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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Shakyamuni Buddha a mascot?

"...even persons in the lowest category of ordinary mortals will enter the stage of Buddhahood within the space of a single lifetime and achieve perfect enlightenment." Nichiren Page 208, Volume II (from Explaining the Causation of the Ten Worlds, written in 1260) 

What are you all waiting for? The end of your life? Are you not even as wise as "the lowest category of ordinary mortals"? How long will you have to chant and even if you vocalize the silent U or not, to realize you always have been a Buddha?

Through off your transient nature and reveal your true identity.

Anyone on this site can be a fool and claim this writing too is not the "authentic writing of Nichiren own hands" but it won't change the truth of its words." -- Tim Janakos SGI leader and graduate of Soka University

1). This writing is neither found in the Rokunai nor Rokugai collection of writings, so of course it is suspect. Even were it authentic, Nichiren writes, "As for my teachings, regard those before my exile to the province of Sado as equivalent to the Buddha's pre-Lotus Sutra teachings."

2). Please point out to me who in SGI has attained Buddhahood and who in SGI is endowed with the ten honorific attributes of a Buddha?

3). You still haven't addressed the issues of the Code of Conduct for SGI "Buddhas" and the need for Buddhas to receive guidance.

4). As for your other post, you state:

"Your statement about letting the "eternal buddha, Shakyamuni" into your heart, sounds a whole hell of a lot like Christianity, with a new mascot."

5). I could be flippant and say, better a lion then a tapeworm [Ikeda] for a mascot but more to the point. You should rather take it up with Nichiren who states, 

"Yet it was not I, Nichiren, who made these three important pronouncements. Rather it was in all cases the spirit of the Thus Come One Shakyamuni that had entered into my body. And having personally experienced this, I am beside myself with joy." -- The Selection of the Time, one of Nichiren Daishonin's five major writings

Obviously, you have never experienced such joy or you wouldn't berate Shakyamuni Buddha as a mascot nor confuse the meager joy of letting Daisaku Ikeda or Jesus into your heart with the absolute blissful joy of having Shakyamni Buddha enter your body. Shakyamuni Buddha needs no permission to enter into the mind and bodies of a votary of Lotus Sutra. This is proof, neither you nor your fellow SGI members are votaries of the Lotus Sutra. You are votaries of Ikedaism. You are fools.


  1. sensei our cult is flowing , sensei our nonsense is growing , as cultist eyes cry to you. sensei, sensei...............

  2. I have no need to pretend that its gone Give Peace a Chance. It IS gone.You want to discuss the teachings, OK. Ad Hominem is not allowed especially by one such as yourself who will spiral out of control and begin to slander not only us but our family members. We have seen it all before. Better to nip it in the bud now before you get real ugly and fall ever deeper into hell.

  3. I believe you are being a little overly dramatic. I'm sure that you have a very nice family. And I certainly acknowledge that you possess the innate Buddha nature. It's just that your ego has such a stranglehold on your mind that you cannot rationally talk with out threatening death, hell of incessant suffering etc. So what you are saying is that you can call people names all day long but if anyone dare try to call you on your "BS" that isn't accepted. Very babyish. You can dish it out but you can't take it. Like I said, hardly anyone even reads this babbling site except other angry people such as yourself. Notice that I did not use all of the angry nouns and adjectives so preferred by yourself and you sidekick Sansho Panza. By the way, are you expecting the Mongolian invasion soon? I know, I know, you can't handle a little humor.

  4. P.S. (or is it B.S.)---you are the ones who have spiraled out of control. I am feeling quite light hearted with all of this bantering and you continue to express anger, threats, arrogance, and continue to hide behind your mind which has obviously become the master of your life. It is not necessary for me to get angry or lose control---I just feel sadness and pity for you and Sancho Panza who truly think they have cornered the market on "the true way". It reminds me Phil Robertson talking about the Bible. You both know the words but have no inkling of the intent. And that makes me sad---not angry.

  5. I shouldn't have to remind you, dear man but I must. It was Ikeda and Toda who wrongfully called our objects of worship, faith, and practice, powerless when indeed, it is not the Nichiren inscribed Gohonzon nor the faith and practice of the disciples and believers of Nichiren which are powerless but rather the Gohonzon of the Great Destroyer of Buddhism, Nichikan.and the faith and practice of the disciples of Daisaku Ikeda.

  6. It really amazing that you don't see yourself ranting. The depth of your delusion is truly profound. I think, like your mentor, you actually believe you defecate candycanes.

  7. peace , still waiting for you reply. why is it that sgi people cannot discuss the teachings?

    you can run, but you can.t hide.

    happy new year.