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Sunday, August 31, 2014

What's good for the goose is good for the gander

"I have a group picture next to my butsudan, taken at Sessen-bo with Sensei in 1970. Among the people in the picture is Genjiro Fukushima, who later became a vice president of the SGI. Then about 20 years ago he betrayed Sensei and the SGI and worked to stop the flow of Kosen-Rufu. He was the lay leader of the Hodo-in temple in Tokyo, until his death by cancer on August 8th of this year.

Eyewitness accounts of his open-casket funeral were that they found it impossible to close his eyes, cancer had completely consumed his body, and his death mask was a hideous expression of wide-eyed, agonized terror, difficult to view." -- Dick "Wiley bad" Powell proud SGI member

I wonder how those SGI leaders who were run over by a snow plows, whose parachutes failed to open, whose skulls was torn apart by stage hooks, who died on flight 767 [on 9/11], or who were killed by the Manson gang, appeared in their caskets?


  1. Hi Mark, you have said that you have been fighting the SGI for 19 years now, what happened with them back then for you to have developed such an intense hatred towards them ? I understand their disregard for the Law and their admiration for Daisaku Ikeda but is there something else...Thanks

  2. I don't hate them. I hate their lies, hypocrisy, and slander.

  3. Good

    infinite compassion towards the person but strict concerning the Law