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Sunday, December 29, 2013

There is no real benefit in the Soka Gakkai abbomination, not even for SGI so-called fortune babies. Fact is, SGI members for seven generations up and seven generations down suffer the worst punishments.

"Hello, my name is Debra Christopher and I am from Orlando, Florida. I am 18, so that means I am a YWD. I am also a fortune baby and I have had the pleasure of growing up with other fortune babies in my area.

Here is where I ask for the favor:

A boy I grew up with (a fortune baby, 17) was driving around in Georgia (I don't know what he was doing in Georgia, something to do with his girlfriend and her parents) and...something happened...we don't exactly know what, but it caused him to lose control of the car and flip...several times. Now, he was protected enough to be kept alive. He was conscious the whole time. However, he broke his neck and for the time being, he is incapable of any feeling from the neck down. Fortunately, the bone in his neck only shifted a little bit, so there is a chance of him gaining feeling back in his body. But this is where we really need to fight. I wanted to ask you all to chant for Nick Carlini to show actual proof. If the swelling in his neck goes down, and the bones are able to heal themselves correctly, then he has a really great chance of not becoming a quadra-palegic. His family, and the Orlando members really need the extra daimoku, because...this kid is so special. He needs your help. So, Nick Carlini is his name. Please, if you can, just chant for him to gain feeling back in his body.

Thank you."

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