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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

How to set up a Nichiren Buddhist altar

Thank you for your question about the Buddhist altar. Let me first outline those things that comprise the altar of our sect: 

1). The Object of Worship which is The Master of Teachings Lord Shakya of the 16th Chapter of the Lotus Sutra at the moment of transmission of Namu Myoho renge kyo or the Gohonzon. The Gohonzon may be housed in a cabinet called a butsudan or, if in a protected environment, attached directly to the wall.

2). An altar table 

3). A water cup for offering water(the most fundemental substance) to the Buddha. The water is drunk and changed daily. The cup is left covered on the altar. 

4). A Bowl of fresh fruit or other slowly perishable food which too is an offering to the Buddha. It signifies the sense of taste. It also signifies the tasting of the True Teachings. 

5). A candle holder and candle for offering the Light of the Dharma (teachings) to the Buddha. The candle also signifies giving light to all sentient beings. It also signifies the sense of vision. 

6). A bell and striker for offering music to the Buddha. The bell also signifies spreading the True Teachings with one's voice. It also signifies the sense of hearing 

7). An incense burner to offer beautiful aromas to the Buddha. It is also to purify the air for the Buddha. It also symbolizes the sense of smell. 

8). A vase for offering fresh flowers or evergreens to the Buddha. 

Any vow taken while the party eliciting the vow is perpetuating a fraud is null.

Your Nichiren Shoshu Gojukai vow is null and void. Do not be anxious.

Let's help Nichiren Daishonin

               "When the spirit of Buddhism is lost or hidden 
          away, people will all let their body hair and nails grow 
          long.   Worldly ethics and laws will be forgotten and 
          ignored.  Loud noises will come from the sky and the 
          world will shake and move, as though it was on a 
          spinning waterwheel.  The walls of the cities, houses 
          and dwellings, will collapse.  The medicinal properties 
          of plants will vanish.  All but the highest five regions 
          in the world of form and desire, will no longer possess 
          the seven flavors of the tongue or the three good powers 
          of the earth: worldly law, natural law and the Buddhist 
          law.  Eventually everything will die.  All the positive 
          teachings that lead to freedom will disappear.  Flowers 
          and fruits will hardly grow and all become sour. 
          Waterwells, springs and ponds will turn to dust and the 
          earth will buckle and open into dark and ugly rifts. 
          Mountains will burn.  The rain dragon will not bring 
          rain so the crops will wither and die.  All life will 
          disappear; even grass will not grow.  Even the sun and 
          moon will no longer shed their light! 
               Throughout the four directions, drought and evil 
          omens will prevail.  The ten kinds of evil behavior, 
          especially greed, anger and stupidity, will be 
          predominant.  People will not honor their fathers or 
          mothers any more than do lower animals.  All beings will 
          slowly vanish and their life span will decrease, so too 
          will any enjoyment or pleasure they may once have had in 
          life.  Gradually all beings will enter into even lower, 
          more evil life-states. 
               The evil rulers and priests will destroy the True 
          Law of Buddhism until no one can be born as a human 
          being or a god.  The protective deities and godly kings 
          who normally take pity on human beings will abandon them 
          forever and depart to other realms." -- Daijuku Sutra often
          quoted by Nichiren

And in the Gosho the Daishonin writes: 

    "This  is the time which is meant by the phrase  the  "Latter days 
of the Law";   the three powerful enemies have appeared  and the  eighty 
myriads of millions of nayutas of bodhisattvas  cannot be seen 
anywhere.   It is like a dried up lake,  lacking water,  a moon  on  the 
waning side yet to be full.   Clear  water  reflects the moon's image, 
if trees are grown, then the birds have a place to nest.   For this 
reason, I, Nichiren am spreading this Sutra in the place of those 
eighty myriads of bodhisattva.  I request that those bodhisattvas offer 
me their help and bestow upon  me  their protection.   (Excerpt from 
Nichiren Daishonin's,  "Letter to Toki Jonin,"  October 22, 1271 
The Lotus Sutra states: 

               "When the beings see the kalpa ending, 
                And  being consumed by a great fire, 
                 This land of mine is perfectly safe." 

(from Chapter 16,  Scripture of  the  Lotus Blossom  of  the  Fine 
Dharma  (The  Lotus  Sutra),   Trans: by Leon Hurvitz) '
Let's help Nichiren Daishonin!

Pernicious and malevolent

Many SGI members and every single leader above Chapter Chief are pernicious. Initially, they may be absolutely sincere with the most noble of intentions but they are sincerely wrong and do irreparable damage. The road to hell is paved with the best intentions: For years ecologists and conservationists have been adopting wildland fire prevention strategies that have led to the biggest proliferation of forest fires in history; doctors overprescribing antibiotics in their desire to alleviate suffering has led to antibiotic resistant bacteria that threatens not only the most seriously ill hospitalized patients but the general public; the addition of MTBE [now outlawed] to gasoline to diminish air pollution has led to widespread water pollution; the addition of aggressive non-native species to fix various ecological imbalances have led to ecological disasters; the overuse of pesticides and ever more powerful fertilizers to increase crop yields have led to ever increasing oceanic dead zones...the list goes on and on. We might be able to overlook the behaviors of SGI members were they unaware of their grievous principles and practices. However, most leaders and many members, thanks to the internet, are aware of their sins. By demonstrating their unwillingless to change, they have become not only pernicious but malevolent.

Daisaku Ikeda puffed up with arrogance

                                                           Puffer fish Family SGI genus Ikeda

"If we embrace this Gohonzon and chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, we ourselves become the object of fundamental respect (honzon) [SIC] of ichinen sanzen and embody the founder, Nichiren Daishonin" -- speech by Daisaku Ikeda on April 2, 1993 May 3, 1993 WORLD TRIBUNE

"The Maka shikan says: ' If one lacks faith [in the Lotus Sutra], one will object that it pertains to the lofty realm of the sages, something far beyond the capacity of one’s own wisdom to comprehend. If one lacks wisdom, one will become puffed up with arrogance and will claim to be the equal of the Buddha.'" -- Opening of the Eyes

"The true teaching is the fundamental requirement of a perfect organization" -- Nirvana Sutra

"Of organizations, there are three kinds.  First there are those that are
organized on the basis of the power, wealth or authority of great leaders. 

Second, there are those that are organized because of its convenience of the
members, which will continue to exist as long as the members satisfy their
conveniences and do not quarrel. 

Third, there are those that are organized with some good teaching as its
center and harmony as its very life. 

Of course, the third or last of these is the only true organization, for in
it the members live in one spirit, from which the unity of spirit and
various kinds of virtue will arise.  In such organization there will prevail
harmony, satisfaction and happiness. 

Enlightenment is like rain that falls on a mountain and gathers into
rivulets that run into brooks, and then into rivers which finally flow into
the ocean. 

The rain of the sacred teaching falls on all people alike without regard to
their condition or circumstances.  Those who accept it gather into small
groups, then into organizations, then into communities and, finally find
themselves in the great Ocean of Enlightenment. 

The minds of these people mix like milk and water and finally organize into
a harmonious Sangha. 

Thus, the true teaching is the fundamental requirement of
perfect organization and, as mentioned above, it is the light which
enables people to recognize one another, to become adjusted to one another
and to smooth out the rough places in their thinking. 

Thus, the organization that is formed on the perfect teachings of Buddha can
be called the Sangha. 

They should observe these teachings and train their minds accordingly.
Thus, the Buddha’s Sangha will theoretically include everyone, but, in fact
only those who have the same religious faith are members. 

(Nirvana Sutra) 

It must be very dehydrating giving guidance to the faithless.

"I have  nothing but admiration for Daisaku Ikeda. Yet, I can understand how some might have the preception that the SGI is an authoritarian cult. SGI has become very obsessed with "leaders". I say this with experience practicing in Beverly Hills Hdqts and Salt Lake City and having traveled all over for large conventions. People would talk about how many feet they had stood from Pres. Ikeda or whether or not they got to shake hands with Mr. Williams. I had to arrange the "white cadillac" car  rental for Mr. Williams when he visited our new kai kan. I was sternly told it must be a white cadillac. I even had a hdgts leader throw a fit one time when she arrived at a chapter mtg and someone else had parked in the driveway. She made it very clear, that should be her spot only so that she wouldnt have to walk so far." --Teresa, SGI member 
And making a big deal of offering ice water only to the senior leader during the meeting. Who cares if the members are parched? It must be very dehydrating giving guidance to the faithless.

Believe me, there are no greater double tongued back stabbers in the entire world than top SGI leaders

"There can be no argument that in Nichiren Shoshu, the original foundation of faith is the Face to Face Bestowal, from Golden Mouth to Golden Mouth, of the Living Essence of the Law upon the successive generations of High Priests. (omission)  We believe that the actions of the members of the Shoshinkai who, under the circumstances, quite simply denied the foundation of Nichiren Shoshu, the inheritance of the Living Essence of the Law by the High Priest, and moreover, very graciously instigated legal proceedings against the High Priest, are not only the height of insanity, but are also nothing more than the actions of people possessed by evil demons, for which they must be most severely censured as human beings."  -- Former SGI President Einosuke Akiya,December 13, 1990 

Why does the priest Tsuchiya promote meditation, going against the teachings of Nichiren?

"We can not observe the precepts, We can not practice meditation. We can not obtain the wisdom of the Buddha. The only way to enlightenment is to believe in the Buddha. Our belief in the Buddha is expressed by the chanting of the Sacred Title Namu Myoho renge kyo." (Shishin-gohon-sho) -- Nichiren

Nichiren on chanting lots of Daimoku

Reply to Lord Matsuno 
- Matsuno-dono Gohenji - 

I have received one kan of coins, one sho of oil, a robe and ten writing brushes. I cannot adequately express my appreciation for the sincerity that you have always shown me, so I will leave it to the Lotus Sutra and Shakyamuni Buddha to praise you. 

Just as I have said before, as a layman, you should singlemindedly chant Namu-myoho-renge-kyo morning and evening, day and night, and then witness the results at the last moment of your life. [At that time,] hasten up the mountain of wondrous enlightenment and look around you in all directions. You will see that the entire universe is the Land of Tranquil Light. The ground will be of lapis lazuli, and the eight paths will be set apart by golden ropes. Four kinds of flowers will rain down from the heavens, and music will resound in the air. All Buddhas and bodhisattvas will be present, caressed by the breezes of eternity, happiness, true self and purity. We, too, will surely count ourselves among their number. The Lotus Sutra is indeed this splendid! 

As I am in a hurry, I cannot go into details. 

With my deep respect, 

Daimoku is Dharma, not Buddha

"Kanjin Honzon Sho. "Entrustment means: it is this Sutra that is only entrusted to the Bodhisattvas Who Sprang Forth From the Direction Below . . ." (STN, v. 1, 717)   

The meaning is clear.  The Daimoku is the Dharma entrusted to the Bodhisattvas Who Sprang from the Earth.  Such an interpretation agrees entirely with the Sutra, and is reasonable.  The Eternal Buddha, who is ever present but hides His Presence, entrusts His Dharma, "Namu Myoho Renge Kyo" to his own disciples from the most distant past. 

Daimoku is Dharma, not Buddha 

On Rebuking Slander and Eradicating Sins (Kashaku hobo metsuzai sho) says, "During this period of twenty-two hundred and more years, worthy rulers and sage rulers have honored painted images of Shakyamuni, the lord of teachings, as their principle object of devotion. But although they have made depictions of the Buddhas of the Hinayana and the Mahayana teachings; of the Flower Garland, Nirvana, and Meditation sutras; of the theoretical teaching of the Lotus Sutra and of the Universal Worthy Sutra; of the Mahavairochana and the other True Word sutras; and of the Buddhas Shakyamuni and Many Treasures of the Treasure Tower chapter, the Shakyamuni Buddha of the Life Span chapter has never been depicted in any mountain temple or monastery anywhere..."*

The Object of worship, not yet actually installed in Buddhist temples, is to be none other than the Eternal Lord Shakya. The Dharma is the Daimoku and the ones who are entrusted with that Dharma are the Bodhisattvas Who Sprang from the Earth.       

The Daimoku is especially formed as the Essence of the Sutra by the Buddha, Lord Shakya, and he has specifically summoned the Bodhisattvas Who Sprang from the Earth and given His Own Inner Realization (the unity of Wisdom and its Field or Object) in the form of "Namu Myoho Renge Kyo" to them to spread at the beginning of this age of the Latter Dharma. 

It is obvious then: 

1)  The source of the Daimoku which contains the Buddha's Inner Realization is Lord Shakya.
2)  That same Lord Shakya transfers this Daimoku to the Bodhisattva Jogyo and his fellow Bodhisattvas Who Sprang from the Earth; 
3)  This transfer has already taken place as described in an undeniable Sutra text referring to forming the Essence and its Entrusment.  In other words, the doctrine is Sutra -based; 
4)  Nichiren Shonin modestly denies that he is actually that Bodhisattva but indicates he is at least their forerunner. 

Despite Nichiren Shonin's modesty, it is obvious from the other documents cited above that he and his immediate followers identified him as being precisely that  Bodhisattva, who had received the Daimoku from Lord Shakyamuni." -- Graham Lamont

*Here I substituted the translation from the WND for Mr. Lamont's because it is more fluid.

"Oh come now, Mr. Eagle, the 50 members of your tiny little sect cannot be wrong can they?" -- SGI leader

We are not equal to your Sensei who is always right.

SGI is a confused throng

"Do not dispute great truths with a band of monkeys, do not seek to distinguish right and wrong in the midst of a confused throng." (Ota Dono Gari Gosho) 

Are you?

"All of them [Bodhisattvas of the Earth] are at the Stage of non- retrogression." -- Lotus Sutra Chapter 15

"Their doctrines are no more than private opinions that have been dressed up and glorified." -- Nichiren

Shingon, Nichiren Shoshu, Soka Gakkai, or all three?

The SGI and Nichiren Shoshu keep you in the dark to control you.

"Showing Gohonzon openly as you do is a total disgrace.  And I promise you that you will answer to it, at the moment of death.  Do Zange and get away from the Kempon Hokke as soon as  possible. It is rotting your have no idea what you are doing....!!!!" -- proud member of the Ikeda sect

Since you refuse to study the various Gohonzon, it is you who knows not what he is doing. The "Scrolls of the Sutra" are Gohonzon and Nichiren Daishonin taught that one who merely sets his eyes on it will never fail to attain Buddhahood. If the Gohonzon couldn't be photographed, there would be no way for anyone to study Gohonzon, the quintessence of his teachings. You are the ignorant and superstitious ones thanks to the Soka Gakkai and your Sensei. You should rather study everything you can get our hands on pertaining to Gohonzon. The SGI and Nichiren Shoshu keep you in the dark to control you.

"The thing that makes this Gohonzon so special"

"The truth is the Gakkai reveres the Dai-Gohonzon far more than the Nikken sect ever has. We honor the inscription on it -- the thing that makes this Gohonzon so special -- "For the sake of all living beings." -- Kathy Ruby SGI leader

Then, by all means Kathy, you should honor the other 95 Nichiren Gohonzon that have the same or similar inscriptions instead of slandering them like your Sensei. You should also send me your Nichikan No-Honzon and I will mount the beautiful Gohonzon for the Transmission of the Dharma for you, "The Great Mandala that was never known in the whole of Jambudvipa for the 2200 years since the Buddha's paranirvana."

HBS for a comfortable and error prone faith and practice

"Let me be absolutely clear here:  I speak only for myself here. There may be many many things I say that Marc or other HBS members may disagree with. When you do not belong to a mind controlling cult, such diversity is allowed. It's quite a comfortable experience to be able to discuss, rather than parrot." -- HBS member

It must be very comfortable to know that you will not be corrected for your errors. Is that because their priests make so many errors of their own?

Let us teach the Honmon Butsuryu Shu the True Buddhism

The canon of Nichiren reveals that Nichiren is Bodhisattva Jogyo, the leader of
the Bodhisattvas of the Earth and the Supreme Votary of the Lotus Sutra: 

"Then the Buddha declared, "There are my true disciples whom I have hidden at
the bottom of the earth since gohyaku-jintengo. I will entrust it to them." So
saying, the Buddha summoned those bodhisattvas led by Jogyo in the Yujutsu
chapter and entrusted them with the five characters of Myoho-renge-kyo, the
heart of the essential teaching of the sutra, [in the Jinriki chapter]."(ibid.
Reply to Niiama) 

Please note, "..led by Jogyo." 

Why would anyone want to chant to a Gohonzon inscribed by  Nissen rather than
Jogyo? Why would anyone want to lecture extensively on Nissen rather than

"Priests of HBS deliver sermons (Gohomon) mostly quoting Nissen Shonin’s Gokyoka 
[poems] and expounding the correct meaning that these poems intend to give.( from 
The Teachings of Honmon Butsuryushu by Nisso Fukuoka). Then why doesn't HBS 
follow the HBS teachings? Why do they appropriate the teachings of the orthodox 
sects and teach the faith and doctrines of Nichiren?  I'll tell you why. Because both 
they and the HBS teachings are shallow, slanderous and heretical. 

It is self-evident that Nichiren had the requisite faith and practice to
inscribe the Supreme Object of Worship and to properly open its eyes. It is
also self evident that there are as many deluded and misguided priests in Mappo
as there are blades of grass on the pampas. We should have no faith in Nissen
while we must have strong faith in Nichiren, the Supreme Votary of the Sutra.
Chapter 21 of the Lotus Sutra states, "This man" which obviously refers to
Nichiren Daishonin. Nichiren Daishonin states: 

"That I, Nichiren have written out an Object of Worship, which will protect
you, can not be inferior to the Lion's Roar."(Reply to Kyoo) 

 Nichiren also states, "This Gohonzon, "This mandala", or"I am entrusting you 
with the Gohonzon for the protection of your young child.This Gohonzon is the 
heart of the Lotus Sutra and the eye of all the scriptures. It is like the sun and 
moon in the heavens, a mighty ruler onearth, the heart in a human being, the 
wish-granting jewel among treasures and the pillar of a house. 

When one embraces this mandala, all Buddhas and gods will gather around him,
accompanying him like a shadow, and protect him day and night, as warriors
guard their ruler, as parents love their children, as fish rely on water, as
trees and plants crave rain, or as birds depend on trees. You should trust in
it with all your heart."(Upholding Faith in the Gohonzon). 

Thus we see that "This man", in the Lotus Sutra, refers to Nichiren and "This
Gohonzon" or "This Mandala", in Nichiren's Gosho, refers to the Gohonzon. 
 Now if the Lotus Sutra had said, "These men" or Nichiren had stated: "Any
Gohonzon", I might give the HBS and the other heretical sects the benefit of
the doubt. However, in Mappo, the road is too tenuous and the path too narrow
to rely  the Objects of Worship inscribed and eye opened by anyone but
Nichiren. Even with Nichiren's Gohonzon there is a difference if one goes
against the intent of the Sutra (not having faith that the Object of Worship is
the Master of Teachings Lord Shakya of the Original Doctrine). 

We read on many of the 130 or so extant Nichiren Gohonzon, the laudatory text, 
"This Object of Worship I have dedicated to the people of Jambudvipa." 

If you confuse the general with the specific even in the slightest, you will never be able to attain enlightenment

"The Lotus Sutra states that Bodhisattva Jogyo and the other Bodhisattvas of the Earth will appear in the first five hundred years of the Latter Day of the  Law to propagate the Mystic Law, the crystallization of reality and wisdom. This sutra makes it perfectly clear. Who could possibly dispute it? I, Nichiren, am neither Bodhisattva Jogyo nor his messenger, but I was the first to begin the propagation of the Mystic Law and have already taught it extensively. Bodhisattva Jogyo received the water of wisdom of the Mystic Law from Shakyamuni Buddha to let it flow into the wasteland of the people's lives in the evil period of the Latter Day. That is the function of wisdom.  

Shakyamuni entrusted this teaching to Bodhisattva Jogyo, and now Nichiren propagates it in Japan. IN GENERAL, this transfer was made to the Bodhisattvas of the Earth, BUT SPECIFICALLY, to Bodhisattva Jogyo himself. If you confuse the general with the specific even in the slightest, you will never be able to attain enlightenment and will wander through endless lifetimes of suffering."

The HBS round Gohonzon is the banner of Mara.

They trick sick, deluded, and ignorant children into giving up their treasure of a Nichiren Gohonzon for a powerless Nissen Gohonzon. If all Gohonzon are equal, according to the HBS, they would let their converts keep their Nichiren Gohonzon. Of course, they don't. Then they compound their slander by kindling the aspiration to eventually receive a special HBS round Gohonzon which isn't even modeled after a Nichiren Gohonzon. At least, the ugly and ineffectual standard Nissen Gohonzon is modeled after a Nichiren Gohonzon, albeit a primitive Nichiren Gohonzon. The HBS round Gohonzon is the banner of Mara.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Likewise Nichiren's disciples and believers

"You may rest assured that nothing, not even a person possessed by a powerful demon, can harm Nichiren, because Bonten, Taishaku, the gods of the sun and moon, the Four Heavenly Kings, Tensho Daijin and Hachiman are safeguarding him."(On Persecutions Befalling the Buddha). 

People will only hate us for speaking the truth.

"And so, when I, neither hesitating to speak out nor fearing others, tell them frankly that they are stupid persons who have misunderstood the true meaning of the Buddhist teachings, and that they are slanderers of the Law; when I deliver a sharp rebuke to them, mindful of the Buddha’s golden words "then that monk is betraying Buddhism" and trusting in the passage of scripture that reads, "We will be envoys of the World Honored One, facing the assembly without fear"; when I do this, censuring those who "suppose they have attained what they have not attained, being proud and boastful in heart," then how can they fail to turn upon me with hatred and jealousy?"(The Teachings in Accordance With the buddha's Mind). 

"Although I try to point out that this country is full of people who would like to do away with the Lotus Sutra, no one understands me, and so they merely go on committing errors of stupidity. And now, in addition, a votary of the Lotus Sutra has made his appearance, so that the people of Japan, on top of their stupidity, give way to anger, favoring erroneous teachings and viewing the correct teaching with hatred. In a country where the three poisons [of greed, anger and stupidity] prevail to such a degree, how can there be peace and stability?" (The Bodies and Minds of Ordinary Beings). 

"And yet, the people of today, both the distinguished and the lowly, look with contempt upon Shakyamuni Buddha, their father in the present world, and instead revere Amida or Dainichi, who are strangers to them, persons with whom they have no connection at all. In doing so, are they not lacking in filial piety? Are they not slanderers of the Law? When I say this, however, all the people of Japan join together in reviling me. 

And it is quite natural that they should, for the crooked piece of wood hates the straightness of the carpenter’s string, and the dishonest man is not pleased with the honest administration of government." (The Teaching In Accordance with the Buddha's Mind) 

"However, because there was no one who understood this situation, it has been impossible to remedy it. I am generally aware of these matters, and therefore try to repay the debt of gratitude I owe my country [by speaking the truth], but people only hate me for it." (White Horses and White Swans). 

Nichiren would be ridiculed by the Honmon Butsuryu Shu

"Reciting the Lotus Sutra is now senseless." -- "Saint" Nissen from The Teachings of the Honmon Butsuryu shu by Nisso Fukuoka  

Daisaku Ikeda states his disciples are "unthinking masses"

"When democracy is put into practise by the unthinking masses, liberty will be misinterpreted as license; rights will be claimed while duties remain unfulfilled; and the loss of order will allow evil to become rampant" -- Complete Works of Daisku Ikeda p. 176 

Why we offer water and fruit to the Gohonzon

The rationale for offering water and fruit to the Gohonzon is that the Gohonzon is a representation of a being, not a representation of the Law. Only a being requires food and water. The Gohonzon is a representation of the Master of Teachings Lord Shakya of the Original Doctine. From a more profound perspective the Gohonzon is Master of Teachings Lord Shakya of the Original Doctrine and is the Buddhist Law [not merely representations].

Honmon Butsuryu Shu would kick Nichiren out

"Where in the Gosho does Nichiren say only to chant to Gohonzons penned by himself?  Chapter and verse please." -- HBS member

Nichiren never said we should only chant to a Nichiren Gohonzon because there were only Nichiren inscribed Gohonzon when he wrote the Gosho. Since one is going to chant to a copy of a Gohonzon, our contention is that it should be a copy of a Nichiren Gohonzon. It's insanity for you to say, "Please return the Nichiren Gohonzon you chant to, and chant to a Gohonzon by Nissen?" If HBS had a Nichiren Gohonzon, as they claim, then why not copy it and use that? In the Hoon-jo we read, "The object of worship should be in all cases, the Master of Teachings Lord Shakya of the Original Doctine." Myoho Renge Kyo is the Dharma. Nichiren kept a statue of Shakyamuni Buddha in front of his Daimoku Only Gohonzon, yet the HBS says, "We don't allow that." Nichiren could not be in the HBS! They would kick him out! 

Why are the Three Treasures of Nichiren Lotus Sutra Buddhism the most profound Three Treasures?

The Three Treasures of Nichiren Lotus Sutra Buddhism are the most profound Three Treasures because they are the Three Treasures of Original Buddhism, the Buddhism taught and practiced 
since the infinite past.

The correct Three Treasures

The multilateral approach to Buddhism will never work. Nichiren Daishonin taught this. We know this because we believe Nichiren Daishonin and we see with our own eyes the disunity of mulitlateralis. The last and most important of the Five Cardinal Sins is breaking the unity of the Sangha.

Multilateralism in Buddhism is antithetical to Buddhism. The question remains, to what can all Buddhists unite? I have heard it said that Buddhists can unite, "around the Three Treasures" but almost to a man, everyone upholds a different view of the Three Treasures. Among the Theravadins, ask one what is the Treasure of the Dharma and he will tell you: "It is the Pali Canon.", ask another, "It is the Four Noble Truths, and another, "The Eightfold Path.", and yet another, "It is the Twelve Linked Chain of Causation." Ask a provisional Mahayanist and you get an even greater variety of answers. This is equally true about the other Two Treasures. If there is nothing to which we can unify than the Buddha is a great liar and there is no Cardinal Sin of Disrupting the Unity of Believers.
The Three Treasures to which all Buddhists should unite are the most profound Three Treasures: Namu Myoho renge kyo, The Master of Teachings Lord Shakya of the Original Doctrine of the Lotus Sutra, and the Sangha led by Bodhisattva Emminent Conduct. The most profound Three Treasures are the correct Three Treasures.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Why the Lotus Sutra is called The "One Buddha" Vehicle

"In the same volume in the Lotus Sutra, the Buddha says, 'for the sake 
of the Buddha way I have in countless different lands from the beginning 
until now widely preached various sutras, but among them this Sutra is 
foremost'. This passage means that Shakyamuni Buddha has appeared 
in countless lands, taking different names and assuming varying life 
spans." (A Sage and an Unenlightened Man). 

Why only SGI Gohonzons are valid

"We have the authority"

The strange Honmon Butsuryu Shu religion

In the book, The Teachings of Honmon Butsuryushu by Nisso Fukuoka, three pages are devoted to Sacred Water and one and a half pages to the Eternal Buddha. Nichiren devotes hundreds of pages to the Eternal Buddha and one passage to Gofu [divinely revealed medicinal]

April 28th

The birth of True Buddism. Thank you Nichiren.

Namu Myoho renge kyo
Namu Myoho renge kyo
Namu Myoho renge kyo

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sharing coffee with triple murderers but not Guy McCloskey

Guy McClosky is one of the few people in the entire world I would not let enter my home and I have shared coffee with triple murderers. 

"Those slanderous Shakyamuni worshippers" -- SGI leader

"I especially warn the priests on Mount Kiyosumi.  If they treat me with less respect than they show their own parents or the three treasures, they will become wretched beggars in this life and will fall into the hell of incessant suffereing in the next.  I will explain why.  The villainous Tojo Saemon Kagenobu once hunted the deer and other animals kept by Seicho-ji and tried to force the priests in the various lodging temples to becomeNembutsu believers.  At that time I pitted myself against Tojo and supported the lorde of the manor.  I composed a fervernt oath that read, "If the two temples at Kiyosumi and Futama should come into Tojo's possession, I will discard the Lotus Sutra!" Then, I tied it to the hand of the object of worship (23), to which I prayed continuously. Within a year both temples were freed from Tojo's grasp..." -- Nichiren

FOOTNOTE 23: The object of worship: A statue of Shakyamuni Buddha. 

Nichiren on SGI's United Nations NGO [non-governmental organization] and interfaith activities

"It is said that good medicine tastes bitter. This sutra, which is like good medicine, dispels attachments to the five vehicles and establishes the one ultimate principle. It reproaches those in the ranks of ordinary beings and censures those in the ranks of sagehood, denies [provisional] 
Mahayana and refutes Hinayana. It speaks of the heavenly devils as poisonous insects and calls non-Buddhists demons. It censures those who cling to Hinayana teachings, calling  them mean and impoverished, and it dismisses bodhisattvas as beginners in learning. For this reason, heavenly devils hate to listen to it, non-Buddhists find their ears offended, persons of the two vehicles are dumbfounded, and bodhisattvas flee in terror. That is why all these types of people try to make hindrances [for a practitioner of the Lotus Sutra]. The Buddha was not speaking nonsense when he declared that hatred and jealousy would abound.” -- The Opening of the Eyes

Chanting to a picture of Daisaku Ikeda

The passage attributed to Nikko is an obvious forgery.

"Disciples must absorb and understand the Gosho in the depths of their lives. But the most profound teachings can only be transmitted by the master." --  Faked Taisekaji writing attributed to Nikko to which Soka Gakkai leader Harsh Mishra comments:

"...noone but Daisaku Ikeda has grasped his [Nichiren Daishonin's] heart...", implying that Daisaku Ikeda is the only master who can transmit the most profound teachings.

The entire Taisekiji and Soka Gakkai theology that a living  master/mentor is required in order to attain Buddhahood is a great slander of the Lotus Sutra and teachings of Nichiren Daishonin. It will cause every last Nichiren Shoshu and Soka Gakkai member to fail to ascend beyond the World of Anger.

If we think about it rationally [which both the Nichiren Shoshu and SGI members are incapable of doing, thus proving that they have not even advanced to the World of Humanity], the most profound teaching is Namu Myoho renge kyo. Anyone whether wise or foolish can transmit this teaching. Therefore,. the passage attributed to Nikko is an obvious forgery. 

Everyone should have a copy of a Nichiren Gohonzon

NST and other sects say that only priests can inscribe Gohonzon. This is a mute point because everyone can now obtain an exact reproduction of a Gohonzon inscribed by Nichiren himself. There is no need to argue the point of who can and who can not inscribe Gohonzon because everyone is agreed (except NST and SGI) that Nichiren's Gohonzon is valid. It would go a long way in unifying the Nichiren Buddhist community if everyone had a Nichiren Gohonzon. People would also wake up faster. 

Marc S. explains the principle of The Living Buddha Shakyamuni

"Here is a passage from the "Ongi Kuden" upheld by Josei Toda as equivalent to the "Final Teachings" a term usually reserved for the Lotus Sutra itself. Here is a passage that preaches Medieval Tendai Hongaku Original Enlightenment]: "Twenty Three: "The Remotest past" [STN 3:2671]" 

"The Ongi Kuden states: The meaning of this (Fathoming the Lifespan") chapter lies in the Buddha’s actual attainment of enlightenment in the remotest past (kuon jitsujo). "Remotest past" has the meaning of "not setting in motion," "unadorned," and "being just as it is originally." Because this is the Buddha endowed with the uncreated three bodies, he does not attain enlightenment for the first time; this is "not setting in motion." He is not endowed with the thirty-two marks or eighty character characteristics; thus he is "unadorned." Because he is the originally inherent Buddha  who constantly abides, this is "being just as it is originally." This is the meaning of the "remotest past." "Remotest past" (kuon) indicates Namu-myoho-renge-kyo. "Actual attainment" (jitsujo) means "truly opened," that is, opened [and revealed] as being uncreated." -- from "Some Disputed Writings in the Nichiren Corpus.. by J. Stone Ph.D., pages 526-527 }

Toda interprets this passage:

"In this passage, the text interprets the Buddha’s attainment of enlightenment in the remotest past, described in the "Fathoming the Lifespan" chapter, not as a past occurrence at some finite point in time, but as the revelation that Buddhahood is inherent originally. Hence the characters ‘jitsujo’—"actual attainment"—are accompanied by ‘furigana’ indicating that they are to be read ‘makoto ni hiraketari’ or "truly opened."

This is a reasonably good example of Medieval Hongaku Thought being falsely represented as the idea of Nichiren Shonin. In it, the Buddha is no longer a real Buddha , sharing his limitless and timeless enlightenment by his compassion but is rather seen as the substance of the universe itself which is originally pure and enlightened and nothing past that. The Buddha is seen as an "originally inherent Buddha" who constantly abides and therefore has no beginning, explaining the limitless Lifespan of the Buddha.

In Original Enlightenment thought, the Universal Body of the Buddha, sometimes called the "Dharma Body" becomes central. The Buddha is "things just as they are", inherent in the fabric of the Universe and all things and beings contained in it. So we can understand how by this view proponents of this theology eventually have declared the common person as the ‘real’ Buddha, or ‘all life’ as the Buddha. We have all seen SGI members say things like "I am the Buddha" or "The Buddha is me !"

So this is very a popular idea in the SGI because they understand that a philosophy that absolutely affirms ‘the self’ is attractive to people who are looking to feel better about themselves personally and who at the same time have rejected any sort of transcendent spiritual religious belief system, often due to a poor experience with the religion of their birth, (Christianity or Judaism) and who are now working that poor experience out on Buddhism. 

The question is whether or not this is "Koshogi", "the right old teachings of Nichiren Shonin" or something different and at odds with it. It is clear to me and many other people who are careful students of what Nichiren wrote, that Nichiren Shonin’s original teachings did not employ this formulation of Original Enlightenment as its basic premise.

An Eternal Universal Buddha (often called the Buddha’s "Dharma Body") is found in many of the Sutras and is nothing at all special. This Universal Buddha is the aspect of the Buddha that is identical with all things and beings in the Universe, perfect and inherently enlightened simply ‘as they are’, manifesting only an ‘unadorned’ (pure) existence. If this was all the Lotus Sutra preached, as it would have to for Original Enlightenment to be valid, it would just be more of the same, equal to other Sutras. But the Lotus Sutra stands apart from all of the prior teachings precisely because in it we find a Buddha whose wisdom and compassion is also eternal, an Eternal Reward Body (enlightened wisdom and conduct is the ‘reward’ of practice) which is  really the central principle of Buddha, according Nichiren. The Manifest Body of Shakyamuni Buddha too is eternal according to Nichiren Daishonin

This Three Bodied Buddha is found in only one place, the Honmon section of the Lotus Sutra, which is the ‘Original Gate’ to enlightenment from which all enlightenment arises and whose merits and insight are squeezed down into the Object of Worship,  for us to ‘receive and keep’ . It is this ‘Honmon Buddha’ (Essential Buddha or Central Buddha or Original Buddha), that Nichiren Shonin believed in, not this "Kanjin Buddha" of Original Enlightenment theology, a metaphorical Buddha that is a reflection of your own life. The Original Enlightenment ‘Kanjin Buddha’ is "Ri-Butsu", an idealized conception of a Buddha, not actually real but only a bag of meritorious conceptions that people shoot for as a goal . Substituting this "Kanjin |Buddha" for the Original and Eternal Buddha of the Honmon is "Hobo", a serious blasphemy, according to Nichiren Daishonin.. 

Nichiren rarely describes this Buddha in his authentic writings as "uncreate triple body" as we see in the above passage but instead constantly describes the Buddha as "Lord, Teacher, and Parent" , and the "Good Physician" who is ever watchful and dispensing the cure for our spiritual illness .

Nichiren is not simply using flowery language when he repeats over and over that the Buddha is ‘Lord, Teacher and Parent’ but rather it is indicative of a religious principle that upholds a real Buddha .."Ji-Butsu", an Actual Buddha, who lifts all beings to their enlightenment by inconceivable powers and via the grace of faith.

When Nichiren writes that "it is hard to believe that the world of Buddha can exist in the world of Humans" in the Kanjin Honzon Sho, it does not indicate the sort of Dharma Body oriented inherency of Medieval Hongaku thought. 

The Buddha and Humans share the same reality but the human does not fathom the entirety of the universe and cannot attain enlightenment by his own meager powers in the age of Mappo. That is why true Nichiren Buddhists do not rely on meditation or undergo hard Tendai/Shingon like esoteric rituals to attempt to gain enlightenment by their own personal insight. Instead, the seed of Buddhahood must be planted within us. 

This occurs when we hear ‘Namu Myohorengekyo.’ The enlightenment of the Buddha is thereby ‘taken in’ and then exists in our own mind , as hard as that is to believe. So we receive the Daimoku when we hear it, which plants the seed of enlightenment and then we keep it via strong faith which provides a fertile field for the seed of enlightenment to grow. 

The universe does not simply just exist, it is also simultaneously being cognized, perfectly, what Myoraku Daishi called an "Inconceivable Field of Cognition" that the faithful can enter (as we all have a Buddha Nature) and which enters us (as the Buddha has full Enlightenment) both coming together bringing the ordinary person to enlightenment. That is something different than Hongaku idea’s of the common person being the Buddha inherently." --MS

****8lightly edited

Sly Fox Python branch of the Fuji school, otherwise known as the Ikeda sect.

The Sly Fox branch of the Nichiren Happon Haha branch is one such sect and the Nichiren Python sect is another. The former cons their members out of their money and the latter squeezes the money out of them. The Soka Gakkai has adopted the most effective money collecting strategies from both sects and is now known as the Sly Fox Python branch of the Fuji school, otherwise known as the Ikeda sect. 

More Deano "top" SGI leader

  Deano writes: 

>>>>>The SGI members daily lives always show actual proof. Through over coming obstacles day by day we create good fortune and karma that can break through the bonds the causes our lessor self to win over our buddha nature. We will march on to the 21st century unafraid of hereitcs and slanderers because our eyes are afixed on our Great Master Ikeda Sensei. 

Those who leave this obrbit of faith are unable to see the clear reflection of the full potential that lies within their own lives that is secretly hidden. 

The Gohonzon is within the mortal flesh of all human beings. Awakening to this can only be achieved by orbiting the SGI globe of faith. 

For the correct faith and to return to that which you may have lost, you can e-mail me privately. 

No need to be ashamed of your errors, and the fact that the priests fooled you! As you see the Kempon guy is afraid to debate with SGI leaders, but he can pick on the members, how pitiful.>>>>> 

I give up. When can I return my copy of a Nichiren Gohonzon for Nichikan's grotesque imitation?

On SGI and temple members "correct" views

"One thing that I'd like to say is that I'm not happy with anyone keeping information from people 'so it won't confuse them'.  I'll agree that both the SGI and the Temple tried to 'protect us' from information. When they did teach us, it was always to indoctrinate us with 'correct' interpretations, whether those 'correct' views were actually correct or not." -- SGI member

"Where is the compassion in this?"

"As a member of SGI I and a survivor of ritual abuse I grow concerned at some of the experiences I have had and what I have seen. The practice, for me, has proven beneficial, however. I feel deeply uncomfortable with the amount of influence and control other members and "leaders" were attempting to exert over my life. I am many things and a member of SGI is only one of them,  not all of them, and how or when I choose to  practice has got to be my choice as I am the only one who will deal with the consequences of that practice. Too often I have been belittled and humiliated by other members when I chose to think or speak for myself. Where is the compassion in this?"-- Sandra 

Ill--informed SGI leader before the internet opened his eyes

"How can you say you have a Nichiren Gohonzon? Please explain this to me. I think that the Dai-Gohonzon is the only one of the Daishonin's Gohonzons that exist today. And what do you mean eyes open? The important thing is are your eyes open. Now I am Curious at your claims, please prove what you say, and can we have a mature dialogue, instead of these little incomplete comments with no doctrinal proof attached." -- SGI leader 

A top SGI leader flusshed out of his burrow

So much anger.  I get paid quite well actually.  And I am pround of it. I 
hope you will take the time to read the goshos instead of slandering 
everyone you come across. I see that Mr. Rogowdoc has you as his spoke 
person.  And who are you anyway. Find Nichirens real teachings and get free 
from your anger. -- Deano 
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 More options Nov 20 1998, 2:00 am
It was only a matter of time before the pure water of the Law would 
flush out a top leader from his burrow. Deano writes: 

>>>>>So much anger>>>>> 
Compared to the anger you will encounter from Emma the Lord of Hell,  the 
hell demons, and the guardians of Buddhism, my anger is slight. 

>>>>>I get paid quite well actually.>>>>> 
I'm sure you do. More in one day  "for spreading the teachings" than Shijo Kingo 
received in  an entire lifetime. 

>>>>>"And I am pround of it.">>>> 
Get a job and get a life. 

>>>> I hope you will take the time to read the goshos instead of slandering 
everyone you come acroos.>>>>> 
Pointing out the truth is hardly slander. 

>>>>>I see that Mr. Rogowdoc has you as his spoke person.>>>>> 
LOL. Most distance themselves from  from me but every once and a while, 
someone awakens to the truth. If not, I don't know  how much longer i would 
continue to post. 

>>>>> And who are you anyway. Find Nichirens real teachings and get free from 
your anger.>>>>> 
Only an insane person can not see the problem with the exhorbitant salaries of 
the top SGI leaders.