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Sunday, July 28, 2013

EXTRA EXTRA You heard it here first department

Former $GI president  Einosuke Akiya leaves the Gakkai and joins the Nichiren Shoshu purportedly because his grandchildren were brutally harassed by the Soka Gakkai youth division. He was SGI president from 1981 - 2006 and took the lead in excoriating the Nichiren Shoshu priesthood during the schism.


  1. actual proof. the pox on the gakkai. hopefully he will not be afraid to speak out.

    i am a nichiren lotus sutra buddhist. i follow shakyamuni , his highest teaching the lotus sutra, and the leader of the BOE ,nichiren. no rotten priests or lay leaders for me.

  2. EXTRA! EXTRA! Another false story? This might be more believable if you didn't have a history of making up "amusing" dialogues of possible conversations or false stories. What is the source of this story? Einosuke Akiya, Nichiren Shoshu or the Japanese tabloids? Or is it another one of your legendary fake posts?

    On your former Kempon Hokke blog you regularly posted inflammatory anti-SGI posts and when Gakkai members questioned "Is this true?", you responded with words to the effect of "No, I made it up, but it's interesting that you thought it might have been!".

    (1) When you seem to have so many negative things to say about the SGI, based on your interpretation of the writings of Nichiren Daishonin and the Lotus Sutra, why have you felt the need to water it down with fake posts? If you do post something true it makes it much harder to accept as fact. Maybe you prefer to muddy the water? Why not just edit or update the post later to say that it was made up? Maybe you prefer to the leave the casual reader with the misconception from the "headline"?

    (2) You claim to be a Nichiren Buddhist but Nichiren didn't make stuff up about the schools of Buddhism he refuted and then claim when challenged by their followers that it wasn't true, but interesting that they thought it might have been. He relied on his Buddhist study, wisdom and facts. I can only assume that your understanding of the Lotus Sutra and Nichiren's writings have led you to adopt this strange hybrid style of serious commentary and tabloid journalism.

    (3) Even if this story does turn out to be "actual proof" as verified by greg romero, why does it matter to you that a former leader of a group you consider to be a cult, has joined another misguided school of Nichiren Buddhism. Have you now become a spokesman for the Nichiren Shoshu school? Can we expect to see this blog deleted and a new Mark Rogow / Nichiren Shoshu one starting up?

  3. Nasty, nasty, aren't we today? Is it your stellar shining eyes call to you life condition or did I hit a nerve? 1). See my latest post. There is a difference between making stuff, factual reporting, and satire. If SGI members are too stupid to realize that something is satire, now it's my fault? 2). Nichiren too used satire Mr. Nichiren Buddhist double fire tongue. 3). I bet it's also untrue that Mrs. Toda is buried in a Nichiren Shoshu cemetery and had absolutely nothing good to say about the eternal mentor?

  4. dear nichiren buddhist, i doubt that you really are, otherwise you would be standing up for what nichiren actually taught. try studying what he really taught. there is only one true sangha and that is nichiren and his followers. wake up.

  5. Nasty? Maybe it's you that's over sensitive.

    Firstly, I just wanted clarification of the legitimacy of this story about a former leader leaving the SGI as I couldn't see the satire in it. In response, your latest post is titled "Now it's my fault that SGI members are too stupid to comprehend satire" so I will admit my stupidity in failing to see that this "You heard it here first" post was satire. Was greg also stupid when he responded "actual proof. the pox on the gakkai. hopefully he will not be afraid to speak out" or was he continuing the satire?

    Both Nichiren Daishonin and Shakyamuni Buddha constantly sought ways to lead people to awaken to the Mystic Law of the Lotus Sutra and Namu Myoho Renge Kyo. To find ways to encourage their followers and to teach lay people how to really connect with the wisdom of the Lotus Sutra. I am sure you are an intelligent man, especially as you seem to have a deep knowledge of the Lotus Sutra and key writings of Nichiren Daishonin, and yet instead of clarifying this Buddhism for others, you've chosen to muddy the pool by creating a blog that mixes commentary, facts, satirical dialogues, "amusing" links and inflammatory comments purporting to be satire. What is the pay-off for you? Proof of your superiority over others who are too stupid to understand what Nichiren Buddhism is truly about or unable to distinguish fact from satire? Where is the compassion to lead others, irrespective of intelligence or their previous experience of Buddhism, to the correct practise of Nichiren Buddhism?

    And secondly, I fail to see how it's nasty to suggest that you might advance the spread of Nichiren Buddhism and achieve more by clearly labelling seemingly unsatirical statements as satire so that the truth of Nichiren Buddhism and genuine facts that portray the SGI, Kempon Hokke, and other groups in a negative light could be discussed at face value. i.e. why wouldn't Mrs Toda want to be buried in a Nichiren Shoshu cemetery with her husband who had also had a Nichiren Shoshu funeral service?

  6. That is no satire. If true you will have egg on your face. If not true, I am covered in egg. My source is a Japanese-American with many contacts in Japan.

    Here is the story on Toda's wife:

    On March 6th, 2000, the wife of second Soka Gakkai President Josei Toda, Mrs. Iku Toda, passed away. She died at the age of 89.

    Her posthumous Buddhist name was "Shoju'in Myogo Nisso Daishi", a posthumous Buddhist name containing "Nichi" given by High Priest Nikken Shonin.

    Upon receiving the news of Mrs. Toda's passing, Soka Gakkai sent two top leaders to the Toda's residence to beg that the funeral not be performed by Nichiren Shoshu. Their attempt was rejected by Mr. Toda's eldest son, Mr. Takahisa Toda and as originally planned, the funeral service was conducted by Nichiren Shoshu. According to people who are in close contact with the Toda's, Mr. Takahisa Toda explained, "The Toda's are Nichiren Shoshu believers so it is natural to hold a funeral service in Nichiren Shoshu." He continued, "Whenever father (Mr. Toda) had an audience with a High Priest, he would keep his head down to the floor with his palms together, never lifting his face up. His attitude made me realize how respect worthy the High Priest is." He further stated, "Since I grew up observing my father acting in such a manner, no matter what happens I could never consider rebelling against the Head Temple, Taisekiji."

    The Toda family, which has inherited sincere faith from Mr. Toda, is keenly aware of the fact that they are Nichiren Shoshu believers belonging to Jozaiji temple. Based on that awareness, they requested Jozaiji temple to carry out President Toda's funeral in April 1958 and every year since, on April 2nd, the anniversary of Mr. Toda's death, a priest from Jozaiji temple visits the Toda family in Meguro, Tokyo, in order to hold a memorial service (Tsuizenkuyo) and offer the recitation of the sutra and Daimoku for the deceased.

    The prime reason Mrs. Toda's funeral service was conducted by Nichiren Shoshu was because of Mrs. Toda's own strong request made while she was still alive. After her death, the text of a taped conversation between Mrs. Toda and an acquaintance was introduced in a weekly magazine expressing her frank feelings regarding the Ikeda Soka Gakkai.

    Man: Mr. Ikeda is a bad guy, a very wicked villain. He is only out for money.
    Mrs. Toda: It is better to leave him alone. (You) should not be too serious. You will see someday. You will know (the truth) without fail.
    Man: He will be punished. He will receive punishment since he has been against the Gohonzon.
    Mrs. Toda: He has been already punished. He lost one of his children.
    Man: I regard Daisaku Ikeda a terrible villain.
    Mrs. Toda: Everyone may be thinking that way, too.

    At the funeral, what the participants saw in saying good-bye to the deceased was her remarkable appearance of having attained Buddhahood; even one week after her death, she was resting in peace looking the same as when she was alive.

    Daisaku Ikeda was rude enough to be absent from the funeral for the wife of the 2nd President of Soka Gakkai. Thirty top leaders of Soka Gakkai took part in the funeral including Einosuke Akiya, Satoru Izumi and Yasu Kashiwabara who, led by Rev. Hosoi, were chanting and putting their palms together towards the special funeral Gohonzon of Nichiren Shoshu.

  7. You should take to heart the Daishonin's teachings that it would be better to outlaw the one [perverse] teaching [today the Soka Gakkai] than to offer ten thousand prayers. Then you will understand the faith and practice of Nichiren Daishonin.

  8. Alan, you can not distinguish black from white because you have abandoned Shakyamuni. You are disingenuous invoking either the name of Shakyamuni Buddha or Nichiren Daishonin.

  9. Why is it disingenuous to state that Shakyamuni and Nichiren made efforts to explain this philosophy and practice as clearly as possible so that all people could benefit? My exact understanding of Nichiren Buddhism may differ to yours but I have a desire to learn more and want to explain what little I do know, even if only one word, as clearly as possible to other people.

    Naturally, it's your choice to decide the content of your blog, how you choose to teach others and the attitude you have towards your readers, and, when used wisely, satire can clarify in a humorous way a valid point. Personally though I find the valuable information on your blog can sometimes get lost among the negativity, satire, facts, and obscure inflammatory satire which creates a grey area, rather than clarifying your message and making Nichiren Buddhism more accessible to others. Surely this is disingenuous, and providing a disservice to Shakyamuni Buddha, Nichiren Daishonin and your readers.

  10. The point is Alan, there is nothing to explain, least of all to someone chanting ten, fifteen, twenty, thirty, or forty years. Its ALL in the Lotus Sutra and writings of Nichiren Daishonin. My blog, my actions here, is not directed to or for the new believer.

    Going to a new believer's house, warmly encouraging new believers to chant and do Gongyo, distributing Sutra books, Gohonzon, and leading them to the writings is the practice of shoju. Here I practice shakubuku towards the SGI, NST, NS, Kempon Hokke, and other slanderers who claim to follow Nichiren but really don't.

  11. Hi,

    One thing I impress upon all the people I know is to make a decision to follow Buddhism and not just everyone's idea of it.

    You cannot rely on other people to tell you what is correct. There has to be some way for people to study, listen, experience, and make decisions based on clarity and expert opinions.

    From what we have all witnessed in cults, and in WW2, there is reason to make your own decisions and not just follow other people. Because, even if they were intelligent and strong people of faith, they can lead people astray.

    That doesn't mean to rely upon only on only yourself, but to open up and find "reliable" sources of information that bring everyone clarity, as well as to do what is necessary for others, so that people can share clarity when they are in the dark. Why? Because, if you don't see or help others to survive, you may not be able to survive. That is why I have said this.

    People are not puppets, they are real. When you make decisions based on only formality, or base faith on only on the needs of certain people, you could deny the needs of Members, Leaders or Priests who may die if you don't help them, when it's needed.

    It's just an FYI...Because our faith can be very serious business!


  12. Then you must choose Shakyamuni Buddha [Lotus Sutra] and Nichiren Daishonin [Gosho], they who are reliable, and not Nichikan, Ikeda, the SGI, and the Nichiren Shoshu.

  13. shayamuni buddha and nichiren taught FAITH in the lotus sutra. first and foremost. very few people study or know what was really taught by either shakyamuni or his emissary for the latter nichiren(leader for the time of mappo) it is impossible to really study what was taught by nichiren (through correct translations) and not know that the shoshu and the gakkai are a joke.

    to so called niciren buddhist - "good advice sounds harsh to the ears". - nichiren.

    time to wake up.

  14. All branches of Buddhism, or any religion, I suppose, claims orthodoxy.....this forces a person to scrutinize mercilessly the doctrinal the sgi there is a parasitic relationship, perhaps, of a mortal 'president', or rather, a series of unassailable 'presidents', rather than a healthy curiosity of scriptural Buddhism....Nichiren admonished his followers to study the Lotus teaching, as well as other related texts which he had mentally ingested.

    For a good 2,500 years, millions have been earnestly trying, with all of their intelligence, to genuinely apprehend Siddhartha's honest teachings, often in frustration and dark futility. Now we repeat this exercise, upon this stimulative blog/forum, to distinguish the beautiful elements of Buddhism, which may be viewed as the properties responsible for the mystical, human entity.
    If we are serious and willing, in the manner of Nichiren, to consult the Buddhist canon, we can gaze into the infinite. This access was described, in it's virgin state by Siddhartha and then permanently codified in the fifth century, a.d. in monasteries on the Island of [modern/day] Sri Lanka.

    This is our treasure, a record of the Buddha's course of enlightenment.....there is a saying that a need for interpretation reveals a weakness in the text.....if so, than the sgi may actually function to degrade the canon, since it interprets scriptures routinely, or as a matter of course.

    Return to the lotus/sutra of the lion, if I may, and all this rancor and tongue-thrashing will become a waste of time, energy, and thought.