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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Let's help Nichiren Daishonin

               "When the spirit of Buddhism is lost or hidden 
          away, people will all let their body hair and nails grow 
          long.   Worldly ethics and laws will be forgotten and 
          ignored.  Loud noises will come from the sky and the 
          world will shake and move, as though it was on a 
          spinning waterwheel.  The walls of the cities, houses 
          and dwellings, will collapse.  The medicinal properties 
          of plants will vanish.  All but the highest five regions 
          in the world of form and desire, will no longer possess 
          the seven flavors of the tongue or the three good powers 
          of the earth: worldly law, natural law and the Buddhist 
          law.  Eventually everything will die.  All the positive 
          teachings that lead to freedom will disappear.  Flowers 
          and fruits will hardly grow and all become sour. 
          Waterwells, springs and ponds will turn to dust and the 
          earth will buckle and open into dark and ugly rifts. 
          Mountains will burn.  The rain dragon will not bring 
          rain so the crops will wither and die.  All life will 
          disappear; even grass will not grow.  Even the sun and 
          moon will no longer shed their light! 
               Throughout the four directions, drought and evil 
          omens will prevail.  The ten kinds of evil behavior, 
          especially greed, anger and stupidity, will be 
          predominant.  People will not honor their fathers or 
          mothers any more than do lower animals.  All beings will 
          slowly vanish and their life span will decrease, so too 
          will any enjoyment or pleasure they may once have had in 
          life.  Gradually all beings will enter into even lower, 
          more evil life-states. 
               The evil rulers and priests will destroy the True 
          Law of Buddhism until no one can be born as a human 
          being or a god.  The protective deities and godly kings 
          who normally take pity on human beings will abandon them 
          forever and depart to other realms." -- Daijuku Sutra often
          quoted by Nichiren

And in the Gosho the Daishonin writes: 

    "This  is the time which is meant by the phrase  the  "Latter days 
of the Law";   the three powerful enemies have appeared  and the  eighty 
myriads of millions of nayutas of bodhisattvas  cannot be seen 
anywhere.   It is like a dried up lake,  lacking water,  a moon  on  the 
waning side yet to be full.   Clear  water  reflects the moon's image, 
if trees are grown, then the birds have a place to nest.   For this 
reason, I, Nichiren am spreading this Sutra in the place of those 
eighty myriads of bodhisattva.  I request that those bodhisattvas offer 
me their help and bestow upon  me  their protection.   (Excerpt from 
Nichiren Daishonin's,  "Letter to Toki Jonin,"  October 22, 1271 
The Lotus Sutra states: 

               "When the beings see the kalpa ending, 
                And  being consumed by a great fire, 
                 This land of mine is perfectly safe." 

(from Chapter 16,  Scripture of  the  Lotus Blossom  of  the  Fine 
Dharma  (The  Lotus  Sutra),   Trans: by Leon Hurvitz) '
Let's help Nichiren Daishonin!

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