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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Let us look at some passages from SGI's slanderous Bible of Shakubuku

SGI Bible of Shakubuku:

Here are a few excerpts and my responses.

The SGI Bible of Shakubuku (1951), supervised by Daisaku Ikeda,
was published by the Soka Gakkai to train believers. The Soka
Gakkai no longer publishes the Bible of Shakubuku because it
promotes the Nichiren Shoshu. Nevertheless, SGI's fundamental
doctrines have not changed except for denying that the heritage of
the Law is transmitted through the person of High Priest of Nichiren
Shoshu. Now they claim that the heritage is only transmitted through
the Successive Presidents of the Soka Gakkai.

"Shakyamuni's dharma is the dharma of the past and no longer
beneficial". (page 63, The Bible of Shakubuku)

Nichiren taught that Shakyamuni's Lotus Sutra is the only teaching
to be spread in the Latter Day.

"It is necessary to realize that we no longer have a connection
to Shakyamuni's Buddhism." (page 65, The Bible of Shakubuku)

Nichiren taught that we are the direct disciples of the Original
Eternal Buddha Shakyamuni.

"You should know that Nichiren Daishonin is the only true Buddha
because Shakamuni's Buddhism is useless." (page 67, The Bible of

Nichiren taught that Shakyamuni Buddha is the Original Eternal Buddha
and we can not even discard the Theoretical Section of the Lotus Sutra,
let alone the Essential Section.

"Buddha Shakamuni is inferior to the true Buddha Nichiren." (page
316, The Bible of Shakubuku)

Nichiren taught that all Buddhas throughout the past, present,
and future, are emanations of Shakyamuni Buddha. He also taught
that those who abandon Shakyamuni will fall into the Avici hell.

"The Lotus Sutra which is the long-cherished wish of Buddha
Shakamuni is no longer valid in this era, not in the least." (page93,
The Bible of Shakubuku)

Nichiren says the Lotus Sutra is the ultimate teaching of the past,
present, and future

"If you don't worship the Gohonzon of NST (SGI), you will know no
well-being in the age of Mappo." (page70, The Bible of Shakubuku)

Yet, the deluded SGI members criticize us for pointing out that the
Nichikan Gohonzon breeds evil men.

'If you worship the Honzon of a wicked religion, you will naturally
experience misfortune (page280, The Bible of Shakubuku).

The misfortune of the SGI senior leaders and their family members,
is actual proof that they worship a Honzon of a wicked religion and
the tremendous good fortune of the believers in the Kempon Hokke
is proof of the righteousness of our Honzon and the goodness of our

"All other sects except NST (SGI) are wicked religions and are a
negative influence on society. (page280, The Bible of Shakubuku)

The reality is that wherever the SGI has spread, the people have
suffered every manner of misfortune and even their own members
obtain neither merit nor virtue.

"The teachings of Buddha Shakamuni is as useless as last year's
calendar. If you are guided by his teachings, your life will surely
fail as a logical result." (page303,The Bible of Shakubuku)

Then why so many unrealized dreams among the Soka Gakkai
members and why such wonderful benefits in the life of Kempon
Hokke believers who embrace the Lotus Sutra and Shakyamuni Buddha?

"Every person who doesn't worship the Gohonzon of Fuji-Taiseki temple
(SGI) are bad people who slander the true dharma.' (page314, The Bible
of Shakubuku)

Then, the SGI members are bad because, according to their own criteria,
they slander the "true dharma" of Fuji-Taisekiji temple. The reality is
that they are bad people, especially their high salaried leaders, for
other real and serious transgressions: For abandoning the Lotus Sutra
and Lord Shakyamuni Buddha and exploiting the Dharma for personal

"The family which believes in the so-called Nichiren-shu will have
children who have deformities, mental retardation or madness."
(page321, The Bible of Shakubuku)

Then, why do so many children of SGI top senior leaders never make
it past their twenty first birthday while most Nichiren Shu priests' and
believers' children not only survive but thrive? The reason is that the
SGI's leaders curses and particularly Ikeda's curses have returned to the
originator. For slandering votaries of the Lotus Sutra they or their SGI
family members suffer everymanner of disease and death before they grow

"All other sects except NST (SGI) are false heresies who exert a
bad influence on society." (page323, The Bible of Shakubuku)

Then, why does France label the SGI a dangerous cult and has
Daisaku Ikeda never once received an award or honor from his
own people, the Japanese?


  1. Great stuff Mark. Thanks for posting

  2. Very good .It shows very clearly where the real problem lies with the S.G.I teachings .If people do not really read Nichiren's goshos they will not understand. Also if you do not try and read the Lotus Sutra you will not understand what has been written.People these days are lazy they do not want to study.Nichiren urged people to study it was part of the practice .Many people in the S.G.I think just studying the comments after the gosho is enough .It is not. In fact that is where they can put their distortions .I have read all the goshos , well the ones i think exist and I cried at times with the incredible compassion he showed and to my great surprise I even laughed .Believe it or not he is quite funny at times. Just because it was written 750 years ago do not be fooled that people have changed that much .Just because we have a mobile stuck to our ear we are no wiser. We have the same emotions and problems fundamentally. Think about it ,if Japan is in such a state and all the other countries who have large amount of members are struggling,what hope have the individual members practicing in the S.G.I .May be they do not care about the world around them or believe in the propaganda that they are subject to each day.But I know if I was still in the organisation I would be having severe doubts now.The reason that Nichiren risked his life, was because of the state of Japan in the 13th century. In fact Japan is in a worst state now then back then with the Fukushima disaster.And because they managed to spread their slander world wide ,the world is in a dangerous situation also.If you do not believe that statement why are you practicing because deep down you must believe nothing makes any difference and you have other reasons why you stay.

  3. Even kind, intelligent, and courageous people can be brainwashed to say nothing of those who are afflicted with the Three Poisons.

  4. Great stuff Mark,

    It’s nice to see you doing your bit for the environment by recycling these same 12 quotes that have kept you going for the last 3 years or so.

    Back in 2010 in reply to someone who was looking for this Shakubuku Guide, you said (or was it Nancy Rogow): "Unsure if it has been completely translated into English. It is only fifty or so pages. It is referenced by independent sources such as Christian missionaries to Japan in the late fifties and early sixties. I don't have the time to research it for you but I have seen such references." (

    My question would therefore be, if it is only 50 or so pages, why do all your quotes come from pages 67 to 323! Have you managed to find a complete version of this "50" page book yet? The only thing I managed to find last year when you sent me these quotes was chapter 4 by Noah Brennan which doesn't seem that contentious.

    Similarly for someone as committed to discrediting the SGI as yourself I’m surprised you haven't found any more quotes from pages 94 to 279 over the last few years, but continue to rely on these same 12 "quotes" that seem to come from a lecture by Rev. Tsuchiya of the Kempon Hokke - someone who is hardly a reliable source of information, based on some of your previous blog posts and comments about him.

    I for one would be very suspicious of believing a lecture (with suspicious page references) by someone your friend Greg Romero referred to as a "traitor" on July 24th 2013. But maybe you are still a "foolish follower of Mister Tsuchiya" as Shinkei described people who trust his slanderous teachings (July 14, 2013) which is why you continue to repost these quotes every six months.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. nichiren buddhist (not) you are very cute. any of those quotes from the shak bible would make anyone who studies and knows the teachings run. everything the gak has done over the jast 25 years would make any real nichiren buddhist run. whats your problem, lack of study, lack of courage or is it that you like to follow the person and not the law. question? why is it that none of you can speak of the teachings and refer to the life of nichiren when you have a complaint?

    2. lady nichimyo, very nice. cheers

  6. A leopard can not change its spots. True, we can't easily see the spots on a black leopard but if you look carefully, you will find them. Likewise, SGI can try to hide their spots, suppressing or destroying copies of their Shakubuku Kyoten but if you look hard enough, you can probably find one [whether it be 50 or 350 pages].

    Or should we deny or ignore it? I referenced it again because Jodine Richards on Soka Gakkai Unofficial just recently brought it up and denied its existence.

    Just today, I referenced more recent heretical slanderous teachings of your beloved Soka Gakkai:

    I have Ikeda quotes from the 70's, 80's, 90's and 2000's that should turn your stomach as a so-called practitioner of the Lotus Sutra and follower of Nichiren but you are merely an SGI apologist and more blind than a one eyed turtle.

    Your arguments are weak. Shan-wu-wei was a great slanderer of the Lotus Sutra but Nichiren quotes him in praise of the Lotus Sutra in the Opening of the Eyes.