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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I have news for you Ryusho

It is not my way or the highway, it is Nichiren's way or the highway. If you think permutations or modifications of Nichiren Daishonin's teachings are sanctioned by Nichiren, you either haven't thoroughly studied his teachings or like Ryuei, you have abandoned them for the teachings of Nissatsu and Nichiki.

Shakyamuni Buddha a mascot?

"...even persons in the lowest category of ordinary mortals will enter the stage of Buddhahood within the space of a single lifetime and achieve perfect enlightenment." Nichiren Page 208, Volume II (from Explaining the Causation of the Ten Worlds, written in 1260) 

What are you all waiting for? The end of your life? Are you not even as wise as "the lowest category of ordinary mortals"? How long will you have to chant and even if you vocalize the silent U or not, to realize you always have been a Buddha?

Through off your transient nature and reveal your true identity.

Anyone on this site can be a fool and claim this writing too is not the "authentic writing of Nichiren own hands" but it won't change the truth of its words." -- Tim Janakos SGI leader and graduate of Soka University

1). This writing is neither found in the Rokunai nor Rokugai collection of writings, so of course it is suspect. Even were it authentic, Nichiren writes, "As for my teachings, regard those before my exile to the province of Sado as equivalent to the Buddha's pre-Lotus Sutra teachings."

2). Please point out to me who in SGI has attained Buddhahood and who in SGI is endowed with the ten honorific attributes of a Buddha?

3). You still haven't addressed the issues of the Code of Conduct for SGI "Buddhas" and the need for Buddhas to receive guidance.

4). As for your other post, you state:

"Your statement about letting the "eternal buddha, Shakyamuni" into your heart, sounds a whole hell of a lot like Christianity, with a new mascot."

5). I could be flippant and say, better a lion then a tapeworm [Ikeda] for a mascot but more to the point. You should rather take it up with Nichiren who states, 

"Yet it was not I, Nichiren, who made these three important pronouncements. Rather it was in all cases the spirit of the Thus Come One Shakyamuni that had entered into my body. And having personally experienced this, I am beside myself with joy." -- The Selection of the Time, one of Nichiren Daishonin's five major writings

Obviously, you have never experienced such joy or you wouldn't berate Shakyamuni Buddha as a mascot nor confuse the meager joy of letting Daisaku Ikeda or Jesus into your heart with the absolute blissful joy of having Shakyamni Buddha enter your body. Shakyamuni Buddha needs no permission to enter into the mind and bodies of a votary of Lotus Sutra. This is proof, neither you nor your fellow SGI members are votaries of the Lotus Sutra. You are votaries of Ikedaism. You are fools.

سنة جديدة سعيدة أبناء الأراضي الفلسطينية

שנים חדשות שמחה

Gott nytt år

Gelukkig nieuw jaar

Happy New Years Ghana

срећна нова година

Happy New Years Miami [USA]

سنة جديدة سعيدة بقطر

feliz año nuevo República Dominicana


feliz año nuevo Espana

Happy New Year India

Happy New Year Nepal

glückliches neues Jahr Deutchland

glückliches neues Jahr Österreich

Happy New Year Canada

bonne année

feliz año nuevo ecuador

Buon anno Italia

Happy New Years Australia

Happy New Years UK


tahun baru gembira


с Новым годом

No longer a mortal sin to photograph and show Gohonzon in SGI?

SGI's bizarre fan dance Ifu No Doodoo No Uta

Let's follow Ikeda Sensei into hell. It's better than following his every peculiarity.

COLORME PIX Ikeda "dear leader" coloring page

TEPCO doublespeak. How reassuring!

"For the work in the reactor building, it is important to decontaminate/shield the contaminated area etc. from the viewpoint of reducing radiation exposure. In selecting decontamination methods, it is required to select them on the basis of a comprehensive evaluation of decontamination performance, applicability, radiation exposure and the processing characteristics of secondary wastes etc., but since the data on the decontamination performance of each decontamination method for each contamination situation is limited at present, evaluation of the applicability will be conducted."

Japan's and TEPCO's fantasy...

"Utilizing" technologies not yet in existence:

Destabilization of the "sangha"

Wherever goes the SGI, Japan, Italy, Argentina, Singapore, the United States, Ghana, and Spain, for example, both their "sangha" and our sangha [the sangha of the Bodhisattvas of the Earth] splits and destabilizes. So evil is their permutation of the Daishonin's Lotus Sutra Buddhism that, should they be permitted to continue freely to advance, the people's realization of peace in this lifetime and a fortunate birth in the next will be destroyed. I will not let them cause disunity in our sangha without confronting them until my last dying breath.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Welcome Austrian and Ecuadorian readers

Thanks for dropping by.

Why don't you offer a yearly peace proposal for the abolition of nuclear weapons like Sensei?

There are several reasons. I am not in the peace "business". I do not and never will soliciit donations for what I offer. My daily peace proposal for the abolition of nuclear weapons is the same as the Master Nichiren's. It can be found in his Rissho Ankoku Ron [Establishing the Right Law for the Peace of the Land]. Ikeda's peace proposals are strategies other than the Lotus Sutra. Mine is only the strategy of the Lotus Sutra.

Why do you point out the evil of nuclear power plants rather than the evil of nuclear weapons?

Anyone with half a brain and half a heart knows that nuclear weapons are the greatest evil ever invented and ever utilized. Some very smart and exceedingly compassionate people actually believe that nuclear power plants are an answer to some of the problems confronting mankind.

Excess mortality due to Chernobyl and Fukushima

What is the cost in human lives? Difficult to ascertain. For example, regarding Chernobyl, the estimate of excess deaths [cancer alone] range from 62 [United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation or UNSCEAR] to ~9,000 [WHO and IAEA] to 965,000 [The New York Academy of Sciences] with others estimating excess mortality from 30,000 - 250,000. Let us throw out the range extremes [arbitrary though this may be, not knowing the merits of the studies]. We have therefore from ~ 9,000 - 250,000 excess deaths [from cancer alone, not including deaths from birth defects, Chernobyl heart disease, immunological disorders, etc]. At the very minimum, we have approximately four times the deaths of the World Trade Center Disaster and at the maximum, we have more than two times the United States military deaths in World War I.

Probably, due to Fukushima's location, lack of fallout on Tokyo, relatively poor evacuation plan, reliable estimates of present and future [implied] contamination of the environment, the amount and nature of Fukushima reactor fuel, and failing to sarcophagize the plants, the excess mortality due to Fukushima [if things don't get worse and the truth of the matter is actually revealed] will probably fall in the upper range of Chernobyl estimates of excess mortality, if not exceed them.

As a caveat, assumptions, some arbitrary, were made and I did not compare estimated excess deaths due to more traditional and less obvious and less immediately noxious electricity generating systems. I have also purposely excluded controversial and unstudied environmental effects such as radiation induced massive storms. However, it is still apparent that Fukushima is far more deadly than the Bhopal disaster, and, at the very least, we should ask ourselves, is nuclear power worth it? 

From a Nichiren Lotus Sutra Buddhist perspective, realizing that one human life is worth more than all the treasures of the universe, the answer is, it is not worth it.

What will have been the eventual cost of Fukushima electricity?

$50.00  per kilowatt hour, $500.00? [kwh cost would be for example, the cost of operating a medium sized air conditioner for an hour in the United States and  is ~ $0.25].

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Dear readers:

What do you want to hear/read? Let me know. I think I can accommodate you.

When you squeeze it, it whispers cult

Like Clarence Carter, "It wasn't me"

Top  SGI leader:

I do agree that we need to be careful about circulating guidance and notes of any kind. Things are often taken out of context or may even be bogus. A bit ago, someone was circulating "guidance" from Dr. Kawada (IOP) that turned out to be phony--he never said it. 

I always check to see if something is an official SGI pub prior to forwarding to friends/family. The internets has all sorts of shit on it...." 

You my dear readers do know about Clarence Carter don't you? He was cheating on his wife and caught red handed on video in bed with the woman. It was the clearest video imaginable . Again, again and again he tells his wife, "it wasn't me". Just like the deceitful lowlife SGI leaders when their lousy guidance backfires or reveals their ugly face, "it wasn't me". Stick to Nichiren Daishonin and the Lotus Sutra lest you regret it for ten thousand years and more. That's my guidance to you, especially if you are determined to realize Buddhahood in this very life.

"Good-hearted member"... You know what that means don't ya?


I just recieved an email forwarded by a fellow, good-hearted, member. What she sent me were two things: first was a poem Orlando Bloom gave to Ikeda Sensei when they met a couple of weeks ago & the other a(an, I believe, unoffically translated) article about Orlando's meeting with Sensei.

First off, I have an issue with things being circulated that are not officially translated by the SGI. Not that other people aren't intelligent enough to translate it correctly, but if it doesn't come directly from the SGI(-USA), I don't know who it originally came from, if it's been tampered with since its translation, etc. I hope that members understand that it's not that the SGI is trying to control what we can and cannot read, it's that they want us to have the cleanest, best translation of it. Honestly, there are people out there with grudges against the SGI or Sensei or specific members who could & would change things as they got forwarded & posted & forwarded.

Secondly, while Mr. Bloom is a world-famous actor, heart-throb, etc., etc.--doesn't he deserve some privacy? I'm sure he okayed the publishing of his poem & the report of his meeting with Sensei. But, as soon as I read that poem I thought about the times I have written to Sensei. I have written things to him that are so deep & close to my heart--things I'm not comfortable (yet) to say to others--to him. The thought of other people reading one of those letters feels almost someone reading my diary, you know? I know that the SGI members who are reading this are not trying to violate Orlando's privacy or anything like that. It's exciting (for me, too!) to tell my friends that Orlando is an SGI member. Just as I'm sure it was for my mother to say that Tina Turner is a member when she was my age (and so on).

I guess my thought is: where's the line for more famous members between their privacy & their ability to encourage a broader or different audience? Who draws that line? I think that the SGI does its best not to exploit these 'celebrity' members. I have never, ever seen differently. I just worry & hope that the members, as well, will do our best to do the same--to be aware & show compassion.


Omaha, Nebraska YWD

Sorry folks but its like finding a great king's feast without even seeking it.

Nichiren booing Ryokan? SGI members booing Nikken...SGI senior leader explains...

No. Booing is not a bad cause.

Let me explain why:

Suppose you awoke to find someone had broken into your house and was stealing your things and endangering your safety. What would you do?

Would you sit down and chant for his Buddha-nature to come out?

Of course not! You would chant furiously and call the cops! If before they came he started marching down the street carrying your stereo, you would run after him screaming.

But...once the cops had come and taken him to jail, you would go into your house and chant for him. Of course you would. Once your things and your family was safe, you would chant and chant for him.

Nikken is no different except what he has attempted to steal means more than a stereo. Once he is no longer capable of attacking the members, we will all send him Daimoku. First, we have to get him out of our house.

We did not start this problem. We did not excommunicate the temple members or leaders, we did not accuse them of things they did not do, we have not abandoned the NST members as fellow human beings. But, we have a right to be angry and we have a right to protest. I'm proud of those who did.

There is another reason that it was not slander. It says in the Gosho that, "if you see someone slandering the law but lack the mercy to correct him, you are in fact his enemy." What Nikken is doing to himself is worst than what he is doing to anyone else. If we do not let him know, we are in fact a worst enemy than one who would be silent and turn our heads away.

Star-struck over Nestor Torres [and for the Dalai Lama too?] Truly, you insult Nichiren

"So, today, My sister Dorothy and I went to a teleconference, and we were just sitting know...listening to the teleconference...and all of a sudden, Freakin'....Nestor Torrez walks into the meeting, and sits down.....
lol...Everyone started whispering, "What? Nestor? Is that Nestor? That's Nestor Torrez." It was so funny, because we were all trying to keep our cool and we were all trying to act like it wasn't a big deal...when really everyone was so But it was really amazing! I just so happened to have my digital camera in my purse because I forgot to take it out of my puse after attending a youth festival yesterday in Jacksonville, Fl. So, the way everything worked out was just really amazing. He said he wanted to hang out with our youth division next time he was in town! And he's playing at Disney World in October. So he like...wants to hang out with us...Nestor Excuse me, I'm still a little star-struck. He led evening gongyo, and it was so beautiful...
lol, ok, just wanted to share with you guys!
And here is the picture we took!"

More on SGI cult tactics and salaried leaders running interference

"Hello everyone,
I began chanting about two years ago. Things are going well. The woman who introduced me into the practice and her girlfriend are like godmothers to me, in a way. The one who introduced me isn't the reason I write: It's the girlfriend. She called the other night and said that she and someone else were coming to my apartment to chant and when would be a good day? Bear in mind that I don't have that many guests at my place to begin with....

I was hesitant and instead of just saying No, I don't want to do this, I hedged. She became, seriously, hostile toward me and ended up hanging up on me. Now I don't want to talk to her at all. I absolutely do NOT like to be pressured into anything. The irony is that what she wants is *good* but I think she's going about it in a weird way. They excuse others for having phobias, etc. in the group of people who know but won't let me off the hook because I don't like to be told that on a certain day strangers will come to my place and I don't really have a say in it. (Does this make sense?) 

I think I'm going to switch chapters."

Salaried leader I assume:

"i guess everyone starts out meaning good. i'm sure whatever these leaders or members do do not start from a bad intention. 

it's prolly their way of expressing themselves that may not make others comfortable.
i guess it boils down to dialogue, like what sensei always emphasizes on. it's when people sit down and talk communicate that they gain a learning of why others react in certain ways.
are they too enthusiastic? maybe they care too much about you? maybe they are dealing with problems in their lives too? and they wanna expand their lives by encouraging another? 
however it kinda backfired in some cases.

sometimes we can learn to not only stand on our personal viewpoint and make conclusions about someone or something too fast. 

please understand that my comment is not against anyone, but i believe there's always both sides to the story.

is it possible that she may care for you so much and feel hurt cause you did not accept her in coming to your house to chant?
i'm sure she doesn't feel any better than you do, since you say that she's being hostile and all (cause a person filled with passive anger is not happy).
there's no one who's completely right or wrong in this situation. there're some miscommunication and misunderstanding.

and instead of changing chapters, maybe you wanna work things out?
i'm sure if you guys clear things up, both parties will feel better than not talking to each other anymore for the rest of your lives.

i hope for a win-win situation for you =): -- SGI leader

The person never even met her but she cares sooo sooo much for her. Cut the BS and start to practice as the Daishonin taught. You sir are an idiot and cult leader.

SGI cult tactics for all to see

"I agree with all of the above. A similar thing happened to me when a leader came to my school to give me "guidance" --which I needed very much at the time-- but ended up pressuring me to start a buddhist club on campus and that turned me WAY off of the entire practice for a while."

"Be open to rewrites" or its our way or the highway

"I've been in Living Buddhism a few times. And in the most recent issue, I edited Mr. Saito's lecture (no easy task!). Since I'm SGI-USA staff, I work on that sort of thing a lot. Also, ya know the discussion questions at the end of President Ikeda's speeches? That's me!

Contributing to LB or the WT is pretty much the same process. You can send hard copy or email (as text). It's helpful if you look at recent issues to see what type of article it most resembles. Perspectives and Experiences are the most common format for members to write. 

My biggest suggestion is that you come prepared to be edited and are open to re-writes. The WT has a very particular editorial style (mostly in terms of vocabulary, trying to use words the widest number of readers can understand). 

While not everything that get submitted gets into print, the editorial staff has always been willing to work with contributors on revisions. 

The WT staff loves it when they come across someone who wishes to contribute frequently, especially if that contributor is flexible and punctual in revisions, though they are grateful for one-time submissions as well."

Amazing! SGI on Live Journal. What a find.

Figures [why SGI salaried senior leaders are so ignorant about Buddhism]

I think it's natural to be distrustful of religious organizations in general, and there is nothing wrong with wanting to know why the Gakkai works the way it does. It has peculiarities, no question. And it has areas where it needs to grow. But I have been in this organization my whole life and I have seen it grow exponentially and I am very confident the growth will continue

As for how I study--well, here at the SGI-USA plaza we study one chapter of the human revolution per week, and also I am a contributing editor for the World Tribune, so I get to pay particular attention to the articles. I've learned a lot that way. 

Study of Buddhism is easier for some than for others. I'm one of the "easy" ones. Of course, there is the downside of it too--the risk of becoming overly theoretical. Like Shariputra. But I try to practice consistently. That's my big struggle, consistancy. 

For me, a really good source of info was President Ikeda's three books on Buddhist history: The Living Buddha, Buddhism: The First Millenium and the Flower of Chinese Buddhism. If you can get your hands on those three, I strongly suggest you read them. Not too many people are familliar with them, which is unfortunate. They're excellent.

And of course, the Gosho. "On Attaining Buddhahood in this Lifetime", the very first one in "The Writings of Nichiren Daishonin" is simply amazing. I think that everything one needs to know about Buddhism is right there. 

But--pardon me if I'm pontificating here--Buddhism is all about action and behavior, and so study should be too. I think the greatest form of study is to incorporate Buddhism into your life and then observe your life. Too many people feel a disconect when it comes to study because they view it as an academic pursuit, you know? They don't necessarily put it into practice. But really, faith, practice and study are three ways of looking at the same thing. Make sense?

Holy you know what!

Support SGI when you search the web!

This search engine has been set up by Yahoo!

It donates a small amount to various charities each time you do a search. You have to enter the charity name in the field below the search box, but SGI-USA is listed. So, when you need to search the web, go here, enter SGI, search, and help out in a quick and easy way!

The devil of dirty dishes? Oh my!

"The April 7 World Tribune had an article on page 7 called "Bodhisattvas Do The Dishes" that made a tremendous impact and made me realize what I'd been doing. Resenting dirty dishes! How silly of me. I lost the resentment (i mean it's got to be done I might as well make that my responsibility and low and behold, my DH is following suit.) This was poisoning my whole life it seems. One small change can turn everything around!"

There is no real benefit in the Soka Gakkai abbomination, not even for SGI so-called fortune babies. Fact is, SGI members for seven generations up and seven generations down suffer the worst punishments.

"Hello, my name is Debra Christopher and I am from Orlando, Florida. I am 18, so that means I am a YWD. I am also a fortune baby and I have had the pleasure of growing up with other fortune babies in my area.

Here is where I ask for the favor:

A boy I grew up with (a fortune baby, 17) was driving around in Georgia (I don't know what he was doing in Georgia, something to do with his girlfriend and her parents) and...something happened...we don't exactly know what, but it caused him to lose control of the car and flip...several times. Now, he was protected enough to be kept alive. He was conscious the whole time. However, he broke his neck and for the time being, he is incapable of any feeling from the neck down. Fortunately, the bone in his neck only shifted a little bit, so there is a chance of him gaining feeling back in his body. But this is where we really need to fight. I wanted to ask you all to chant for Nick Carlini to show actual proof. If the swelling in his neck goes down, and the bones are able to heal themselves correctly, then he has a really great chance of not becoming a quadra-palegic. His family, and the Orlando members really need the extra daimoku, because...this kid is so special. He needs your help. So, Nick Carlini is his name. Please, if you can, just chant for him to gain feeling back in his body.

Thank you."

Those sick fatherless sons of guns really crack me up or "shut up and drink the koolaid"

"I would comment on this directly, but I can't read it because the font is too small for my computer (it's all fuzzy). I do want to say one thing though. 

Have you ever played the telephone game? You know that game you played at slumber parties or rainy days at school? It's when a group of people stand in line and the person on one end of the line, whispers something into the ear of the person standing next to them. That person whispers what they heard into the person next to them and so on, until the last person in the line listens to the whisper and then says aloud what they heard. It's really cute because what comes out the other end is very distorted. I remember being at a slumber party where the message, "I like a boy at school", went through the line and came out, "artichoke and sugar soup". For ten year old girls, this was hysterically funny.

The problem with sharing guidance is a lot like the telephone game. One person hears it and is inspired, then tells another person who in turn writes it down. Unintentionally and unknowingly, each time it is shared with a new person, a word here and there can get changed. This is made more complicated by the fact that since it is about Buddhism, the listener's karma comes into play. What they hear may not be what was said at all. 

I came across this problem rather recently. I was handed a piece of paper with some guidance on it that I thought really inspiring. Later, I heard that the person who had given the guidance in the first place was asking that the printed version be ignored. It seemed that a few words had been changed, but that change made it very off-base. The reason they were changed was simply that those were the words that people remembered hearing. Nobody meant any harm, I surely didn't, but here we all were basing our prayer on something that had become a guidance version of artichoke sugar soup. 

The World Tribune has an entire staff of writers, translators and scholars. They spend a tremendous amount of time and energy, making sure that what is printed in the World Tribune is exactly in line with the Daishonin's Buddhism, and exactly what those quoted have said. Sometimes they will spend entire days talking about a single concept. That's how hard it is to be accurate. 

From my experience with that guidance I mentioned, I now feel that it's better to use the guidance I hear to fuel my own practice and get benefit, and then share my own experience. 

I really do thank you though for your generosity, and your desire to see everyone have a breakthrough. : D [SGI salaried leader by my best guess]

SGI brainwashing actual proof !!!

"I love it when I've just thought to myself, "I need to get guidance" because of the obstacles I'm experiencing right now."

Ice cream and bologna sandwiches. What a guy

I love my job

The air conditioning has been out here at the SGI-USA plaza. Everyone is sweating and a few people have had to go home. Just when it was getting awful, Greg Martin shows up and passes out ice cream for everyone. What a great guy. One of the real joys of working here is the consideration people show each other, in small but meaningful ways.

If ever you hear complaints that the SGI-USA staff is aloof or the national leaders don't care about the members or any such bullshit, please know that they are deeply caring people who pay very close attention to what's going on. I have never in my life known (let alone worked for) such hardworking and warm-hearted people. With or without ice cream.
July 26 2006, 01:38:06 UTC
Oh you don't know how much I'd like to work for SGI. Fortunate, fortunate you!

"I wonder if Nam Myoho Renge Kyo "works" for other practitioners of Nichirin Buddhism." -- SGI member

No son, only for SGI members.

Better to add this one book for $32.50 to your SGI book collection

Anothert satisfied former SGI cult member

29 books by Daisaku Ikeda $200



The Unification Church coerced its members to purchase
strange objects like pottery and miniature pagodas. A
court ordered them to pay compensatory reparations for
their "Inspirational Business." However, the Soka
Gakkai matches their perniciousness in taking advantage
of people's weaknesses. No, in fact, the Soka Gakkai's
money gathering techniques exceed those of the Unification
Church. Their money collections from believers
throughout the entire country, which are carried out under
the designation "zaimu," and which are conducted by
order of Honorary President Daisaku Ikeda, are absurd,
and their practice to efficiently collect money with "bank
transfers" is shameful.

Two women sought compensation against the Unification
Church, saying they had been coerced by the Church into giving
money. They say they were told, "Unless you make a
donation, more misfortune will occur. Your (deceased) husband hopes
for $500,000, or at the very least, $300,000." A decision
in the "Inspiration Business" trial in Fukuoka handed down on May
17 recognized the responsibility of those within the Unification
Church who had employed the coercion, and ordered a total
payment of $37,600,000. It was an epoch-making decision.

However, Hiro Yamaguchi, a lawyer with "The Nationwide
Liaison Association of Lawyers against the 'Inspiration
Business,"' says, "They engaged in coercion and were ordered
to pay the victims for the coercion that they used against them
by June 3, but the Unification Church immediately filed an
appeal, so we cannot yet breathe a sigh of relief. It is thought by
the lawyers in charge of the case that as a next step, if the
Unification Church cannot meet the payment, the Church will
declare bankruptcy in order to avoid revealing their hidden
assets. However, we are discussing the possibility of seeking their
dissolution before they can do so, based upon Article 81
of the Religious Corporation Act."

Article 81 of the Religious Corporation Act states that when
a religious corporation engages in conduct recognized as having
greatly harmed the public good, and when its conduct greatly
deviates from the goals of a religious body, it can be ordered to
disband. In the same manner, Article 79 states that when a
religious corporation engages in enterprises outside of its public
works (that is, its religious activities), in opposition to the goals
of a religious body, a halt to those enterprises can be sought.

Mr. Yamaguchi continues, "However, up until now there has
not been a single instance in which Articles 81 and 79 have been
put into practice. In order to win such an unprecedented decision
in a court of law, we must ac***ulate many lawsuit
victories such as the one in the current Fukuoka decision.
At the very least, in having a religious corporation disbanded on the
grounds of it engaging in anti-social behavior, we want to
have a clear court decision in which the religious corporation is
found guilty of illegal activities."

However, it could be said that he has in mind the money collection
activities of the Soka Gakkai, about which doubts about
its conduct being illegal are stronger than those of the Unification
Church. At any rate, the Soka Gakkai's tremendous money
collection activities, which they call "zaimu" (financial affairs), is
already common knowledge. Moreover, their current method
of collecting money consists of "bank transfers." It is extremely
efficient, organizationally. Such money collection activities are
of a distinctly deviant nature from the donations which religious
corporations collect from their believers for propagation

Journalist Isao Dan says, "To begin with, I have never heard of a
religious corporation which collects donations through bank
transfers. Whether the money covers operating expenses or organ
subscription costs, we're talking about offerings to
Buddhas and Buddhist deities. It is not at all the same as payments\0
by bank transfer for receiving the NHK TV signal, and it
would be extremely odd to say that it is.

One unit of Soka Gakkai zaimu is $100, and there is no limit to
how much may be given above that amount. In the last Upper
House election, Komeito received approximately 6,040,000 votes.
80% of those, or approximately 5 million, are thought to
be Gakkai members who earnestly participate in Gakkai activities.
Last year zaimu was conducted for three and a half
months, from September 13 until December 31. Zaimu collected by
the Gakkai for one year ranges from $2 billion to $3
billion. I have even heard the number estimated at $3,900,000,000."

Vastly Different from Other Religious Bodies

Zaimu was originally introduced into the Gakkai in the decade
between 1945 and 1955. At that time, only wealthy
households were zaimu members, and they each donated 4,000
yen a year. (With the post-war exchange rate of 360 yen to
one dollar, U.S., the amount would have come to just over 11
U.S. dollars.)

Mr. Isao continues. "However, this was gradually expanded, so
that money was collected from the households of general
members. From the early '70's, it extended beyond the aim of
kosen-rufu. They began what they called 'special zaimu,' under
the pretext of constructing facilities called Soka Culture Centers
and of donating temples to the sect. Then, from 1977, it took
the form of the current zaimu, where once a year they collect
at least $100 per person. They used to call the people who
collect zaimu, Zaimu Division members. They now call such
people Kofu (Kosen-rufu) Division members."

When the current Honorary President Ikeda was reinstated
as Sokoto (the General Head of the Hokkeko) in 1982, they
escalated their money collecting activities, calling it "a mad
dash forward." According to the journalist Masao Okkotsu (a
Soka University graduate), "Previously, one unit of zaimu
was $100 per person per year, but now there is no limit to how
much a person can give above that amount. Money is even
given in the name of children. It is not at all unusual for families
who are not the least bit wealthy to give $10,000 or $20,000.
Gakkai members who give more than $100,000 are called
'Diamond Members. Orders have been handed down from
the Headquarters for chapter leaders to see how many 'Diamond
Members' they can muster. There are even cases where the
Gakkai has learned of a father passing away, and they have
collected the money that he willed to the family."

From 1985, they instituted the "bank transfers" in big cities
such as Tokyo on an experimental basis. From 1990, this was
carried out on a nationwide basis. Mr. Okkotsu explains,
"Before the 'bank transfers,' Gakkai members would assemble at
the districts and chapters on the last Sunday of July and
make cash donations only on that day. They would stuff their money
into a cardboard box, and it would be conveyed to the Gakkai
Headquarters, but leaders would pilfer the cash enroute to the
Headquarters. This happened frequently. In addition, there was
the danger of transporting large amounts of cash in an
automobile, so they hit upon the idea of 'bank transfers.'"

However, as may be expected, there are no other religious groups
which employ such conspicuous techniques. Rissho
Koseikai, which has approximately 6 million believers, collects
one dollar when someone joins and one dollar a month for
operating expenses, as well as monetary donations they call "zaishi"
(monetary offerings). However, a spokesman says,
"When members come to one of our 239 churches throughout the
country, they place donations in a collection box, which we
refer to as a 'donation box.' But we do not set the amount a
person is to give, like the Soka Gakkai does. We do not set time
periods or distribute blank bank transfer forms. And of course,
there is absolutely never any coercion."

Seicho no Ie has approximately 800,000 believers. A
spokesman says, "Members give monetary donations, which we call
'kenshi' (donated funds), and which are classified according
to four rankings: $1 a month, $4 a month, $10 a month, and
more than $100 a month. Also, aside from that, those who
make a one-time donation of $1,000 or $10,000 are called
Seicho no Ie Special Members. This is the designation we give
to people who come with money and wish to donate it for
something other than operating expenses. Most members make
donations every month, but there is no donation amount
stipulated as being 'special.' Everyone comes to the churches and
each of them make their donations there."

The Soka Gakkai is referred to as a money collecting religious
body, but with the bank transfers, they have further increased
their efficiency. A former Gakkai district leader attests, "Officially,
there is no coercion in the Gakkai's zaimu activities, but in
actuality, they are quite skilled in collecting zaimu. First of all,
six months before payments are to commence, certificates of
merit acknowledging Kofu Division members are passed out in
each district. In addition, scarves used for wrapping prayer
beads in are passed out as commemorative items. The designs
on these scarves change every year, and the patterns have
opportunity to give their experiences. They take such forms as,
'I gave this much and received this benefit, and thanks to
zaimu, my business is prospering greatly.'

Members are given rankings of ABC, according to the extent
of their faith. Then, when the zaimu is collected, members are
made to write down how much they will donate this year and
by what date it will be paid. Blank bank transfer forms are also
passed out. If the proposed amount is paid, there is no problem,
but when the money is not paid in the designated time or
when the amount is less than proposed, distric leaders go
around to the members' homes and persuade them until the money
is collected. They are relentless, making no allowances."

A Lawsuit for Repayment Turned Away at the Door

Well, what becomes of the tremendous amount of money collected?
The previously introduced Mr. Dan says, "It is estimated
that the cash the Gakkai currently holds is $20,040,000,000.
Just the interest on that money is $70 million. Their primary
disbur*****ts are for real estate. They construct facilities and
training centers all over the country, but recently, they have
purchased castles in Italy and England. In addition, the personnel
expenses for the Gakkai's 3,000 employees is a pretty fair
amount. Aside from the above, they presumably also give
money to the Soka schools."

However, a financial expert says that most of the money
collected is invested in financial markets. "In the case of last year,
money transferred to authorized accounts at banks in Tokyo
was added up twice between September and November. The
three extra months' worth of zaimu was received as 'pennies
from heaven' and kept idle in the usual accounts. They thought it
would be profitable if they lumped it all together and invested the
large amount at fixed intervals. The money from the banks in
Tokyo was amassed together at the Yotsuya branch of Mitsubishi
Bank, the Gakkai's main bank and then invested in the
zaimu department of each of the Tokyo banks. Then, in
accordance with instructions from Mitsubishi Bank, the money was
returned to the Yotsuya branch, and then remitted to banks and
securities firms which pay high interest. Then it was deposited
in a fixed account in the Postal savings system. There is also a
recent report that it is being invested as a hedge fund for
overseas, where they are speculatively vigorous."

Of course, a sufficient amount of money is converted into
maneuvering capital and traveling expenses for when Daisaku, who
loves honors and decorations, meets with overseas VIP's.
This is not just talk to make the believers, who have submitted their
savings, believing them to be offerings, feel like fools.

In response to this illegitimate usage of funds, lawsuits seeking
repayment have occurred before now. There is the example of
a suit being filed in a Tokyo court in 1979, where approximately
530 plaintiffs sought repayment of approximately $1,000
each, for a total of $500,000. However, according to a representative
of the plaintiffs at the time, "Zaimu should be collected
based upon the spirit of offerings, but it was not, so they wanted
their money back. Our stand did not mesh with the Gakkai
insistence that zaimu is capital used for kosen-rufu activities.
In the end, the court decided that a courtroom is not the place to
settle a religious problem, and they dismissed the lawsuit."

There is an instance which occurred after that, in 1982 in Kochi,
where 72 people selected three people to represent them as
plaintiffs in a lawsuit. In that instance, the Gakkai was ordered to
repay approximately $7 million. Though the Gakkai
appealed the decision, the very best they could do was reach a
compromise to pay back $10,000 per person. According to
one of the people involved at the time, "In that case, the Gakkai
had at one time agreed to pay back the money, but they
never paid it back, so the suit was not over a doctrinal problem.
It was a fight against only a broken promise for repayment,
so the lawsuit concluded in a victory for the plaintiffs. If the
lawsuit had from the very beginning focused on doctrine, it
probably would have been turned away at the door of the courthouse."

Its Very Existence Is Unconstitutional

However, there is no doubt that the Soka Gakkai's very existence is
anti-social, seeing that it takes advantage of people's
weakness, the same as the Unification Church. A Gakkai
observer notes, "No. The Unification Church takes people's money,
but at least they leave a pot to cook in. The Gakkai takes until
there is nothing left. It's existence is evil from beginning to end."

Professor Hirohisa Kitano of the Legal Department of
Nihon University says, "The Soka Gakkai has been formally
excommunicated from their Head Temple. They have no
object of worship or anything else. They are nothing more than a
collection of believers. Furthermore, their zaimu and bank
transfers have no religious significance at all. Despite all of that, the
Gakkai is recognized as a religious corporation. That in itself
is strange, and it is clearly in violation of the Constitution.
Concretely speaking, it is first of all in violation of Article 20
of the Constitution. That is the article which stipulates the
freedom of religion, but it also states that religious bodies
are not to receive special rights from the State, and that those
bodies are not to exercise governmental authority. They
originally did not have tax exempt status, but now they do so this
shows that they receive special rights from the State. In addition,
they are in violation of Article 89, which stipulates that
religious bodies are not to receive disbur*****ts of public moneys.
Not paying taxes which should be paid is the same as
receiving disbur*****ts of public moneys. Taxes of 35 -37%
should be levied against the Gakkai's zaimu activities, the same
as for enterprises in general. Even making a tremendous
compromise and (hypothetically) acknowledging that the Gakkai is a
religious corporation, still taxes of 27% percent should be
levied against a non-profit organizations for- profit enterprises."

If we deal with the issue of separation of Church and State,
it is impossible to consider as taboo the matter of the Gakkai's
existence. Liberal Democrat (LDP) Diet member Yoshinobu
Shimamura is following up on the Gakkai problem. He states,
"Until now, we have wanted to avoid making the LDP and the
Soka Gakkai enemies. We have emphasized peace at any
price, but now no one is saying anything like that." If that is the
case, then Honorary President Ikeda should either be
summoned to appear before the Diet or the Gakkai should be
forced to disband.

Famous quote of the month:

"As an eternal principle, the Soka Gakkai will never ask for even the tiniest contribution of offering from the members."
Daiskau Ikeda Seikyo Shimbun, June 16, 1962

Soka Gakkai Senior Leader Reformist

Thought of the day

For many, it is more important for Nichiren and Nichiren Lotus Sutra Buddhism to be what they want them to be than to discover who and what they really are.