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Sunday, August 31, 2014

A bunch of Nichiren believers walk into a bar

Believer #1 [KHK]: I'll take my Nichiren straight up
Believer # 2 [KHK]: I'll take a shot of Nichiren
Believer # 3 [KHK]: Make mine a double
Believer # 4 [SGI]: I'll have a Nichiren and water, lots of water please
Believer # 5 [NST] I'm in the mood for a mixed drink. How about a Sado Island Iced Tea with a shot of Nichiren, a splash of Tientai, a splash of Zen, and lots of Shingon. 
Believer # 6 [NS]: I'll have a virgin Nichiren
Believer # 7 [HBS]: I'll have Nichiren with a glass of magic okozui water on the side.
Believer # 8 [Indy]: Hmm, let me see, um, um....

Shitso Abe-Taisaku Ikeda Dialogue

Daisaku Ikeda: Hello Shitso my good friend. How are you, the wife, and the consorts? 
Shitso Abe: We are all fine. How about you, the wife, and your consorts?
Ikeda: We are all well, thank you my friend.
Abe: I need your help Tais...uh,uhh, Daisaku.
Ikeda: Anything for you Shitso. You have been so good to my envoy Nutso Yamaguchi. He's not too bright but he's very loyal.
Abe: Yes. That's what I like about him. [bowing very deeply] I am so grateful to you. There is no way I can repay you for having dropped every fundamental principle that you made believe that you held dear to support me on the military buildup thang and our plan to to alter Article 9...
Ikeda: Well there is something...
Abe: Please please, let me finish. I still need one itsy bitsy thing from you.
Ikeda: [Ikeda through his transcendent wisdom and abilities knows what Abe is going to say before he says it] No problema amigo. We have been keeping secrets since the elevator incident [Toda having passed on the SGI presidency to Ikeda in an elevator but according to some, Toda really had someone else in mind]. I can give you and Taro [Taro Aso, Shitso's pitbull deputy] a few pointers [wink, wink]. First thing, surround yourself with dumb as clams ministers who worship the ground you walk on and follow no matter what. 
Abe: Already done!
Ikeda: Then lie through your teeth to them. They won't suspect a thing and if they do open their big traps, they will be telling the lies that you told them anyway.
Abe: Brilliant!
Ikeda: I know. More importantly, always have contingency plans and policies. Say one thing today and another tomorrow and be sure to rewrite history, like the comfort women thang, the rape of Nanking, your dismal record on human rights, the trillions of yen stolen from the treasury, and the sex scandals...ah the sex scandals. That will keep them too busy to enquire about the quadrillions of beckerels leaking into the pacific ocean daily, and the thousands who are sick and dying.. Be sure to put out lots of meaningless statements.
Abe: AH SO!
Ikeda: Now Shitso, about the thing you can do for me.
Abe: Yes, yes, anything.
Ikeda: Please don't tell anyone I'm dead.

Those who tell little of the truth are great liars

December 2013 lecture on the Three Tripitaka Masters Pray for Rain...Andy Nagashima shows a photograph of a rainbow over new Soka Gakkai Headquarters building that he reports was on the day of the grand opening ceremony, Nov.18th 2013. 

Same photograph at the 4:25 mark of the following video dated Oct. 25th 2013: "Published Oct. 25th 2013":

The honzon and practice of SGI/NST need to be examined very carefully.

"SGI talks about "cause and effect through chanting". The idea that "all you have to do is chant" in order to gain benefit, is neither borne out by experience nor the writings of Nichiren. Correct doctrine and behavior is equally important. If an object of devotion is based on deception and incorrect doctrine, all the sincerity in the world will not lead to benefit.

Daisaku Ikeda's second son died suddenly of a perforated ulcer while a student at a prestigious Japanese college. Ikeda's oldest son has been in an out of mental hospitals with severe mental disorders. He must take high doses of psychoactive drugs to control his condition. Makaguchi, the first President of the Soka Gakkai died of starvation in a Japanese prison during the last days of the war. All nine of Makaguchi's children died during his seventeen years of faith in Taisekeji.

When I joined the SGI in the late ‘60's, I couldn't convince my friend, Gloria, to join. Her husband, Gary, had been a member for years. One day he didn't show up for Men's Division Bagpipe practice. Another member went over to his house to find out why he missed practice. He found Gary, eyes gouged out, ears cut off, head almost decapitated and mutilated that. He was murdered by the Manson family, whom he taught to chant the Daimoku. Obviously, Gloria did not think that Gary had been "protected" by the SGI/NST Gohonzon.

Three friends of mine were killed in a horrible car accident (their fault) rushing to "Kotekitai" practice, in preparation for some big parade in San Francisco. My old chapter chief lost two of his children (one was decapitated in a freak accident) and a third child was institutionalized. Over the years, many sincere friends died of diseases that they could not overcome by chanting in the SGI/NST. I could fill pages with "actual proof" horror stories that I personally witnessed. It seems that the wrong honzon cannot give "protection" or "benefit" any more than the claims of all other religions.

Hence, the correct doctrine is pivotal. Yet, SGI/NST people keep saying, "I don't want to get theoretical. I just chant and have actual proof in my life." Nichiren's position was quite different. To him, the correct doctrine was most important. Buddhist practice was of no avail if it didn't accord with the Lotus Sutra, the correct Gohonzon, and the refutation of provisional teachings. Taisekiji's theology is a provisional teaching, based upon a fake honzon, and it contradicts the words of Nichiren.

The honzon and practice of SGI/NST need to be examined very carefully.  For every "benefit" there are ten instances of punishment.  IF SGI practice afforded universal benefit as they claim, why have 95% of all members quit? If even Ikeda could not be assured of the protection of the Buddhas, then the statements of universal SGI "actual proof" is untrue.  If "actual proof" were the only criteria, then the events of the last four years between the  SGI and the Nichiren Shoshu speak volumes about "punishment". -- Bruce Maltz

What's good for the goose is good for the gander

"I have a group picture next to my butsudan, taken at Sessen-bo with Sensei in 1970. Among the people in the picture is Genjiro Fukushima, who later became a vice president of the SGI. Then about 20 years ago he betrayed Sensei and the SGI and worked to stop the flow of Kosen-Rufu. He was the lay leader of the Hodo-in temple in Tokyo, until his death by cancer on August 8th of this year.

Eyewitness accounts of his open-casket funeral were that they found it impossible to close his eyes, cancer had completely consumed his body, and his death mask was a hideous expression of wide-eyed, agonized terror, difficult to view." -- Dick "Wiley bad" Powell proud SGI member

I wonder how those SGI leaders who were run over by a snow plows, whose parachutes failed to open, whose skulls was torn apart by stage hooks, who died on flight 767 [on 9/11], or who were killed by the Manson gang, appeared in their caskets?

Terry and Kathy Ruby: Poster children for the moral decay of the Soka Gakkai and its members

"At this point Chris I believe Marc's version of events, not Terry's.  I
did a search of old April posts and found one where Kathy Ruby referred
to her death as a suicide.  I've had a few email exchanges on this with
Terry Ruby over the weekend and at this point it looks like he's shut
down the conversation with me.  I asked him point blank if she
committed suicide and if he was involved romantically with her.  I
asked him if the rumors are true that he fathered her child.  He
refused to answer and in fact, based on what he wrote to me he thinks I
am someone else.  He's confused.  Maybe he's suffering some breakdown.
Either way, he is scary."  

op wrote:
> <> wrote in message
> >
> > op wrote:
> >> "Chris" <> wrote in message
> >>
> >> > marcinmd wrote:
> >> >> Ivan wrote:
> >> >> > Cody wrote:
> >> >> > > According to Terry Ruby, April did not commit suicide but died of
> >> >> > > a
> >> >> > > heart attack.
> >> >> > >
> >> >> > > See:
> >> >> > >
> >> >> > >
> >> >> > > Cody
> >> >> >
> >> >> > So, how did she die? And who is she? Enquiring minds want to know!
> >> >> Wow..Terry never would tell anyone that..She took pills and killed
> >> >> herself..Shame on you.
> >> >
> >> > Marc, he accused me of seeking to defame him for referring to her
> >> > suicide in a reply to one of his re-posts of your "April Storm" story.
> >> > Since my knowledge is all second hand about this all I could do was to
> >> > point to sources and reply that I defamed nobody but was simply
> >> > reporting an old story that nobody had denied before.
> >> >
> >> Chris, I think I remember the posts as being (although I don't have the
> >> exact words in front of me) as being about "abandonment."  which was what
> >> the "defame" part was apparently all about.  It seemed that Bill thought
> >> you
> >> had "accidently" done it, and that Terry thought you had done it on
> >> purpose.
> >> Either way, I read it that you were making a statement that was your
> >> opinion, but not necessarily defamatory, based on the previous arbn posts
> >> on
> >> the subject that you had read, portions of which you posted on the SGI
> >> board.
> >>
> >>
> >> > In his post he claims she was loved and cherished to the end.
> >>
> >> She may have been, Chris, by many people.  Maybe even Terry.
> >>
> >>  Somehow
> >> > she didn't commit suicide -- her heart just "stopped."  Frankly, at
> >> > this point Terry scares me.
> >>
> >> I am not sure why Terry is at this time presenting the "I don't know if
> >> she
> >> committed suicide or not..the official verdict was a heart attack.."
> >> version.  It may be as Marc says that he wishes to present her memory in
> >> what *he* considers to be a positive light.  Maybe Terry is a person who
> >> considers suicide to be in the category of an undesirable way to die -
> >> since
> >> we have been on that topic here.  I am not sure why Terry is scary to you
> >> and Bridget.  Would you mind explaining that to me?  Is he scarier than
> >> other religious fanatics?
> >> Marc, on the other hand, blames the SGI and NSTfor April's death, and has
> >> for years, though I can't remember why anymore.  It seems to me that he
> >> has
> >> never tied that to her suicide.  He recently mentioned that the Maryland
> >> priest at the time of the split conducted a memorial service for her and
> >> that many Gakkai members (but not leaders) attended.  So, how SGI and NST
> >> let April down in Marc's eyes remains a mystery to me.  op
> >
> > Hi Op,
> >
> > It is Terry's fundimentalist attitude that i find frightening.
> > Sometimes it seems he is losing his grip.  Like if you disagree with
> > him he comes unglued and starts attacking you personally.  Like the
> > emails he sent me.  He acted like I was a horrid person for even
> > questioning him yet he is the one who started it by posting about a
> > private person who died many years ago and nobody was even discussing
> > her.  I still think he should not have even begun his April Storm
> > installments and if he felt some overpowering need to do so he should
> > not have used her real name.  It's just wrong.  I feel like he's using
> > her once again to satisfy some need inside himself.
> >
> > At this point I really believe that terry did have an affair with her,
> > and maybe he did father her child.  On that I don't know but based on
> > his emails to me I can come to no other conclussion to explain how
> > completly unglued he came at my questions.
> >
> > It's the way he posturizes his position.  I can imagine what he must
> > have been like in prison.  All tough and stuck in his place of what is
> > right.  It's just frightening to me when people, men especially act
> > like that.  I can see them getting violent when things just aren't
> > going the way they think they should go.  A real control freak.
> >
> > The real sad thing is April.  Whatever the reasons, whether she really
> > was alone or not, she felt alone.  That's what is so sad to me.  That
> > she killed herself because she saw no other way out of her pain.  It
> > just makes me very sad for her.
> >
> > Bridget
> >>
> >> >
> Bridget, the only thing that I can see Terry doing is getting really
> frustrated with Will's board, and lobbying SGI Central to issue some kind of
> a memo with regard to the members who post there, something like he and
> Kathy did with the IRG board.  You know, trying to demonize the board and
> the members who post there.  Not that he and Kathy were the only ones who
> did that with the IRG, but I can see that kind of action coming from someone
> with Terry's frame of reference.
> As for April, it IS sad.  Suicide's are always sad.  My best friend's
> husband committed suicide.  He suffered from bouts of depression all of his
> life, and took his life at the age of 29.  It was horrible, and traumatic
> for his wife and child.  Many people loved him, but could not stop him from
> his deep despair that led him to that act.  This to me is another reason why
> I think that we have to look at how someone has lived, not how they have
> died.  He was a wonderful man overall.
> op
Yes OP exactly.  Terry is demonizing Will's group.  Trying to get SGI
to take some official stand against the group and the members who post
there.  He is pushy and controlling and a liar and he will use those
traits to get his way.  Like the bully on the playground.  His wife is
NO better.  Both liars.  I can't stand lying people.
If the SGI did take an official position against Will's group or it's
members that would definetly seal it for me.
I'v had several people close to me kill themselves.  It is hell for
those of us left behind.  We are the one's left trying to sort it all
out and pick up the pieces of our shattered lives.
I too have suffered depression all of my life and I understand all too
well the despair that can lead to someone killing themselves.  That is
why I can relate to April and feel so badly for her.  Nobody should
feel so utterly alone and in so much pain that they have to kill
themselves to get out of it.  That's why I feel so sad for her.  I
feel, based on what I have read that April was taken advantage of by
some in leadership position.  I feel it is wrong and I feel the SGI has
culpability for April's death because they put her into a position of
crossing paths with the leaders who did take advantage of a emotionally
fragile young woman.
Terry's posting of April's Storm, 14 years after her death and changing
the cause of death just shows that he hasn't taken any responsibility
for anything he did that may have played any part in her death.  If
he's really changed and learned anything his story would reflect that
and he would be educating people on their responsibilities as leaders
to "do no harm" to their members.  He would take full responsiblity for
his part and own up to it like a man.  He's just trying to change the
history to alleviate his own guilt or glorify himself.  Not sure which.
 Either way, I have about as much respect for him as I do a child

Repulsive is right. A must read on an empty stomach

Hehe... "Nichiren" "Buddhist" probably read it 14 times. He must be very thin.

Powerful discussion: "Shocked with the high level of mental disorders among SGI members" - a psychiatrist SGI member

An SGI so-called fortune baby awakens

"I suspected bullshit for a long time so I did thorough googling and found this subreddit I'm born into the cult and running when I can live on my own."

SGI leader in an exceedingly rare moment of honest discourse

Prediction of the return to Japanese pre-war fascism thanks to the Soka Gakkai has come true:

"It was in 1970, remember, that Komeito was forced to shut down, strip off all the Nichiren doctrine and verbiage, and then allowed to re-enter the political arena as purely political party New Komeito (instead of Soka Gakkai's religious political party), after public outcry over how Komeito was mixing religion and politics. Some sources trace the end of Komeito's growth to this change.
Here is a summary of one of the main books the Soka Gakkai was trying to use its newly won Komeito political power to lean on the publishers to prevent its publication:
Fujiwara, Hirotatsu. I Denounce Soka Gakkai. Translated by Worth C. Grant. Tokyo: Nisshin Hodo, 1970.
Intensely critical of every aspect of the Soka Gakkai, suggesting that its political involvement would bring a return of prewar fascism.
Allegations of attempts by Soka Gakkai–supported politicians to suppress publication sparked intense controversy, leading in 1970 to the official organizational separation of the Komei political party from the Soka Gakkai. Source
Sounds like an insightful author, actually, especially given what we've seen since then, both from inside AND from this side of the pond. Of COURSE it would have brought a return of prewar fascism - that was the explicitly stated plan! "Obutsu myogo", meaning "Nichiren theocracy", would have made Nichiren Shoshu the state religion and required all the other religions to shut down. Ikeda was a fan of fascism - he even commented that he greatly admired fascism. I guess it's fine when you picture yourself in charge." -- BlancheFromage

You thought I was kidding

Ginny Benson director of the Ikeda Peace Center with Elise Boulding former peace activist and Alzheimer's patient:

Only $209.00 [YIKES!]

I'll tell you about the theology of Ikedaism for free.

Good dat!

SGI lost 90% of its membership between 1989 and 1997

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Praying to the SGI living emperor God

SGI planning to take Muslim dance to Mosul for their 2014 interfaith peace initiative

[Indignantly]: "There are no uniforms in the SGI" -- SGI leader

            Lying about little things lying about big things.

"Why is Sensei my Sensei?" -- Future victim of Soka Gakkai

"What's your favorite quote from Sensei?"

"Long live our master!!!"

My dear master of life !!! Thank !!!!!!!
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master of my life thank you thank you for everything that I had the good fortune to play vc cm
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wonderful !! Long live our master !!!
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Anti-war protestors outside New Komeito headquarters

Peace protestors protesting the political arm of the SGI organization for  "peace", culture, and education.

Future victims of Soka Gakkai

The Lotus Sutra and Nichiren on overcoming illness with several examples

Nichiren [and the Lotus Sutra] teach,

"Thus you should understand that so long as a practitioner of the Lotus Sutra remains unwavering in faith, free of all false alliances, entrusting himself wholeheartedly to the Lotus Sutra and practicing in accordance with the Buddha’s golden words, he will without fail be able to prevent disaster and prolong his life in this present existence, to say nothing of in the life to come. Splendid recompense will be his, and he will fulfill his great vow to broadly proclaim and propagate the Lotus Sutra." -- Nichiren

"This good excellent medicine now I leave here. You should take and swallow it. Do not worry that you will not be cured." -- Lotus Sutra Chapter 16


"This Sutra then is the Excellent medicine for the sick people of Jambudvipa. If there shall be sick people who are able to hear this Sutra, the sickness shall at once dissipate and they shall not die before they grow old." -- Lotus Sutra Chapter 23

This is especially true in the case of a young person who embraces the Sutra according to Nichiren. 

Since one will definitely overcome their illness with a correct faith, for example, Jerry Marcheso overcame a large malignant brain tumor and Greg Romero, a massive heart attack and stroke because of their correct faith. But Shin Yatomi was unable to overcome his illness precisely because his faith was warped ["I will definitely overcome my illness since I am a disciple of Sensei." -- Shin Yatomi]

"Remarkable difference"? SGI blind to the irony

"As I view what is happening today to Nichiren Shoshu and Soka Gakkai, what is obvious is the decline and insanity of Nichiren Shoshu where the high priest is worshipped as absolute, living Buddha. What is also conspicuous is the increasing rise of the Soka Gakkai where we can witness the splendor of the spirit of the first, second and third presidents of the Soka Gakkai. Enveloped by their infinite fortune and virtue, Soka Gakkai members continue to contribute to society. Through this remarkable difference between the two entities, we can clearly tell where the lifeblood of Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism is pulsating today." -- Soka Spirit

Paranoid SGIzophrenia

"However, Yamazaki was no more than a bubble on the surface of the water, as he attempted to swim through the ocean of Japanese society using the energy of the anti-Gakkai movement in Japan. Certainly, Yamazaki initiated an anti-Gakkai campaign by the press that started in 1977, but he did not create this groundswell on his own. Yamazaki was being used by the international secret intelligence agencies or domestic anti-Gakkai forces that had their own agendas." -- Soka Spirit

"Hail" or "Heil" Daisaku Ikeda?

The Lotus Sutra states, "Hail Shakyamuni Buddha! Hail, Shakyamuni Buddha!"

On SGI's and Nichiren Shoshu's teachings

The erroneous teachings of theirs have come to be propagated everywhere throughout the world, and the true doctrine of Buddhism taught by Nichiren Daishonin has become annihilated or lost.

Why Namu Myoho renge kyo?

Because Myoho renge kyo ["this sutra"] is cited 286 times in the Lotus Sutra.

Nichiren Shoshu's and SGI's half-baked scholars

"It should be noted, however, that there was a total of 187 translators who carried out the task of transmitting the sutras from India to the land of China. With the exception of one man, the Tripitaka Master Kumārajīva, all the other 186, when they produced their translations, added water to the milk of the teachings and mixed poison with the medicine. But the various teachers and half-baked scholars, failing to understand this fact, do not realize that even if they were to recite the entire body of sutras or commit to memory all the twelve divisions of the scriptures, they would still find it difficult to escape the sufferings of birth and death."

Some passages are not to be trusted

"Finally, with regard to Treatise on the Nirvana Sutra, it is recorded that this treatise was written by Bodhisattva Vasubandhu and translated into Chinese by Bodhiruchi. [Treatise on the Lotus Sutra was also written by Bodhisattva Vasubandhu and translated by Bodhiruchi.] There are many places in treatises such as these that contradict the sutra texts. Treatise on the Nirvana Sutra likewise speaks in a manner that contradicts the sutra it is based upon, the Nirvana Sutra. You should realize that these are due to errors of the translator and that such passages are not to be trusted."

Daisaku Ikeda's pitiful understanding

"The Chinese priest Fa-yün of Kuang-che-ssu temple could make it rain suddenly or cause flowers to bloom immediately, but Miao-lo writes of him, “Though he could bring about a response in this way, his understanding still did not accord with the truth [of the Lotus Sutra].” When the Great Teacher T’ien-t’ai read the Lotus Sutra, soft rain began to fall in an instant, and the Great Teacher Dengyo caused sweet rain to fall within the space of three days. However, they did not say that because of such powers their understanding of the truth coincided with that of the Buddha."

Sanzen jintengo or mentor-disciple

SGI: The prime point of Chapter 7 of the Lotus Sutra is the eternal bond of mentor and disciple

Nichiren: The prime point of Chapter 7 of the Lotus Sutra is major world system dust particle kalpas [sanzen-jintengo].

"Don't worry too much. Ebola is not easily transmitted" -- world renowned virologist

Then why is everyone wearing a spacesuit and some still manage to contract the disease?

Senior leader and SGI apologist Eric Toro's toxic mind

"Many critricize the SGI for the notion that the SGI possesses vast amounts of wealth.  Yet, how would it be possible for a true genuine and successful movement for world peace based on the wisdom of the inner most Dharma wisdom, at this time in human history, given the vast and sprawling nature of our global socio-economic system, to pursue such a lofty goal amidst the power and organization of so many nation-state systems to compete in the realm of ideas and value systems. " -- Etoro

Could you please site some clear passages from the Lotus Sutra and writings of Nichiren Daishonin to support your assertion? Others can hear and chant Namu Myoho renge kyo, whether wise or foolish, rich or poor, for free. Gohonzon can be bestowed for pennies. Meeting with friends and family members also doesn't cost a dime. The Lotus Sutra costs twelve dollars and the writings of Nichiren Daishonin are inexpensive or free.

"Enough with the rah! rah! and cult of personality"

"I believe that Nichiren Buddhism must separate itself from Japanese influence. Respect the origins but become independent and truly home grown. Then I believe it’s growth will be stable and true. I also have to say enough with the rah! rah! and the cult of personality." -- Roseanne

On the factious nature of the Nichiren Shu

"It is time to admit that the factious nature of the Nichiren Shu, even here within the U.S., will never permit its growth. Ministers are too busy trying not to go under in all of the pressure put on them (financially and otherwise) by the big guys in Japan, and new members are alienated because of this. There are certain priests who never stopped being SGI. They just donned Nichiren Shu robes. There are numerous problems within the Nichiren Shu. Most people come to Buddhism looking for a safe place to explore absence of God and dogma, but many ministers in America still present the Buddha as a God figure due to lack of explanation to new members. There is not enought education, not enough outreach, and not enough care for those who want to sincerely embrace the beautiful tradition that is the Nichiren Shu. For some who receive Jukai and Omandala in the US, they are hardly ever to have meaningful exchange with the Nichiren Shu again. The third jewel of Sangha is missing. This is why there is no passion within the Nichiren sects in America. If the Nichiren Shu does not change, then it will perish." -- author unknown

On overcoming Japans and SGI's pride and arrogance

Give up the Sengaku islands, seek forgiveness from the Chinese for what you did to them before and during the Great War, and ask for their help in cleaning up Fukushima. SGI should ask the forgiveness of the Buddha and Buddhist gods for altering the teachings of the Lotus Sutra and Nichiren and give their members a real Gohonzon, a copy of a Nichiren inscribed Gohonzon.

Why rely on the teachings of those who made a mess of this world?

Chant Namu Myoho renge kyo!

On the powerless top SGI senior leaders

"With these passages of scripture as our mirror, let us see what they show us about the true nature of the priest Two Fires [and the top Japanese SGI leaders]. They reveal him [them] very clearly for what he [they] is [are]. First, though by reputation he is  [they are] an observer of the precepts, in fact he is [they are] wanton in conduct. Second, he is [they are] greedy and stingy. Third, he is [they are] jealous. Fourth, he [they] hold[s] erroneous views. Fifth, he is [they are] lewd and disorderly. All the five factors apply to him [them]."

To look with contempt on the envoy of the Buddha

"The eyeless and earless may be excused, but let all those persons who have eyes and ears examine and heed these sutra passages. What persons now can say, “I read these sutra passages, I believe in them!” and yet direct all their hatred at Nichiren alone? If they truly believe these sutra passages, then let them call forth the [three types of] powerful enemies described in them and show proof that they do indeed read these passages and believe them. Unless they do so, then to be angry at Nichiren, who reads and recites these passages as they are intended to be read, is to be angry at the passages themselves, is it not? And to do so is to look with contempt on the envoy of the Buddha!"

SGI logic

SGI member: Why did Nichiren always write NaMU myoho renge kyo?
SGI leader: Because he wanted his disciples and believers to chant Nam Myoho renge kyo.

Abiding constantly in the world

"The fact is that the Buddha of the Lotus Sutra has a life span that is immeasurable; he abides constantly in the world without ever entering extinction. But the Zen school, as we have seen, regards the Buddha as already having entered extinction, and therefore it may be said to embrace the view of the non-Buddhists that things cease to exist. This is an erroneous view that contradicts the golden words of the Buddha, “These phenomena are part of an abiding Law, [and] the characteristics of the world are constantly abiding.”

The Human Revolution is not even a sutra

"Moreover, Mind Aspiring for Enlightenment [on which Kōbō bases his argument] is not even a sutra. To base one’s arguments on a treatise is to commit the error of turning one’s back on what is superior and following what is inferior. It also violates the Buddha’s teaching that one should “rely on the Law and not upon persons.”

On Daisaku Ikeda's awards, honors, and teachings

"...But whether they are correct or incorrect in their views is to be judged solely on the basis of the doctrines they expound. It is not to be decided on the basis of whether or not they have keen capacity or can display supernatural powers."

"The world's greatest Christian is Daisaku Ikeda" -- Reverend Dean Lawrence Carter

"I was with the members of the youth division in Japan recently, along  with Dean Lawrence Carter, of the Martin Luther King Intl. [Baptist] Chapel at Morehouse college in Atlanta. Before his trip, Dean Carter had been very excited about seeing SGI president Ikeda. He told us that 30 years ago, when a reporter asked Dr. MLK Jr who is the greatest Christian in the 20th century, Dr. King replied, "Mahatma Ghandi." Dr Carter said that if he were asked that same question today, he would reply without hesitation that the world's greatest Christian is "A Buddhist-- Daisaku Ikeda." He explained that he could say this because he feels that President Ikeda, through his actions, is doing the most to put the humane ideals of Christianity into practice" -- Danny Nagashima's speech to the SGI Central Executive Committee SGI World Tribune, Oct 6, 2000 page 10

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Paradise here on earth

Imagine a paradise on earth. What would it look like, sound like, smell like, taste like, feel like?  Mine would be peace, happinesss, harmony, liberty, joy, long, and pain free existences for every man, woman, child, gentle, loving, affectionate creature. Clean pure lakes, rivers, oceans, forests, and air. Freedom of speech, movement, and belief. Freedom from abrasive speech, crude speech, abusive speech, violent and hateful speech. A land of comforting souls, loving souls, kind souls, laughter and smiles. Gentle rains, cool breezes, warm sunny days. Families, states, nations, regions and a world without conflict. Relationships lasting an entire lifetime without a cross word bespoken. Honesty. Equality. Sharing. Encouragement. Creativity. The smell of lilacs, roses, lillies. The taste of sweet dew. Death in sleep in a loved one's arms after a full, rich, and rewarding day. Now compare it to the reality in which we live. Is there a way to bridge the chasm? Is there a way to create a paradise here on earth? When? How? The Buddha and Nichiren teach that when the Mystic Law alone flourishes and all the people chant in one voice, Namu Myoho renge kyo, there will be a paradise here on earth.

Plume Gate

Good news story [there are so few]

Bad to worse

Extremely dangerous future beyond calculation and comprehension

Through the Lotus Sutra and a fixed mind not through a mentor

"Persons who do not fully understand this sutra, the Lotus, look at passages in the sutra that say that, if one reads the sutra, one will be reborn in the human or heavenly realms; they look at passages that speak of going to the Tushita heaven or the heaven of the thirty-three gods; or they look at passages that speak of rebirth in [Amida’s] land of Peace and Sustenance; and they suppose that though one may practice the teachings of the Lotus Sutra in this impure land of ours, and though its principles may be very admirable, one cannot hope thereby to reach the stage where there is no more regression in one’s progress to enlightenment. So they assert that one must continue to be reborn again and again for long ages in this impure land, hoping for the dawn of [Maitreya’s] appearance some 5,670 million years in the future; or they claim that, when one is reborn in the realm of animals or that of human beings, the process of rebirth blots out all memory of previous existences and hence one can never put an end to one’s sufferings. Still others object that the Lotus Sutra represents a type of self-empowered religious practice and hence is very difficult to carry out.

Errors of this kind in all likelihood come from a failure to distinguish between the two roads to salvation, that put forward in the sutras prior to the Lotus and that of the Lotus. Persons who propound such views not only lead themselves astray into the darkness of delusion, but they blind the Buddha eye of all living beings.

The idea that one should seek rebirth in the Tushita heaven is found frequently in the Hinayana sutras, and in a few cases in the Mahayana sutras as well. The idea that one should strive for rebirth in the Western Paradise is found in many Mahayana sutras. All these passages are examples of that which should be opened up and merged [with the Lotus Sutra].

But according to the teachings of the Lotus Sutra, the Tushita heaven is to be counted among the lands of the Buddhas of the ten directions, the Western Paradise too is none other than one of the lands of the Buddhas of the ten directions, and the realms of human and heavenly beings are none other than such lands. When the Lotus Sutra addresses evil persons, it speaks of the evil that is a part of the Ten Worlds, and assures them that, since evil persons too are endowed with the five types of vision, even the most evil of all persons are capable of being saved. When it addresses women, it assures them that women are endowed with the Ten Worlds and that women in any of the Ten Worlds can attain Buddhahood. So long as one, through the Lotus Sutra, sets one’s mind on the attainment of perfect and true enlightenment, one can never be dragged back into the nine realms of unenlightened existence by the power of karma."

At this very time, only those rulers who who embrace and believe in the mandala of the five characters will be able to save the people

"Then the Buddha said: “Listen carefully. You must not propagate it in the first millennium of the Former Day of the Law or in the second millennium of the Middle Day following my death. In the beginning of the Latter Day of the Law, slanderous monks will fill the land of Jambudvīpa, so that all the heavenly gods will demonstrate their rage, comets will appear in the sky, and the earth will quake like the movement of huge waves. Innumerable disasters and calamities, such as drought, fires, floods, gales, epidemics, famine, and war, will all occur at once. The people of Jambudvīpa will don armor and take up bows and staves, but since none of the Buddhas, bodhisattvas, or benevolent deities will be able to help them, they will all die and fall like rain into the hell of incessant suffering. At this very time, rulers can save their countries and the people be freed from calamities and in their next life escape the great fires of hell if they embrace and believe in this great mandala of the five characters.”

SGI? NST? KHK? NS? Independents? RKK?

"If we consider these examples carefully, we will realize that, among those who read the Lotus Sutra and sing its praises, there are many who are destined for the hell of incessant suffering..."

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Nichiren and I will correct Patrarch Bartholomew since SGI won't

Nichiren and I will correct Patrarch Bartholomew since SGI won't

SGI Quarterly staff: How can religion come to be seen as a "savior of humanity," not a threat to humanity?

Patriarch Bartholomew: On the sixth day of creation, God created man and woman in His divine image and likeness. Yet, what most people overlook is that the sixth day is not dedicated to the formation of Adam alone. That sixth day was shared, according to the Book of Genesis, with "living creatures of every kind; cattle and creeping things and wild animals of the Earth.î This close connection between humanity and the rest of creation is a powerful reminder of our intimate relationship with the environment. While there is undoubtedly something unique about our creation in God's image, there is more that unites us than separates us, not only as human beings but also with creation. It is a lesson we have learned the hard way in recent decades. The connection is not merely emotional; it is profoundly spiritual, providing a sense of continuity and community as well as an expression of identity and compassion with all of creation. In the seventh century, Abba Isaac the Syrian said: "A merciful heart burns with love for all creation: for human beings, birds and beasts--for all God's creatures." When we recognize this connection, then we shall be instruments of peace and life, not tools of violence and death. Then everything will assume its divine purpose, as God originally intended for the world."

Nichiren Daishonin: "I expounded this principle a long time ago, so it should not be new to you. One of the six stages of practice in the perfect teaching is the stage of perception and action. At this stage “one acts as one speaks and speaks as one acts.” Those at the stage of being a Buddha in theory only and at the stage of hearing the name and words of the truth believe in the perfect teaching; but even though they praise it, their actions fail to reflect their words. For example, countless people study the non-Buddhist works known as the Three Records and the Five Canons, but not even one case in ten million is found where a person governs society and behaves as the texts teach. Thus it is very difficult to establish peace in society. One may be letter-perfect in reciting the Lotus Sutra, but it is far more difficult to act as it teaches. The “Simile and Parable” chapter states, “If this person... on seeing those who read, recite, copy, and uphold this sutra, should despise, hate, envy, or bear grudges against them...” The “Teacher of the Law” chapter reads, “Since hatred and jealousy toward this sutra abound even when the Thus Come One is in the world, how much more will this be so after his passing?” The“Encouraging Devotion” chapter reads, “Many ignorant people will attack us with swords and staves... again and again we will be banished.” The “Peaceful Practices” chapter states, “It [the Lotus Sutra] will face much hostility in the world and be difficult to believe.” Although these quotations from the sutra are the Buddha’s prophecies, there is no reference to when these persecutions will occur. In the past, BodhisattvaNever Disparaging and the monk Realization of Virtue read and lived these passages. But setting aside the two thousand years of the Former and Middle Days of the Law, now, in the Latter Day, in all Japan only Nichiren seems to be doing so. From the present situation, I can well imagine how followers, relatives, disciples, and lay supporters must have grieved in the past when during the reigns of evil kings so many of their sage monks met persecution.

Nichiren has now read [and lived] the entirety of the Lotus sutra. Even a single phrase or verse assures one's enlightenment; since I have read the entire sutra, how much more certain is my enlightenment. I am more confident than ever. Though I may sound presumptuous, my most fervent wish is to realize the the security and peace of the entire land. In an age when none will heed me, however, it is beyond my power. I will close now to keep this brief."

Commentary: How much more impossible to create peace and harmony with the Bible or Q'uran as your guide?

SGI members "are like domestic pigeons that peck at filth"

SGI: "Joining the Ramadan forum gave us a clear understanding about the culture and philosophy of our Muslim brothers and sisters," commented Pogi Figuracion, an SGI-Philippines young men's group member. "Although we have different beliefs, we share a common goal to help achieve peace and deeper understanding in Mindanao, the Land of Promise."

Nichiren: "[In ancient China] the royal consorts Mo Hsi, Ta Chi, and Pao Ssu were charming in manner and excelled all others in beauty. But because the rulers in their foolishness became infatuated with them, these women brought about the downfall of the nation. And now Zen priests, Precepts priests, and Nembutsu advocates of our own time such as Shōichi, Dōryū, Ryōkan, Dōami, Nen’ami, and other teachers of their kind are like domestic pigeons that peck at filth, or like the beautiful Hsi-shih who deceived the king of Wu. They adhere to their Hinayana precepts, which are like stinking waste or donkey’s milk,..."

Japan is being transformed before our eyes into the hell of incessant suffering

"The priests of Japan today [especially the business suited lay-priests of the Soka Gakkai] are all men of great evil, surpassing even Devadatta or the Venerable Kokālika. And because lay people revere them and make them offerings, this country is being transformed before our very eyes into the hell of incessent suffering where countless people in their present existence, in addition to undergoing starvation, pestilence, and horrible agonies unknown in previous ages, will be attacked by a foreign power. This is due solely to the workings of deities like BrahmāShakra, and the gods of the sun and moon."