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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Daisaku Ikeda is The Third Powerful Enemy of the Lotus Sutra and its votaries

>>>>>The Sansho Shima of NST is the third of the powerful Enemies -- Nikken and his interpretation of the face to face inheritance.>>>>>

Incorrect. The NST priests are the second of the Three Powerful Enemies. Daisaku Ikeda is the Third of the Three Powerful enemies:

"Wearing patched rags (Petrocelli suits),
in seclusion (inaccessable to the rank and file members and surrounded by special STK),
pretending that they walk the true path ("Only the SGI -- dedicated to the achievement of kosen-rufu on a global scale -- has inherited the true lifeblood of faith"],
and scorning [other] people ("Traitors and slanderers"),
Greedily attatched to gain (money, awards, and honors).
They will preach the Law to laymen and be revered by the world as arhats of the six transcendent powers ("I have not yet revealed one hundredth of my powers" -- Daisaku Ikeda),
These men, cherishing evil minds, ever thinking of earthly things, assuming the name of aranyas (Sensei, SGI president for life),
will love to collumniate us (making up stories about Hokke believers being taitan, suffering loss and punishment..),
saying such things of us, as all these bhikshus for love of gain preach heretical doctrines" ("They were people who exploited the organization for their own ends while avoiding any real hard work themselves." "They never truly exerted themselves strenuously in propagation, in activities for kosen-rufu, in giving individual guidance, or in promoting publications. Instead they used the SGI merely to satisfy their own egos." " In the end, they became deadlocked and brought about their own ruin." "Because they failed to make earnest efforts, they did not grow, nor did experience the true joy of faith.")

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