the Lotus Sutra, no matter what great good he may produce,
even if he recites and copies the Lotus Sutra a thousand or ten
thousand times, or perfects the way of contemplating the
three thousand realms in one thought-moment, if he fails to
rebuke the enemies of the Lotus Sutra, then it will be impossible
for him to realize enlightenment. To illustrate, even if one
has served the court for ten or twenty years, if, knowing of the
ruler’s enemies, he fails to report them or to oppose them
himself, then the merit of his service will all be lost and he will
instead be guilty of a crime. You must understand that the
people of today are slanderers of the Dharma."
(Nanjõ Hyõe Shichirõ-dono gosho, STN 1: 321–22)20