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Monday, March 31, 2014

SGI leader Janakos practically whining: "(he [Nichiren] said everything he wrote before sado [most of what you quote]) was his expedient means teaching.)

Point # 1: Most of the 100 + passages of proof of the identity of and Nichiren's reverence for the Original Eternal Buddha [Shakyamuni] are from during or after Sado. This proves that Nichiren never wavered in his teachings or gratitude for this Buddha.

Point # 2. I suggest that in order to avoid the Buddhist sin of hypocrisy that you cease teaching your members again and again such Gosho as Attaining Buddhahood in This Lifetime, A Ship to Cross the Sea of Suffering, The Daimoku of the Lotus Sutra, and Establishing the Correct Law for the Peace of the Land. 

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