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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Frightened for a moment, for "Nichiren Buddhist" and every SGI leader and member. Shaken for a moment..

"Nowadays there are few people who are guilty of the five cardinal sins, but a great many who commit the ten evil acts. Sometimes you may find a person who, concerned about his next existence, is careful not to commit any of the ten evil acts and to act as a good person. But because of some quite natural error of ignorance, the person, though good in word and deed, in his heart believes in an evil teacher. Not only does that person himself put faith in the erroneous doctrines expounded by such a teacher but he incites the rulers of the nation and the common people to embrace these same doctrines or he persuades his wife and children, his followers, and members of his household to carry out the same religious practices that he does. Thus he prevents them from forming any ties with persons who would instruct them in the correct teaching, and keeps the common people and those related to him from experiencing a mind that responds with joy to that teaching. As a result, both he himself and others become slanderers of the Law, and those who would appear to be practicing good and putting aside evil in fact quite naturally end by committing deeds that lead to rebirth in the Avīchi hell. Cases of this kind are rife in this Latter Day of the Law."

Nichiren the Great Teacher

"As the Buddha indicated in his dying instructions, there will be teachers who propagate the provisional sutras only and never make any attempt to propagate the true sutra. This is perhaps because from past times they have had very close connections with the provisional sutras and have never looked into the true sutra, or perhaps because they have been led astray by the devil and have thus become able to display supernatural powers. But whether they are correct or incorrect in their views is to be judged solely on the basis of the doctrines they expound. It is not to be decided on the basis of whether or not they have keen capacity or can display supernatural powers."

SGI's comparative Myo versus the Lotus Sutra Society's absolute Myo

Simply, while SGI members observe the Ten Good Precepts, the Two Hundred and Fifty Precepts, or the Five Hundred [Hinayana] Precepts of proper thoughts, speech, and actions and fail to obtain Supreme and Perfect Enlightenment, we observe merely the one sole Diamond Precept and obtain Buddhahood in this very body.

The causes that propel SGI and Nichiren Shoshu members [and others] into hell

"But the cause that impels them to leave life as a human being and to sink down into the evil realms is not always the same in all cases. Some do so because of their pity and fondness for their wives and children or their other household members; some because of the grave karma they have created by killing living beings or committing other evil deeds; some because, having become rulers of a nation, they fail to heed or understand the afflictions of the populace; some because they do not distinguish between the correct doctrine and one that is erroneous; and some because they put their trust in evil teachers.
Among these various causes, those that pertain to the rights and wrongs of everyday behavior are readily apparent, and even a foolish person can judge what is proper conduct. But when it comes to determining what is correct or incorrect in matters of Buddhist doctrine or distinguishing between good teachers and evil ones, even a sage who has gained enlightenment as a result of extended religious practice will be at a loss, and how much more so an ordinary person in this latter age!
Moreover, since the Buddha, like the sun, has sunk from sight beyond the western hills, leaving his last rays to shine upon those of us in the eastern regions, the torch of wisdom held up for us by the four ranks of sages has grown daily dimmer, and the doctrinal teachings of the Tripitaka masters have become more corrupt with each passing month. Scholars, confused in their understanding of the true teaching, interpose themselves like clouds before the moon of Truth, and translators of sacred scriptures who are dedicated to the provisional sutras smash to pieces the jewels of the true sutras and reduce them to the rubble of provisional sutras.
  Furthermore, there can hardly fail to be errors in the doctrinal principles p.93expounded by the Buddhist teachers of the various schools of China, and it is even more likely that, among the latter-day scholars in this far-off land of Japan, mistakes are manifold and the truth seldom to be found. As a result of all this, though the persons who devote themselves to the study of the teachings are more numerous than the scales of a dragon, those who truly attain the way are rarer than the horn of a ch’i-lin.
Some persons err because they rely upon the provisional teachings, some because they rely on teachings that do not accord with the time or the capacities of the persons addressed. Some go astray because they fail to distinguish between the teachings of sages and those of mere ordinary mortals, some because they fail to distinguish between the provisional teachings and the true teaching, some because they mistake provisional teachings for the true teaching, and some because they do not understand the level of the persons to whom the teachings are directed. Thus these various types of persons in their capacity as ordinary mortals seek the Buddhist teachings but instead only increase the karma that will keep them bound to the sufferings of birth and death, but the exact cause in each case is not necessarily the same." -- Nichiren

Those SGI leaders and members who chant many hours of Nam Myoho renge kyo...

... are nothing more than meditation masters ignorant of correct doctrine.

Look familiar?

"In this way, some persons go astray in doctrinal matters of their own accord, others do so because of the teachers they rely upon. Some propound mistaken doctrines handed down from the founder of the school or its scholars and teachers, propagating them over the long years and claiming that these are the true doctrine. Others, possessed by evil spirits or by the heavenly devil, spread evil doctrines, believing them to be the correct teaching..."

We, the disciples and believers of Nichiren in this Latter Day of the Law, unlike the Chief Priests of the Tendai school in the Middle Day of the Law, will force the SGI and Nichiren Shoshu to come to a fixed conclusion

"Regarding the chief priests of the Tendai school, nothing need be said here about the Great Teacher Dengyō, the founder of the school. Following him, the first chief priest, Gishin, and the second chief priest, Enchō, both regarded the Lotus Sutra as the correct or principal doctrine and the True Word teachings as subsidiary. But the third chief priest, the Great Teacher Jikaku, viewed the True Word as the correct doctrine and the Lotus Sutra as subsidiary. The various chief priests who succeeded him in the years following debated the matter but came to no fixed conclusion."

Men like Myoun and Makiguchi

"This man encountered great troubles twice, once when he was alive and again at the time of his death. The troubles he met when he was alive were the kind that customarily go with practice of the Buddhist teaching, adornments to the activities and achievements of a sage or worthy man. But the humiliations he suffered in his manner of death and thereafter were the type of disgrace invited by an evil or a foolish man, one who slanders the correct Law. He was like the Great Arrogant Brahman or Shuri."

Nikke [Jerry] simply and totally debunks the Tsuchiya, Nichiren Shu, and Nichiren Shoshu Eye Opening Ceremony BS

Nichiren states "person" [not priest] who knows the heart of the Lotus Sutra is capable of performing the Eye Opening Ceremony. One who chants Namu Myoho renge kyo with the same faith as Nichiren Daishonin knows the heart of the Lotus Sutra.

Nichiren teaches in his most important writing

Nichiren Daishonin teaches in his most important work, A Treatise Revealing the Spiritual Contemplation and the Object of Worship for the First Time in the Fifth 500-year Period after the Death of Sakyamuni Buddha ["by Nichiren a Buddhist Monk in Japan"]:

"Compared to this Eternal Buddha and His teaching preached in the essential section, those preached in the theoretical section, the pre-Lotus Sutra sutras, the Sutra of Infinite Meaning, and the Nirvana Sutra, namely all the sutras preached prior to, at the same time as, and after the Lotus Sutra, are easy to believe in and understand. It is because they are provisional teachings adjusted to meet the faith and comprehension of the unenlightened, while what is preached in the essential section transcends them all and is difficult to believe in and comprehend because it adheres to the true intent of Sakyamuni Buddha....

Compared to the sixteenth chapter of the Lotus Sutra, the second half of the preceeding chapter, and the first half of the following chapter, that which comprises the main discourse according to this division, all other teachings may be called Hinayana teachings, false teachings, teachings that do not lead to Buddhahood, or teachings in which the truth is not revealed. Those who listen to these "expedient" teachings have little virtue and much illusion; they are immature in thinking, poor in heart, and solitary; like birds and beasts, they do not know the existence of the Eternal Buddha, who is their father."

Buddhism is not a Fear Based Doctrine

Buddhism is not a Fear Based Doctrine like the Dogma found in Monotheism (The Right Mind of Faith)

January 17, 2014 at 3:10pm

   Buddhism is not a dogma, but the principles of nature and the universe as they already are; although some may claim it sounds like dogma confusing it with the multitude of man made teachings; however, when one looks closer at the Lotus Sutra one can clearly discern the confusion caused by the “poison drugs” that is among the ocean of the pure law that is everything: Myoho renge kyo!

   Buddhism states that the Eternal Buddha in his Lotus Sutra has left us the good medicine that cures us of our human afflictions, i.e. the karma we have accumulated for eternity. 

(Only the Hokekyo is the Truth, the Real Teaching; all other sutra's are expedientand provisional) 'I know that the various multitudes of beings' natures and desiresare not the same; their natures and desires not being the same, I variously preach the Dharma; variously preaching the Dharma by the power of expedience, for more than forty years I have never yet revealed the Truth; for this reason beings' attainment of the Way has been varied: they have not yet been able to rapidly attain Supreme Bodhi.' (Muryogikyo "Chapter of the Preaching the Dharma"2:T.9.386a-b) [Trans. H. G. Lamont].

Thus, this Buddhism enables a person to an awakening, that is to say, the proper state of mind needed for a person trapped in this saha world to escape the cycle of birth and death they have endured for eternity.

"One receives because of faith; one keeps because of recalling"(Hokke mongu (Text Commentary on the Lotus Sutra) T.34.107c) [trans. H.G.Lamont].

And as Buddha states we are of the same essence!

So ponder this, our faith in the eternal Buddha is saying that we also realize our lives are eternal. Buddha is saying [paraphrase], ‘can you believe I really did obtain enlightenment from a time without beginning? If you do, are you not realizing your life is also eternal;

'By faith you are able to enter.' (Hokekyo, "Chapter of the Parable" 3 (T.9.15b)) 
'It is not by the portion of their own wisdom' (Hokekyo, "Chapter of the Parable" 
3 (T.9.15b)) [trans. H.G. lamont].

 . . . .  and with that understanding are we not beginning to see the world as it really is?

 Thus, practicing the principles of Hoon-jo (Debt of Gratitude) we then with the good cause of respecting the person that brought you the greatest gift any person could bestow upon us (Filial piety); - this vehicle of the Lotus Sutra is the portal to escape the cycle of birth and death into the lower six realms of existence and we thus obtain Buddhahood.

So by walking the karmas and applying the profound principles found in the sutra, while upholding it (read, recite and copy) we are making the cause to be a Buddha. What does the sutra say Buddha’s do? They watch over and protect this sutra and extol Buddha, and Buddhas throughout the universe. So if one wants to become a Buddha, should we not just do as Buddhas do?

So how can any Buddhist sect throw out the eternal Buddha and ever expect to obtain enlightenment with such a disrespectful nature? It is impossible by cause and effect and the common sense of the sutra in its entirety.

So is not Buddha and thus Nichiren through their strict doctrine working to bring us to the right mind of faith which is amazingly exactly the state of mind a person must have as recent findings in quantum mechanics state to reach a higher state of awareness. 

It appears to me that all man made religion is based on fear; whereas, Buddhism in its most sacred and original form, as taught by Shakymauni Buddha in his Lotus Sutra is based on respect for parent, teacher, and sovereign, (Filial piety) and the right mind of faith.

"... the Two Dharmas of the Causal Practices and Effect Virtues of Lord Shakya are fully possessed in the Five Characters 'Myoho ren ge kyo'; when we receive and keep these Five Characters He spontaneously yields and assigns [to us] the merits of those Causes and Effect" (Kanjin honson sho, STN, v. 1, 711).

Namu Myoho renge kyo!
Stephen Paine

Dear Nichiren Buddhists everywhere,

Dear Nichiren Buddhists everywhere,

January 27, 2014 at 2:11am

Dear Nichiren Buddhist everywhere,

 Are you tired of all the fighting and confusion in Nichiren's Buddhism, well so are many of us, and we have done something about it. 

We have learned from years of struggle how to uphold the Lotus Sutra even amongst those that would work to destroy it by their own ignorance; and thus pull us down with them, but we listen to those admonitions, and thus departed to uphold the Lotus Sutra as Nichiren taught us. 

So do we change poison into medicine?

Thus, The Lotus Sutra Society is a New Founded Nichiren school based on Nichiren's authentic works only. We only take up those past and present teacher's works that are exemplars of the faith, and that accord with the Lotus Sutra. The believers in our community (Sangha) have been practicing Nichiren's Buddhism for many years, but most importantly we are the only Nichiren school known to accord with the Lotus sutra proper; fact by public record of doctrine and belief that no one has or can refute. 


Because our school only accepts Nichiren's teachings just as they are, we accept nothing we do not know that comes from his own hand. Now of course the SGI and others claim to be practicing correctly, but the evidence against that speaks volumes and any university that teaches Nichiren Buddhism like Princeton, UCLA knows the SGI and Nichiren shoshu have little to do with Nichiren's original form of Buddhism as he taught or intended. Moreover, many books and articles have been written that show these Nichiren schools to be actually confusing and destroying Buddhism as Nichiren warned. 

And we thus make this statement that we do our best to adhere to Nichiren's Buddhism with all our sincerity and truth with respect for the Eternal Buddha and Nichiren; and thus as stated below we have separated ourselves from those that would spoil the Dharma. 

So if you are tired of the SGI, the Nichiren Shoshu, The Kemon Hokke Japan, and these other Nichiren factions brainwashing machines, and lies, and the obvious subverting of the essential aspect of Nichiren's Buddhism, then come and hear the Dharma in a safe place with people that respect Buddhism, Nichiren, and most of all the Eternal Buddha and the Lotus Sutra. 

If you finally want to be with the most learned Nichiren scholars. and good priest without all the fighting and confusion, and have no false motives to cause a schism in our sangha, then please join us as a cherished part of our community of believers, and as a child of the Eternal Buddha.

In this way we can work together to honestly always keep and receive the true intent of the Lotus Sutra as Buddha intended and Nichiren actually taught.

The Lotus Sutra Society
Namu Myo ho renge kyo!

On the good and correct teacher in Mappo

"Each of the proponents of the various schools I have mentioned above declares that he beyond all others has grasped the meaning of and is practicing the Lotus Sutra. But none of them have been exiled to the province of Izu as I was in the Kōchō era, or exiled to the island of Sado as I was in the Bun’ei era, or been led to the place of decapitation at Tatsunokuchi or faced the countless other difficulties that I have. If the sutra passages [that predict such difficulties] are true, then you should realize that I am the correct teacher, the good teacher, and that the scholars of the other schools are all erroneous teachers and evil teachers."

This regards, above all, the evil teachers Daisaku Ikeda and Nichinyo who would alter the teachings and usurp the status of Nichiren as correct teacher.

Let us talk SGI behavior or SGI Makes Common Mortals Out of Buddhas

Jean Gilbert, SGI Ireland’s Womens Division Leader was brutally murdered in front of her three children by her SGI "Buddhist" husband.

Earthly Desires Equal Enlightenment in the Soka Gakkai is taught from the perspective of a common mortal rather from the perspective of the Buddha.

The members are taught by their leaders that any desire or goal the member has, as long as they chant Namu Myoho renge kyo, is equal to Enlightenment. They are encouraged to chant for cars, boyfriends, houses, fame, even drugs and sex and that is equal to Enlightenment at the moment the desire is fulfilled.

The Wish Granting Jewel to these base depraved men and women of the Soka Gakkai is not the Great Wish for attaining Buddhahood that is bound to the Pure and Perfect Consciousness hidden in the core of being [Amala] but rather those common shallow wishes bound to the Five [Sense] Desires [Touch, Taste, Smell, Hearing and Vision]

Since this matter is of utmost importance, I will give an example of a Soka Gakkai leader who believed faithfully in this perverted doctrine of the Soka Gakkai. She was the top senior leader of a country who lived and breathed the Soka Gakkai and every doctrine and principle taught therein. She was a physically beautiful women of forty five years old with golden blond hair, bright green eyes and a near boundless determination to spread the twisted teachings of the Soka Gakkai, such as the primacy of the Oneness of Mentor and Disciple and Enlightenment Equals Earthly Desires. Married for fifteen years, she had three beautiful children, five, seven and eight years old, and a husband who worshipped the ground she walked on. He was absolutely supportive of her practice which kept her away from home for long periods, doing those insipid slanderous Gakkai activities. The husband, though having a business of his own, split the duties of taking care of the children with a nanny and he was content because he loved his wife and children and was willing to sacrifice whatever it took to make his wife and children happy and to promote the Gakkai’s vision of “Spreading the True Teachings” [Kosen Rufu].

During one of these activities, ten years earlier, she met another top senior leader in the Men’s Division and they immediately hit it off, having so many things in common: Their love and admiration for Sensei; endless activities for “Kosen Rufu”; and spouses and families who chant and support them. Her feelings for this man however, far surpassed those of a mere comrade in faith. Every day for ten years, morning and evening, when she did Gongyo and Daimoku, she always included in her prayers the wish to be with this man. Out of the blue he contacted her revealing his very same desire to be with her. They began an affair and then they both determined in front of the Soka Gakkai no-honzon that they would leave their spouses and be together thus realizing in their very bodies the Gakkai teaching of Earthly Desires are Equal to Enlightenment. They chanted and planned, planned and chanted for everything to go the way that it “must’ since their desires are equal to Enlightenment.

This was the day. This was the day she would tell her husband that she found her true soulmate and she had chanted long and hard about it and it would be. Not 10 seconds after she had told him, he ran to the kitchen, picked up a kitchen knife, and in front of their three children he stabbed her four times in the back. She lingered in agony for several hours.

This is the result of the perverted teachings of the Soka Gakkai that makes common mortals out of Buddhas.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

One example of many hundreds of SGI senior leaders overflowing with joy and good feelings

Overflowing with love and good feelings for everyone following his SGI leadership training in Osaka, Jim writes: 

>>>>>So liar-boy is once again spouting things he KNOWS are inaccurate, as he has been told time and again:>>>>> 

Jim, I think I'll skip Osaka on my next visit to Japan. I wouldn't want to be so overflowing with love and good feelings.

Shijo Kingo Yorimoto

Shijo Kingo Yorimoto 

Yorimoto (Shijo Kingo), who at age twenty-seven had heard the 
preaching of Nichiren Shonin on the street corners of Kamakura, 
entered the faith of Lotus Sutra about the first year of the Kogen 
era, or 1256, and thereafter repeatedly visited the Matsubagayatsu 
hermitage of Nichiren Shonin to receive the teaching. 

In the fifth month of the eighth year of Bun'ei (1271) Yorimoto's wife 
requested an amulet for a safe birth from Nichiren Shonin and he was 

"Both husband and wife are keepers of the Hokke (Lotus Sutra). A child 
like a jewel who inherits the seed of spreading the Lotus Sutra will 
be born. How auspicious I think it is!" 

Subsequently on hearing the news of a safe birth he sent 

"What you desired has been [fulfilled] like the tide coming in, like 
flowers opening in the spring." (STN, v. 1, 485) and bestowed the name 
"Lady Tsukimaro".  On the twelfth day of the seventh month of the same 
year Yorimoto sent by messenger a peck of white rice, a tube of oil, 
and a donation of one string of cash as offerings for the Obon 

The Saint at once wrote a letter of thanks and explained the reason 
for the Obon or Urabon: 

"Now 'Urabon' arose from the fact that when the woman called 'Lady 
Shodai', the mother of the Venerable Mokuren (Maudgalyayana), fell to 
the Way of the Hungry Ghosts for five hundred lives because of the 
karma of greed Mokuren rescued her." 

With such an opening line he was praising Yorimoto whose filial 
feeling was deep. 

"In particular the Holy Soul Myoho [commemorated] on the twelfth day 
of this month was a practicer of the Hokekyo, a lay donor to 
Nichiren.  How could she fall to the Way of the Hungry Ghosts? 
Certainly she will be be before Shakya, Taho, and the Buddhas of the 
Ten Directions: with one mind these very ones will be praising and 
rejoicing and stroking her head. And she will say to the Buddha Shakya 
'Oh, what an excellent son I have!'" (STN, v. 1, 495) 

Yorimoto receiving this heartfelt letter was overjoyed. Even later 
Nichiren Shonin praised the depth of his filial feeling: 

'"Concerning your filial nurture of your father and mother. Beyond your 
repeated letters, in your letter of today the tears did not stop 
either. Ah, your sadness when you lament, 'Are my father and mother in 
hell?'." (STN, v. 2, 1185) 

"And concerning your lordship's late father and mother, I appeal to 
Heaven, 'The Saemonnojo laments too much.' Certainly the reasons are 
before the Buddha Shakya." (STN, v. 2, 1394) 

On the twelfth day of the ninth month of the same year (1271) Nichiren 
Shonin was arrested and was to have his head cut off at Tatsunokuchi. 
Yorimoto and his brothers hearing the report at once came to accompany 
the Saint. When at last they came to the execution ground at 
Tatsunokuchi Yorimoto wept in spite of himself: "Now we must part." 
The Saint said, "Irresolute sirs! Smile at a joy such as this!" 
Fortunately his head was not cut off but if he had been beheaded, 
Yorimoto had been resolved to be martyred and accompany him in death. 
Nichiren Shonin rejoiced at his feeling and praised him: 

"Now then, I cannot express how inconceivable it is that at the 
persecution on this twelfth day past the fact you came along as far as 
Tatsunokuchi and, not only that, you said you would disembowel 
yourself." (STN, v. 1, 504) 

Thereafter any number of times he praised his determination to be 
martyred at the time of the Tatsunokuchi incident. To mention one 
example, in a letter six years afterward in the third year of Kenji 
(1277) he also says: 

"What I truly do not forget now is that when I was about to have my 
head cut off, you came along, holding the horse's bit, weeping in 
sorrow: in what world could I ever forget that? Even if you enter hell 
because your sins are deep, even though the Buddha Shakya invites me, 
'How about becoming a Buddha?', I would not take Him up on it. I would 
be in hell the same as [you]. If I, Nichiren, and you enter hell, 
would not the Buddha Shakya and the Hokekyo also be in hell?" (STN, v. 
2, 1394) 

If you fall to hell, Nichiren also will go with you. At that time both 
Lord Shakya and the Hokekyo will go into hell: could such a thing be? 

It could not. When the Saint was exiled to Sado, Yorimoto sent 
messengers any number of times to inquire after him and deliver things 
for his daily needs as well as offerings of money. In the second month 
of the ninth year of Bun'ei (1272) the Saint composed "On Opening the 
Eyes" (Kaimoku sho ). This work, written with the fervor that 
"Nichiren has inconceivably survived" was entrusted to Yorimoto's 
messenger. He let his kindred spirit Yorimoto, who had accompanied him 
in life and death, be the very first to read this important letter. In 
the fourth month of the same year at last Yorimoto himself visited 
Sado and met with the Saint. Nichiren thanked his wife Nichigennyo for 
the feelings that brought her husband to Sado and taught her about the 
state of live of husband and wife: 

"Woman is like the wisteria and the man like a pine tree: They never 
stand upright if they apart for a moment. Your generosity in sending 
this personage in such a disordered worid when you lack even a 
dependable servant is greater than the great earth and the Earth Deity 
would certainly know it." (STN, v. 1, 633) 

"The character 'anna' we read 'kakaru' (hang upon). Even as the 
wisteria hangs upon the pine and woman upon man, now take the 
Saemonnojo as your teacher and let yourself be led to the Hokekyo ." 
(STN, v. 1, 857) 

Already about this time Yorimoto was whole-heartedly urging faith in 
the Lotus Sutra to those around him. Nichiren Shonin encouraged him: 
"You likewise follow Nichiren and speak as a practicer of the Hokekyo. 
How could this not be Diffusion? Hold fast to the mind of faith in the 
Hokekyo. When you have put out a fire, you can get fire if you sleep. 
Put forth the power of fervent great faith and be extolled, 'Shijo 
Kingo, Shijo Kingo of the Hokke Sect', in the mouths of the myriad 
people above and below in Kamakura and even of all the beings in the 
country of Japan. (STN, v. 1, 637) and he emphasizes the oneness of 
the faith of husband and wife like "the sun and moon, two eyes, a pair 
of wings: instruct your lady carefully on this." 

Even after the Saint entered Minobu Yorimoto made offerings of things 
for his daily needs and money. In the ninth month of the eleventh year 
of Bun'ei (1274) Yorimoto remonstrated face to face with his lord Ema 
Mitsutoki to embrace the faith of Lotus Sutra. Because Mitsutoki was a 
devoted believer in the priest Ryokan, he would not listen and shunned 
Yorimoto. Associates jealous of Yorimoto and colleages who were not 
friendly towards him took advantage of this stroke of fortune to 
slander him to his lord. Hearing this report, Nichiren Shonin wrote a 
reply in which he said, "It is a noble thing to bring this doctrine to 
your lord's hearing. Now he will not listen but you have avoided the 
sin of complicity (the sin of overlooking blasphemers against the 
Dharma). From now on please hold your longue, And Heaven also will 
certainly protect your lordship." 

"Those who hate you will try to get you more and more. Completely stop 
your drinking parties at night. How could you be dissatisfied with 
just drinking with your lady? You should not be off guard ar others' 
daytime drinking parties. Apart from sake there could be no occasion 
to get you." (STN, v. 1, 834) 

He lovingly counseled his kindred spirit Yorimoto like a beloved 
younger brother: 'Those who hate you are going after you. Please stop 
your drinking fests with acquaintances at night. Is there anything 
unsatisfactory with drinking with your wife? You must not be remiss at 
daytime drinking parties at others' houses." In the first month of the 
eleventh year of Bun'ei (1274) the Saint instructed Yorimoto's wife: 

"The more all people hate you, as long as the Buddha Shakya, the 
Buddha Taho, the Buddhas of the Ten Directions and so on to the God 
Brahma, the Emperor Shakra, the Sun and the Moon and so on take pity 
on you, what is sorrowful? As long as one is praised by the Hokekyo 
what sorrow would there be...... However, Lord Saemon among the laity 
in Japan is a believer in the Hokekyo without parallel. You who are 
matched with this one are the foremost woman in Japan. Because of the 
Hokekyo the Buddha would think of you as the Dragon Girl herself." 
(STN, v. 1, 857) He encouraged her: though you are bad mouthed and 
maligned for believing and spreading the Hokekyo, would you not be 
pitied by the Buddha Shakya? Your husband is the unparallelled 
believer in the Lotus Sutra in Japan and you, his wife, are the 
foremost woman in Japan. Make your mind of faith firm. 

It is interesting that I have propagated the teaching with all my 
strength and when the wife enters the faith her husband necessarily 
enters the faith. However, when the wife remains opposed even though 
the husband enters the faith, in many cases the faith is gradually 
weakened. The power of women is great. And because of that women the 
Saint, too, gave strict guidance to women. In the third month of the 
same year he instructed her be faithful for life: 

"There are many who hear and receive this Sutra. Though great difficulties come as if they truly hear and receive, those who 'keep it mind and do not forget it'* are few. Receiving is easy; keeping is difficult. So attaining Buddhahood lies in keeping. The persons who shall keep this Sutra keep it with the understanding that they shall encounter difficulties. There is no doubt that they 'then will quickly obtain the Supreme Buddha Way.'**" (STN, v. 1, 894) 

"keep it mind and do not forget it'. meaning that they take it to 
heart and do not forget: a phrase of the Sutra of Contemplating the 
Bodhisattva Fugen (T.390a) "then will quickly obtain the Supreme 
Buddha Way': from the "Chapter of Jewelled Stupa" 11 (T.9.34b: Kempon 
Hokke Seiten, p. 98) 

Rev. Tetsujo Kubota 
August 1997 


Monday, January 27, 2014

Many more people should be viewing the Soka Gakkai propaganda film

Why? Because it is the first time in history that a crooked shadow is attacking the crooked body. The second reason is the extent to which Soka Gakkai will go to vilify their enemies. In Japan, it is maintained by some that SGI will go so far as to eradicate their enemies, having them thrown off of roofs, disappeared, shot, or even stabbed by their Yakuza friends. Soka nation is really not much different than Russia, China, Japan, and the good ole USA.

Why the Soka Gakkai, Nichiren Shu, Nichiren Shoshu, Honmon BS and others are afraid, very afraid!

Loss of revenue.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

The worst terrororists TEPCO and the Japanese government

"The truth is negotiable" -- SGI top world senior leader Joan Anderson or one-a banana here and one-a banana there equals three-a banana

Building a narrative

Turn up the volume. Won't Get Fooled Again!!!!

We'll be fighting in the streets
With our children at our feet
And the morals that they worship will be gone
And the men who spurred us on
Sit in judgment of all wrong
They decide and the shotgun sings the song

I'll tip my hat to the new constitution
Take a bow for the new revolution
Smile and grin at the change all around me
Pick up my guitar and play
Just like yesterday
And I'll get on my knees and pray
We don't get fooled again
Don't get fooled again

Change it had to come
We knew it all along
We were liberated from the fall that's all
But the world looks just the same
And history ain't changed
'Cause the banners, they all flown in the last war

I'll tip my hat to the new constitution
Take a bow for the new revolution
Smile and grin at the change all around me
Pick up my guitar and play
Just like yesterday
And I'll get on my knees and pray
We don't get fooled again
No, no! 

I'll move myself and my family aside
If we happen to be left half alive
I'll get all my papers and smile at the sky
For I know that the hypnotized never lie

Do ya?

There's nothing in the street
Looks any different to me
And the slogans are replaced, by-the-bye
And the parting on the left
Is now the parting on the right
And the beards have all grown longer overnight

I'll tip my hat to the new constitution
Take a bow for the new revolution
Smile and grin at the change all around me
Pick up my guitar and play
Just like yesterday
Then I'll get on my knees and pray
We don't get fooled again
Don't get fooled again
No, no!


Meet the new boss
Same as the old boss

Nichiren on Shitso Abe, Taro Asshole, and Nutso Yamaguchi

Within the nation there are two types of slanderers of the Law, those in the outer branches of government, and those within the central government. Those in the outer branches are the slanderers of the Law in the sixty-six provinces that make up Japan. Those in the central government are the slanderers within the ninefold bastions of the ruler’s city.2 If one does not take measures to control and outlaw these two types of slanderers in the inner and outer branches of government, then the gods who protect the nation’s ancestral shrines and the altars of the soil and grain will cease to do so, and the nation will face inevitable ruin. Why? Because the ancestral shrines are where the gods of the nation are worshiped, p.1026the altars of the soil honor the earth gods, and the altars of grain honor the gods of the five kinds of grain.3
Now these two types of gods, the gods of the nation and those of the soil and grain, are starved for the flavor of the Law and they have abandoned the nation. Hence the nation has day by day fallen into a more ruinous state of decay.
Therefore On “Great Concentration and Insight” says: “The earth is so broad that one cannot pay proper respect to it all. Hence one marks off a certain area to create an altar of the soil. ‘Grain’ is the general term by which the five kinds of grain are known; it refers to the gods of the five kinds of grain. Thus in the place where the Son of Heaven dwells, the ancestral shrines are placed on the left, and the altars of the soil and grain on the right, and offerings are made to them in accordance with the four seasons and the five agents.4 Hence to bring ruin to the nation is to destroy the altars of the soil and grain.”
And therefore the great teacher of the Mountain school5 says: “In the nation when there are voices slandering the Law, the people will be reduced in number. But when in the family honor is paid diligently to the teachings, the seven disasters will most certainly be banished.”6
These are the respective results that come from slander of the Law in the inner and outer branches of government.