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Saturday, May 31, 2014

More BS from the BS SGI religious corporation and political party.

"Soka Gakkai said May 16 the government should try to realize its goal through an amendment to the Constitution, which has to pass through the Diet and a national referendum, rather than reinterpreting the supreme law of the land through a Cabinet decision." -- Asahi Shimbun

Soka Gakkai knows that the majority of the Japanese people will support an amendment to Article 9 of the Constitution. They therefore will have their cake and eat it too [a show of opposing a change in Article 9 while Article 9 will, in the end, be amended]. SGI/New Komeito can then show their brainwashed puppet members that they opposed changing Article 9 but that the Japanese people spoke. "It wasn't our [New Komeito's] fault that Article 9 was amended. We fought VERY hard to retain Article 9." More BS from the BS SGI religious corporation and political party.


  1. I know I am probably one of the brainwashed puppet members (although not living in Japan) but some of your loyal readers are similarly brainwashed by your own rhetoric and anti-SGI prejudice.

    What should the New Komeito party do?

    (1) Oppose the GOPs amendment to Article 9 and be seen as stubborn and forcing the Soka Gakkai's peace policies on the nation?

    (2) Cooperate with the GOPs proposed amendment and be seen as weak politicians in the pocket of the GOP who ignore the views of the population?

    (3) Recommend a referendum which values the choice of the population of Japan and be seen as "having their cake and eating it?"

  2. The Lotus Sutra and Nichiren's teachings are most reasonable, hardly propaganda or salesmanship unlike the Soka Gakkai's.

    "Stubborn" too is not the right word or principle to describe the New Komeito SGI puppet politicians, Cowardly and cunning is more like it.

  3. The earth will rue the day if Japan chooses to amend Article 9 of their constitution at the urging of Abe, the United States, and Mitsubichi, SGI's partner..