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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Like Clarence Carter, "It wasn't me"

Top  SGI leader:

I do agree that we need to be careful about circulating guidance and notes of any kind. Things are often taken out of context or may even be bogus. A bit ago, someone was circulating "guidance" from Dr. Kawada (IOP) that turned out to be phony--he never said it. 

I always check to see if something is an official SGI pub prior to forwarding to friends/family. The internets has all sorts of shit on it...." 

You my dear readers do know about Clarence Carter don't you? He was cheating on his wife and caught red handed on video in bed with the woman. It was the clearest video imaginable . Again, again and again he tells his wife, "it wasn't me". Just like the deceitful lowlife SGI leaders when their lousy guidance backfires or reveals their ugly face, "it wasn't me". Stick to Nichiren Daishonin and the Lotus Sutra lest you regret it for ten thousand years and more. That's my guidance to you, especially if you are determined to realize Buddhahood in this very life.

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