, is the compartment and for those who become parishioner of Fu temple always new. Generations of people to a destination for a long time can be deified than your ancestors, (and the step slope also not to approach) because it is Boiki precincts, I worship is matching your family at any time. Priest because it is administrative, management perspective is also a worry.
  • Perpetual use your expenses, from compartment 90cm × 90cm = 150 million.
  • To normal Fu Temple Contact: 03-3300-7229

Kuon Jiangxi cemetery
  • Religion sect unquestioned course, even if there is no successor, this cemetery can be used even with friends parent and child, brother and (sister). (Without being parishioner, you can feel free to use)
  • It is the user registration system for up to two guests per compartment. If the user has passed away together, are enshrined to (you can choose it freely) Man spirit memorial tower or permanence memorial tower on the grounds after the second death anniversary of those who died at the end, always Fu temple your priest customers For your memorial service for a long time more.
  • I have a very favorable reception because it is a cemetery in the temple precincts always Fu Cemetery, when you can use it in peace in the face your worship, your memorial service, and management.
  • It is the price system very reasonable.
  • Cemetery use fee(Use Up to 2 people) 1 compartment ¥ 570,000
    Annual maintenance fee(You can manage the maintenance of the grave only in this) 10 005 one thousand yen
    Tombstone generation setThe various stocks in order to live up to hope. With anything please contact us.
Perpetual memorial tower"This memorial tower eternity" is a memorial tower was intended for anyone who wants a no-show heir.
Built in 1981, is located next to the former chief priest tomb, memorial tower, can pray or steps slope and along the way also in peace without.
I can also charnel (in secular name) towards other denominations.
The worship, I can freely. It is also possible to bring, such as flowers, incense stick.
Of course, no person get bone also can be apply for permanence memorial service.
  • Perpetual memorial service fee: ¥ 800,000.
  • You can also get temporary custody of bone.
  • Per year, 50,000 yen. (You can be extended for up to five years maximum.)
  • To normal Fu Temple Contact: 03-3300-7229

In Buddhism, of course, there is a life thing of all living in the (person), there is no gap of up and down in his life, animal (pet) has been taught to be equality, including us humans.
Of course, has come to live with your family many years, animal (pet) We are also important precious lives. In Toyama, we will together with your family to send everyone (your funeral), the last moment of his precious life, your memorial service.
The merit of chanting chanting together with your family everyone, suffering a variety of animal (pet) we are no longer, I wish Buddhahood in the afterlife (happiness). Please contact us by phone first case of emergency.
Contact Phone: 03-3300-7229

Pet funeral ordinary Fu Temple
In our temple, in addition to the memorial event of a series of pet funeral, cremation, burial of up to, only funeral, burial only, I hear only your memorial service.
For the idea of your memorial service as well as human, I do not hear the only cremation with no funeral.
If you would like, I will introduce only cremation.
It does not matter sect, the religion. Please contact us first at the time of emergency.

Flow and content of funeral
Flow and content of funeral

Price list
Temple altar funeral ceremonyTemple furnace before funeral ceremonyFuneral ceremony at home
(Squirrel, rabbit, birds, etc.) small animals70,000 yen35,000 yen40,000 yen
(Small dog, cat, etc.) 15kg less than80,000 yen45,000 yen50,000 yen
Less than 25kg (medium dogs)90,000 yen55,000 yen60,000 yen
Less than 35kg (medium dogs and large dogs)100,000 yen  65,000 yen75,000 yen


  1. "● It does not matter religion sect . ● does not matter kinship."

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  3. He is not Myomanji's enemy. He is priest in good standing.