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Monday, September 29, 2014

Such a blatant lie from the SGI Texas Area Chief!

Ric Dexter SGI Texas Area Chief:
"The purpose of our Buddhist lay organization is outlined in the Lotus Sutra where it states that the wish of a Buddha is to open the door to the Buddha wisdom, to show the Buddha wisdom to all living beings, to cause living beings to awaken the Buddha wisdom, and to induce living beings to enter the path of Buddha wisdom.
In following this wish, we try to help people awaken that wisdom within themselves so they can make the best choices in their lives. The choices we must all make in life are individual choices, just as we are all individual people. Nowhere in the Buddhist canon is an instruction to advise people what to think, much less how to vote.
Directly addressing today's question, in 1971 our lay organization passed a resolution agreeing that as an organization we would not endorse political candidates.
Within our organization there are people supporting different political parties, candidates, and political thought. We are encouraged to participate actively in our society, and employing wisdom in voting for the leaders of our society is part of that. While in our meetings we don't discuss politics, individually we often engage in such discussions.
I would not join other religious leaders in coalescing behind a candidate. I feel a religious leader should lead people to use their own religious understanding in the choices they make."
Everyone knows the Japanese SGI supports each and every Komeito candidate with their bones and marrow. Such a blatant lie from our SGI Texas Area Chief. He lies so naturally, as if he were reciting the A,B,C's

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