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Saturday, October 18, 2014

National socialism and Ikedaism

"Having Sensei's spirit means being a model for others. Leaders must first set an example." -- SGI Leader

"Being true to Hitler’s spirit means always being a model. “To be a leader is to be an example.” -- Rudolph Hess


"You Should Continually Ask Yourself, What Would Sensei Do?" -- SGI Leader

"Ask in all that you do: What would the Führer do." -- Rudolph Hess


"Having gratitude for Sensei assures us a glorious victory." -- SGI leader

"Wherever you are, you owe thanks to the Führer, for his leadership enabled every victory." -- Rudolph Hess


"You are the youthful defenders of the Mystic Law. Let us protect our mentor and our noble SGI organization. You are all equal and each one of you has a mission only you can fulfill. You yourself are the Soka Gakkai." -- SGI Youth Leader

"You are all the scouts and the defenders of the National Socialist army of the movement. You are each indispensable and equal. Each of you is as unique in history as National Socialism itself. You are typically National Socialist." -- Rudolph Hess

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