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Sunday, June 30, 2013

SGI member Phillip Brett gives vocal expression to his leaders' thoughts

On Apr 29, 10:10 pm, Buku <Illarr…> wrote:

> On Apr 29, 12:05 pm, philip brett <clownhid…> wrote:
> > On Apr 28, 9:56 pm, philip brett <clownhid…> wrote:
> > > On Apr 28, 8:15 pm, Buku <Illarr…> wrote:
> > > > You just don’t get it Philip
> > > Sure don’t.
> > You apparently don’t gety it eaither:
> > All disciples and lay supporters of Nichiren should chant Nam-myoho-
> > renge-kyo with the spirit of many in body but one in mind,
> > transcending all differences among themselves to become as inseparable
> > as fish and the water in which they swim. This spiritual bond is the
> > basis for the universal transmission of the ultimate Law of life and
> > death. Herein lies the true goal of Nichiren’s propagation. When you
> > are so united, even the great desire for widespread propagation can be
> > fulfilled. But if any of Nichiren’s disciples disrupt the unity of
> > many in body but one in mind, they would be like warriors who destroy
> > their own castle from within. -The Heritage of the Ultimate Law of
> > Life
> SGI members and leaders are disciples and supporters of Daisaku Ikeda,
> not Nichiren Daishonin. SGI, along with the Nichiren Shoshu, are the
> main sources of Nichiren sect disunity.
> I find it quite strange that such a vocal critic of Nichiren Daishonin
> would quote Nichiren Daishonin to criticize us, Nichiren Daishonin’s direct        > disciples and believers.


> Buku

‘He [Nichiren] was non-Buddhist.” — Phillip Brett
Then why do you quote him to make a point?
“Actually I stand behind that a million percent if he wanted to out law all religions other than his own then he was not buddhist. A buddhist doesn’t force anyone else to accept his point of view.” — Phillip Brett
You are defining what it takes to be a Buddhist? Your bonafides are [besides, of course, disliking Nichiren Daishonin, his teachings, the Kempon Hokke and me]?
“Do you think I hate Nichiren because I say that if he wanted to outlaw every religion but his own he is not a buddhist and should be killed?” — Phillip Brett
What are your other reasons?
“Thank God he’s dead…huh?” — Phillip Brett
Showing Nichiren some love?
“And this is who you inherit your arrogance from but don’t have half the intelligence of, which hell does this asshole burn in now or is he freezing to death in one of the cold one’s?’ — Phillip Brett
Yet you utilize his teachings to make a point and you expect me to ignore your hypocrisy? Of all the traits I detest in both a person and a group [SGI], it is hypocrisy which irks me the most, so please forgive me for pointing out yours.
“Good name? He wanted to outlaw religious freedom. What’s good about it? He’s not even a buddhist, just some jerk with an enlarged sense of his own self importance and the arrogance to command by power of law what people can believe.” — Phillip Brett
Yet you, a so-called Buddhist who took umbrage when I stated that you were not a Nichiren Buddhist, speaks as you do. what is one to think? How seriously should we take your view about Nichiren believers transcending differences with the so-called Nichiren believers such as yourself and the sGI members?
“Outlaw every religion but his own? Off with his head!” — Phillip Brett
The effects [words] of one who embraces the SGI no-Honzon?
“Nichiren wouild out law all other religious practices? Counterfeit buddhist they should have cut his head off! Evil evil man. Even the Lotus Sutra can’t save someone like that. And you are proud to be an asshole like him?” — Phillip Brett
But yet you, like the SGI utilize the man’s teachings. Why? Because without them you have zero credibility.
…”Bitchiren followers…” — Phillip Brett
Then why utilize his teachings if you really don’t like the man? Hypocrisy? Of course!
“Who is conceited? You say that people who don’t follow Nichiren are conceited and then you demonstrate the great conceit of the man himself.” — Phillip Brett
Animality is propounding the teachings of the Votary of the Lotus Sutra to one while witholding it from another in order to gain favor or even to make a point.
“Nichiren doesn’t stand for any kind of freedom. If you don’t want to consider me a follower of Nichiren because I don’t follow every stupid narrow minded thing that he said, fine.” — Phillip Brett
Considerably more than that.
“Nichiren studied hard for his success. Near execution, exhile, and ignored by authorities, leading to death at an early age. How many followers did he have in his whole life, a couple of hundred. Follow his failed model.Do you think you will do as well?’ — Phillip Brett
Yet you quote his failed model to make a point. You and the degenerate SGI.
“I think it was ignorant of Nichiren to make these statements, maybe there was some rationale at the time. To state them today is beyond ignorant.’ — Phillip Brett
Do you often quote the ignorant to spread the teachings of Buddhism?
“but he was a nationalist and somewhat racist and I wouldn’t unquestioningly parrot everything he ever said.” — Phillip Brett
You only parrot what you think will destroy, or at the very least, irk your enemies. No one is fooled, least of all me.

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