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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Dear Nichiren Buddhists everywhere,

Dear Nichiren Buddhists everywhere,

January 27, 2014 at 2:11am

Dear Nichiren Buddhist everywhere,

 Are you tired of all the fighting and confusion in Nichiren's Buddhism, well so are many of us, and we have done something about it. 

We have learned from years of struggle how to uphold the Lotus Sutra even amongst those that would work to destroy it by their own ignorance; and thus pull us down with them, but we listen to those admonitions, and thus departed to uphold the Lotus Sutra as Nichiren taught us. 

So do we change poison into medicine?

Thus, The Lotus Sutra Society is a New Founded Nichiren school based on Nichiren's authentic works only. We only take up those past and present teacher's works that are exemplars of the faith, and that accord with the Lotus Sutra. The believers in our community (Sangha) have been practicing Nichiren's Buddhism for many years, but most importantly we are the only Nichiren school known to accord with the Lotus sutra proper; fact by public record of doctrine and belief that no one has or can refute. 


Because our school only accepts Nichiren's teachings just as they are, we accept nothing we do not know that comes from his own hand. Now of course the SGI and others claim to be practicing correctly, but the evidence against that speaks volumes and any university that teaches Nichiren Buddhism like Princeton, UCLA knows the SGI and Nichiren shoshu have little to do with Nichiren's original form of Buddhism as he taught or intended. Moreover, many books and articles have been written that show these Nichiren schools to be actually confusing and destroying Buddhism as Nichiren warned. 

And we thus make this statement that we do our best to adhere to Nichiren's Buddhism with all our sincerity and truth with respect for the Eternal Buddha and Nichiren; and thus as stated below we have separated ourselves from those that would spoil the Dharma. 

So if you are tired of the SGI, the Nichiren Shoshu, The Kemon Hokke Japan, and these other Nichiren factions brainwashing machines, and lies, and the obvious subverting of the essential aspect of Nichiren's Buddhism, then come and hear the Dharma in a safe place with people that respect Buddhism, Nichiren, and most of all the Eternal Buddha and the Lotus Sutra. 

If you finally want to be with the most learned Nichiren scholars. and good priest without all the fighting and confusion, and have no false motives to cause a schism in our sangha, then please join us as a cherished part of our community of believers, and as a child of the Eternal Buddha.

In this way we can work together to honestly always keep and receive the true intent of the Lotus Sutra as Buddha intended and Nichiren actually taught.

The Lotus Sutra Society
Namu Myo ho renge kyo!


  1. Many congratulations on your new society.

    I think it's a name which nicely reflects the spirit of your organisation as a group of individuals basing your lives on Shakyamuni's ultimate teaching in the Lotus Sutra.

    I wish you all the best for your future propagation, growth and unity.