Saturday, July 6, 2013

Bodhisattvas always for hire and their busy little Bodhisattva bee wives

“We would like to inform everyone of the following, regarding the Sustaining Contribution Program, in order to continue to increase the awareness of and participation in the program:
1. Sustaining Contribution Brochure: While the main content of the brochure remains the same, some revisions were made to further clarify the instructional portion of the brochure. One major change was to add a $20 minimum per transaction. The revised brochure will be distributed nationwide by mid-November and can be distributed to members at various gatherings from November to January, but will also be available throughout the year. Leaders are encouraged to incorporate introduction of this brochure and study on the spirit of contribution in gatherings such as November district general meetings, December World Peace Prayer meetings, New Year’s Gongyo meetings and Rock the Era activities.
2. Promotional Poster: The poster was also revised so that it includes the SGI-USA contribution Web site address and SGI-USA contribution hotline number. As with last year, posters with brochure holders will be distributed to all SGI-USA centers nationwide so that they can be posted at locations readily available to members throughout the year. We ask that the brochure holders be replenished when necessary so that they are always stocked with brochures.
3. World Tribune: The November 20, 2009, issue will feature the Sustaining Contribution Program. The issue will include an introduction of the sustaining contribution brochures, including how to use them and the spirit behind the program. The “Writings for Discussion Meetings” section will feature a study on appreciation to facilitate promotion of sustaining contribution at December
discussion meetings. A contribution experience will also be included in this issue.
4. National Leaders Video Conference: On December 12, a nationwide district through territory leaders video/telephone conference hosted by the SGI-USA national leaders will be held. They will introduce the Sustaining Contribution Program and its underlying spirit in a portion of this program so that all leaders can understand and be able to confidently share the significance of this program. The video conference will be recorded and will be available on SGI-USA Leaders Resource Site for access later.”

Please take to heart Sensei's guidance:
I want you, my salaried SGI leaders LOOKIN FLY and CRUISIN in some fine wheels when you travel to  meetings. Always remember, public schools ain't fit for your children and please make sure your wives have their hair and nails done weekly cause they got no time to do it themselves [with all those meeting and sustaining contribution campaigns]. Have gratitude for your wives, they are my little “bodhisattva” bees.

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