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Sunday, November 30, 2014

It is thanks to our seeds of auspicious causation, not SGI

"The Great Teacher Miao-lo says in his commentary (Hokke Mongu  Ki, seven): Therefore we know that if, in the latter age, one is able to  hear the Law even briefly, and if having heard it, one then arouses faith  in it, this comes about because of the seeds planted in a previous existence.'  And he also says (Maka Shikan Bugyoden Guketsu): "Being born at the end of the Middle Day of the Law, I have been able to behold  these true words of the sutra. Unless in a previous existence one has  planted the seeds of auspicious causation, then it is truly difficult to  encounter such an opportunity."(Rebuking Slander of the Law, MW vol. 6)

It is thanks to the good causes that we made in previous existences that we have encountered Namu Myoho renge kyo. It is not thanks to the Soka Gakkai as they would have us believe. It is also thanks to the good causes that we made that we have strong faith in the Gohonzon, the Lotus Sutra, Shakyamuni Buddha and Nichiren Daishonin. Finally, it is thanks to these good causes that we now practice the Mystic Law correctly. What terrible causes have they made, the believers in Islam, Christianity, and especially the members of the Soka Gakkai and the Nichiren Shoshu? Truly, it can not be imagined.

Nichiren on the real meaning of Nichiren Shoshu's/SGI's principle of Kuon Ganjo

"The Lotus Sutra is nothing other than a scripture that reveals that Sakyamuni Buddha attained enlightenment at a time even more distant than Gohyaku-jitengô." -- Letter to the Priests of Seichô-ji, MW  2:268 [NSIC 1981] 

SGI as intermediary

Daisaku Ikeda: "To achieve that elevated life condition, the individual requires a vehicle -- much like a rocket transports an astronaut into orbit -- propelled by our efforts to spread the Mystic Law. That rocket is the SGI... In this day and age, no one can attain Buddhahood without participating in SGI activities, he asserted." -- World Tribune, 1992
Art Doskow replies: Saying that the lifeblood of faith does not exist outside of SGI (as Mr. Ikeda has done), imho, is setting SGI up as a necessary intermediary between the individual and faith. I have a long long way to go in faith myself, but to suggest that membership, or even participation in the activities of an organization is a necessary prerequisite to correct practice is absurd at best. 

It's time to tackle the SGI problem

Referring to Rev. Kubota who was handling a copy of an original Nichiren Gohonzon, Soren, gentile soft spoken SGI senior leader states,

"And he ran his grimy little nose-picking finger all over its face, as we read."

Get off the fence and if you have some arguments why our faith is not True Buddhism, lets hear them. I suggest you stop criticizing me and begin to tackle the SGI problem because my faith and practice is based on the writings of Nichiren Daishonin, not on Ikeda's novels.

Some Soka University of America reviews

"mel November 14, 2012

This school is very average and to say it’s exceptional is a self-indulgent lie. One thing this school has more than enough of is PRIDE. It’s sickening. I was a student here. I watched people eat dinner, conforming and avoiding any criticism of this place. People responded like hungry wolves when one single article mentioned a tiny bit of doubt about the perfection of the school system. That’s how you spot weakness – cruel attempts to cover up your own flaws."

"greg May 6, 2012

You can tell how brainless these students are when all they do is praise the school in their reviews. What other student body would think so highly of an institution that there is no room for criticism? These people have their heads in a cloud. They want to think that the school changed their life, but if you really observe these students they are no different from how they started out. If they came in as judgemental, phony, and unimaginitive students, they most likely have left in the same fashion."

"john May 1, 2012

This school is ridiculous. The people here are brainwashed by their religious leader and forever will be. I have never seen a such a massive group of people acting like one hypnotized team of proud egotistical maniacs. They have to do everything in unison because they are too weak to go it alone. Every thought is the same although they try hard to pretend they thought of it all on their own – they just had someone to “guide” them in the “right” direction. The school is getting better now that it is not completely composed of spoiled rich kids of elitist parents. I can only hope the wiser students stay strong and show everyone else what a real education is.

Whatever the school brags about is bogus wrapped in a cute little ribbon. Even the study abroad programs are not all they are hyped up to be. Half of them are easy enough for a junior high student to get through, and everyone knows its actually a vacation for people to get wasted and say they actually accomplished something.

Whenever a professor is lacking in ability, they come in and give an excuse wrapped up in another pretty ribbon – they say it’s the student’s opportunity/responsibility to foster the way for fellow students. What a brilliant way to spend $160,000."

"brianna March 15, 2012

Soka University tries its best to stick to its motto of “fostering a steady stream of global citizens.” However, I have left this school with the realization that it does not help people to become independent thinkers. Maybe that is a symptom of all schools, but I was really disappointed with how much the students here depend on their professors. I don’t know how they would survive in another school where they have to use their own mind and the books assigned to them."

Found from another site of reviews:


if you already have a good head on your shoulders, you might feel a bit impatient here. professors here generally treat you like you don't know anything because it is often true of the students. students here really depend on professors for everything. there are many professors who have a really good reputation, and students maintain that reputation by always acting as if they are in awe at every word that is spoken in a lecture. it's all about reputation here. supposedly we value critical thinking but not many students really use it in their lives. the general sentiment here is, if you don't have anything good to say, don't say it. they will take offense to deep criticisms of the school unless you fluff it up with praises and a show of appreciation."


I particularly enjoyed "John's" review above and the "critical thinking" bit in the "Tips" portion. I'd say those two, especially, are pretty accurate. -- Hitch, former SGI member and a so-called fortune baby

Former SGI sheeple

Sheeple # 1: I am a former "SGI sheep". I was a baaaaaaaahd "Buddhist".
Sheeple # 2: Me too. My name was Sheep Giving In. Now I baaaaaaaack my practice with the true teachings. 

True diversity in the Nichiren faith [compared to the Soka Gakkai]

Regarding the Three Treasures and Three Great Secret Laws expounded by Nichiren, there are no differing points of view among his disciples and believers. How many Daimoku to chant, which Gohonzon to utilize, having or not having a statue of Shakyamuni Buddha and/or Nichiren Daishonion, how many times a day we recite the 2nd and 16th Chapters of the Sutra, whether we recite the Sutra in english or Japanese, when, how, and if to perform the peaceful and/or forceful practices, how much or if to donate, what to read [other than the Lotus Sutra and writings of Nichiren Daishonin], to hold or not to hold, or to participate in meetings or not to participate, is up to the individual. Our politics too are far more diverse than those found in the Soka Gakkai.

Does that mean that Nichiren didn't receive any benefits?

"When I left the Cult in January of 1975, I was told that without the Soka Gakkai there are NO BENEFITS!  Geeeee... Does that mean that Nichiren didn't receive any benefits?  What did all the believers do up until the Gakkai?"  -- former SGI member

Nichiren Shoshu priests are "good eggs"

The Shizuoka Shimbun dated February 1, 1944                                     

Opening 15 lodges for youth fighters (the youth military tank school) Taisekiji Temple advances to join the war 

[Fujinomiya Branch Office] 

In Taisekiji Temple, the head temple of Nichiren Shoshu, Uenomura, Fujigun, they powerfully strive to increase saving financial resources, and unsparingly gave the copper from the roofs of the hall and the mountain gate, which will be replaced with tiles. In this way, they progress the war step by step. They will also provide 15 lodges in the temple as rest places on Sundays and holidays to the students of the youth military school who are being trained in unchallengeable fighting techniques with indomitable fighting spirit. They have also opened their facilities in Shizuoka prefecture since last year. A part of the facilities is now used as a prefectural working training school in which 200 persons are trained monthly, and Industrial fighters imbued with the Fuji spirit have been already sent to factories. They have had real achievements at each work place. Since the temple offered the 600 year-old giant trees for use as timbers, the priests of each lodge gladly agreed on this plan to provide a facility for the young fighters, and prepared various amusements such as Go and Shogi for relaxation. 

A priest of the temple side said, "Although we have opened our facility as rest places for the students informally and individually since last year, it has now been formalized and our facilities can be used with a homely atmosphere. We will improve the facilities as healthy rest places. I hope that they can relax in our facilities."

Nichiren Shoshu lineage handed down without losing a drop of water?

"The lineage of the Nichiren Shoshu has been handed down without losing a drop of water" -- Nichiren Shoshu High Priest

Since they lost the transfer documents, they lost all the water.

Great good friends until......

Elaine Conners: Very unfortunately, for the people who trust the President of the SGI. He isn't teaching what Nichiren Daishonin taught. Read about Buddhism and find our for yourself.  

Jim Cellers: SGI leader: I have, believe me I have.  Please show me a guidance of Presient Ikeda that contradicts the gosho.

Elaine Conners: Any guidance that mentions Nichiren Daishonin as the True Buddha contradicts the Gosho.

If that is not enough for you--- then nothing I can say will wake you up because you are in denial or something. (I know because I've gone through what you're going through). At least, try to ask yourself how you  would feel (maybe-- absolutely shocked and utterly dissappointed) IF some things came to your attention that, without a doubt, led you to conclude (after much research and inquiry outside and inside sgi by you personally) that something was VERY WRONG HERE. I can tell it really is hard for you to even consider it now. But please take your time to answer your questions until you are really filled with personal satisfaction. This is Your life. Don't give it over to anyone... 

Jim Cellers: But I also think we ought to give some credit to the party faithful who really DO believe the same things their leaders do, and are probably very sincere in their passion and enthusiasm.

Elaine Conners: IMHO, I don't think even the leaders sincerely believe in what they are (so eloquently) saying. If each didn't have an agenda, a politician would not get very popular these days. Maybe ethics and morals and integrity boosted our forefathers' political positions, but it ain't those days no more and Lincoln is dead. Sad but true. 

We can't afford to be so naive and trusting. That's why this country is in the mess it's in today. Common people don't choose to see the logical, common sense that the more control over our lives we give to the gov't, the less control and power we claim for ourselves. The "leaders" will represent us, speak for us, protect us, support us, read for us, learn for us, educate themselves for us, get popular for us, get elected for us, get very powerful--and all for us. ( Of course they need us to go to war for them, it's the least we could do out of gratitude). Even if you disagree with me, I think you can see the connection. All this because we want, so badly, to trust a leader, believe they are thinking of nothing but each and everyone of us- our well-being is the one and only concern and in their minds night and day. Isn't that how your sgi " friends" and "leaders" make you feel? They made me feel that way too. One used to tell me I was like a sister to her. My dear "friend" who was like a father to me.. So many "solid" relationships...  Until, I started to ask some very good, logical, intelligent questions. [Questions that there are answers to but some could not be shared for "the sake of unity of the organization" and others had to be twisted around to not contradict something else. Oh, but I thought I Was the organization. Nope, just a slanderer who has no faith in the Gohonzon . Just chant and things will get better in about 10 years. I'm not kidding you. My "sister" and "mentor" doesn't even call me anymore. Like I died. And I never disrespected them them even when they directly insulted me while defending sgi. 

The point is-- if They really believed in what they were saying, these questions would have been brought up and out into the open---for the members' sakes. Actually, if the entire sgi was "sincere in their passion" to practice Buddhism, it would have told its members the truth about the Dai-Gohonzon and other important elements of Buddhism about 70 years ago. The corruption at the Top is what is manipulating the sincere, trusting, loyal people and misleading them. And because one misled person can cause alot of damage and suffering to others, it's not only their loss or their problem. We are in this together. 

Jim Celler: but for the most part the organization, I think, is moving in this very healthy direction.

Elaine Conners: I had no bad experiences with the organization and I can honestly say my involvement in it was healthy in many ways, but I had to step outside and breathe the fresh air to feel the difference. I hope you don't give up seeking the truth, for your Own sake. Thanks for listening, 

Bo Fugen on Ikeda's frequent U-turns

"Jim, can't you see that you are following some Japanese guy like he's greater than Shakyamuni Buddha or Nichiren Daishonin?. Everything in SGI is centered around him and people are led to believe that without his "divine" guidance everyone will be lost and confused. Even if one were to suppose that he is worthy of respect, no one's opinions are that flawless, let alone his. Ikeda's guidances have made quite a few U-turns in the past. I'm sure that at each turn everyone in SGI was drooling over them. With this guy there's no guarantee that whatever you think the true message is, it won't change 180 degrees tomorrow and y'all will be constantly chasing his fat bottom, crossing your fingers with hope that he knows better than even Nichiren Daishonin. Can't you see that you are a member of the Ikeda cult? It boggles my mind!!!"

Susan Star on SGI psuedo-Buddhism

i myself enjoyed many SGI activities, as well as NSS activies. so i'll never begrudge either organization their good feelings and enjoyment! it's valid, and very personal. i think the real issue is not whether the SGI enjoys their rallies, or whether they have x-number of members, or whether they've won awards, etc. etc. IMO, the real issue is, "are SGI members Nichiren Buddhists?" 

the SGI is a large organization, well organized, full of enthusiastic members and willing volunteers. they've taken an active interest in "world peace," the environment, and "making all people happy." the same can be said of countless organizations around the world, both secular and religious. 

but what is a "Buddhist?" one who follows the teachings of the Buddha. Nichiren was a Buddhist, and the "foremost practicioner of the Lotus Sutra" (his own words), hence his followers are "Nichiren Buddhists." he left many instructions to his followers, and people of all personality styles are able to follow his teachings...from the very harsh (Rissho Ankoku Ron) to the very gentle (one example: Lady to Kyo'o). Nichiren's writings define a clear set of "parameters" as to how to follow his Buddhism. now, if you step outside thoseparameters, the question becomes, "are you a Nichiren Buddhist?" 

IMO, by still steadfastly following *most* of Taisekiji's doctrines/traditions, the SGI cannot truly be called a Nichiren Buddhist "sangha" (community of believers). SGI members believe in a set of doctrines that is derived directly from Nichiren Shoshu (Taisekiji), and even though they have changed quite a few of their views away from Taisekiji since the split, unfortunately most of their views are now even farther away from Nichiren's actual Buddhism. the Three Treasures is one example, the "Nichiren = True Buddha" issue is another, the True Object of Worship is yet another. 

it's a simple matter of "qualification." what are the qualifications for being a Nichiren Buddhist? and do you, or your organization, meet these qualifications? if not, you cannot truly claim the title of Nichiren Buddhist. you may be very happy, and very enthusiastic, and have great faith in the doctrines of SGI. you may have tons of actual proof, and practice the SGI practice very faithfully. that makes you a good *SGI member*, but that's it. that does not make you a Buddhist in any way! 

when people ask me what kind of Buddhist i am, i used to say just "Nichiren." if people are familiar with Nichiren's Buddhism, 9 times out of 10 they say "oh gawd you're not one of those Soka Gakkai people, are you?!" the SGI's "bad reputation" as a cult of personality precedes them, and is well known to everyone familiar with Nichiren's Buddhism. those in the SGI usually aren't aware of this "reputation," or if they are, they're in denial. 

so...the SGI is a large, well-organized, and "value-creating" organization. that does *not* make them Buddhists of any sort, including Nichiren Buddhist. so while they may do many "good deeds," win many awards, and make many people happy, they plain fact is that they are only loosely based on the Buddhist Dharma. i don't hold a grudge against SGI (or NSS), or any individual member. but i, as a Kempon Hokke member and an individual, am a Nichiren Buddhist; it makes me uncomfortable when SGI and NSS claim the same title, because nothing could be farther from the truth. in other words, those people/organizations who are NOT Nichiren Buddhists, make a bad name for those of us who are. 

IMO, SGI members are members of the "Value Creation Society," and nothing more. 

SGI members like Pavlov's dogs?

"Last few years I've been extremely busy and was not able to attend many "gaktivities". I was considered to be a "weak" member, whatever the hell that meant. In addition, whenever I tried to stir any discussion towards Buddhist doctrine, I was  diagnosed with "Sharihotsu Syndrome" (actual put-down by Gakkaites) and was considered "arrogant". 

On the other hand, a "strong" member is someone who is always at the SGI Community Center, devoting all their time and effort to Gakkai - but whose understanding of Buddhism may be close to ZERO. I know quite a few of such individuals who, when doing activities are all teeth-from-ear-to-ear. The same individuals are quite disfunctional and miserable in their private lives. Of course, they'll keep going back to their "gaktivities", for a fix of "happiness", just like Pavlov's dogs." -- Bo 

Unhealthy relationships in the Soka Gakkai

Someone wrote, "Any social organzation or group of people has it's problems but especially in places where so-called equals are always giving everyone else guidance." On the contrary, following the Law and not the Person cultivates healthy relationships.

Ichinen Sanzen reveals the reason for SGI's Code of Conduct for leaders

Cause and latent effect is always simultaneous. Cause and manifest effect may or may not be simultaneous. That's why SGI leaders are required to sign the Code of Conduct for leaders... because there is not the simultaneous manifested cause and effect of Buddhahood in the Soka Gakkai. On the contrary, there is both the simultaneous latent and manifested cause and effect of Buddhahood in those who share the same faith and practice as Nichiren Daishonin.

Nichiren proclaims himself the Bodhisattva Jogyo

The inscription or laudatory text on a Gohonzon in 1274 (currently kept at Myohonji at Hota.), No.16 in the Catalogue of the Gohonzon Collection (Yamanaka Kihachi, Nichiren Daishonin Shinseki no Sekai, p 323 and type B (II) 7 no. 13 in Nichiren Daishonin Mandara zushu, pp. 58-59) reads:

 "Since the entrance into Extinction of the Great Enlightened World Honored One there have passed in succession more than two thousand two hundred and twenty years. Even so, among the Three Countries of India, Han (China) and Japan, there has not yet been this Great Object of Worship (Dai Honzon). Either they have known but not yet spread it or they have not known it. Our Compassionate Father, by means of the Buddha Wisdom, has hidden and retained it, leaving it for the Latter Age. At the time of the last five hundred years, the Bodhisattva Jogyo comes forth in the world and for the first time spreads and proclaims it."    

Nichiren refutes SGI interfaith

"The Opening of the Eyes" (Kaimoku Sho) states: 

"To befriend another without showing them mercy (strictness) is to actually bear them malice.To remove evil for another makes one their parent. Those who thoroughly rebuke others are my disciples. Those who will not oust offenders are resentful of Buddhism." (Shinpen, p. 577; For reference see: M.W., Vol. 2, p. 211)

"Buddhahood Through the Lotus Sutra" (Hokke Shoshin Jobutsu Sho)  states: 

"One should by all means insist on preaching the Lotus Sutra and  causing others to hear it. Those who believe in it will become  Buddhas. Those who slander it will form a "poison drum" relationship with it and will become Buddhas. In any event, the seed of Buddhahood lies nowhere apart from the Lotus Sutra. (Shinpen, p. 1316; For  reference see: M.W., Vol. 6, p. 197) 

"But I only donate $20.00 each month." -- SGI member

Lets see [scratching my head]. $20.00 a month is $240.00 a year x 12,000,000 members = ~ $3,000,000,000.00 a year [very minimum, since there are only a few who donate very little but quite a few in Japan who donate more than $1000.00 a month]. 

This doesn't include SGI's special donation campaigns, other investments and businesses, including publications and their cemetary business. Of course, almost everything is  tax free. It wouldn't surprise me if their profit was more than $15,000,000,000.00 a year or more. Many companies are worth more than 20 x earnings. That would make SGI a $300,000,000,000.00 dollar company [not including their real estate investments, the largest in Japan].

Praising the Nichiren faith while rebuking the Soka Gakkai

I hope you come to appreciate the damage you have done and continue to do having praised the Soka Gakkai. May you now be wise enough to change your view and write several thorough refutations of the Soka Gakkai and several works in praise of the Nichiren faith. If you do, you will have repayed your debt of gratitude to the Law, the Buddha, your ancestors, and your progeny. You will have followed in the footsteps of the Great Mahasattva Vasubandu who wrote five hundred treatises in praise of the Mahayana while refuting the Hinayana after having foolishly writen five hundred treatises praising the Hinayana while refuting the Mahayana.

It would be better to begin to make amends sooner than later, before witnessing in a dream that you vow to cut out your own tongue [for your transgressions]. Certainly, you had not written five hundred treatises in praise of the Soka Gakkai [as Vasubandu had written five hundred treatises in praise of the Hinayana], so it will require much less effort praising the Nichiren faith while rebuking the Gakkai.

"Daisaku Ikeda is the reincarnation of Nichiren Daishonin" and "Nichiren inscribed the DaiGohonzon"

Practicer #1: In May of 1972 Geroge Williams announced to a small group of us at the Malibu Training Center that "Daisaku Ikeda was the re-incarnation of Nichiren Daishonin." BTW....this was in front of Ikeda. This announcement occurred just after D. Ikeda handed me a glass of water to pass around to those that were there, and before, he handed me a pack of cigarettes to pass around.
SGI leader Soren: What's the difference between you saying that, and if I were to say "Nichiren Shoshu physically tortures people" with no specific proof?
Practicer # 1: Or that Nichiren inscribed the DaiGohonzon.
SGI leader Soren: Gee, you really CAN'T see any difference between the two, can you? 
Practicer # 2: You fail to see the sameness of the two. 

Nichiren Shoshu's forged Gosho The Seven Article on the Gohonzon

"The dharma realm is Nichiren and Nichiren is the  Dharma realm. This position (of Nichiren) is Myo (mystic), the embodiment of the Lotus Flower of Soku  Shin Jo Butsu (attaining enlightenment as you are),  the unchanging immutable Original Buddha [hon-butsu] ...the meaning for each successive (high) priest to write  'Nichiren zai go han (when he transcribes the Gohonzon) is deep and profound. It means that each successive Shonin (sage=buddha, i.e., high priest) is of the (same) significance as Nichiren ....  Signed Nichiren, Koan 5 (1282), Tenth  Month, Tenth Day" Showa Shintei, page 2721-2722 

It is not in Nichiren's hand, it is not actually signed "Nichiren", it has no Nichiren seal, it goes against Nichiren's Five Major Writings, and it goes against the entire body of his authenticated writings.

One day

Friday, November 28, 2014

Please compare Nichiren to the Nichiren Shoshu priests

Nichiren Shoshu priest [actual statement]: "Tell them to prove what they say.  What they say is ...(essentially) stupid [about the inauthenticity of the DaiGohonzon]....Don't dirty your robe to try to prove anything to them." 

Reply: Can you imagine Nichiren saying: "Don't dirty your robe"? He would say, "Risk your life if you have to. Prove to the world that the Supreme Object of Worship is the DaiGohonzon of  the second year of Koan and the DaiGohonzon only."

The secret passed from one sole vessel of the Law [Nichiren Shoshu High Priest] to the next

A sucker is born every minute.

We are the Buddha's converts

"Ajita! Know though! 
All these great bodhisattvas, 
from numberless kalpas, 
Have studied the Buddha-wisdom. 
All of them are my converts, 
Whom I have caused to desire the Great Way. 
These are my sons 
Who dwell in this [Buddha-]world, 
Ever practicing the Dhuta deeds, 
Joyfully devoted to quiet places, 
Shunning the clamor of the crowds, 
With no pleasure in much talk. 
Such sons as these 
Are learning the Law of my Way, 
Always zealous day and night 
For the sake of seeking the Buddha-way; 
They dwell in space 
Beneath the saha-world. 
Firm in their power of will and memory, 
Ever diligently seeking after wisdom, 
They preach all kinds of wonderful laws, 
Having no fear in their minds." (Lotus Sutra, Chapter XV)

The more SGI activities we did the worse she got

My wife had many medical and psychiatric problems that began or worsened after having joined the SGI. She had cirrhosis, asthma, diabetes, cardiomyopathy, CHF, hep C, hypertension, blackouts, and five herniated discs from all the falls. She was drinking more than a quart and a half of vodka and 12-24 buds a day plus [whatever she could get her hands on]. She was smoking 2 packs of cigarettes a day. We had a running joke that she would be the prettiest corpse in the funeral home. Of course, she only appeared normal until right before we left the SGI when she couldn't even get out of bed and had to be fed by my 10 year old daughter.

The more we chanted to the SGI No-honzon, the more SGI activities we did, and the more guidances we received from the very top leaders who shared the "confidential" details of her illness with others, the worse she got. We still believed in the Lotus Sutra and when I came upon the internet and the truth about the SGI "religion" [cult], we began to embrace the same faith and practice as Nichiren Daishonin. She hasn't had a drink for 15 years, her cirrhosis and heart failure resolved, she stopped smoking recently and no longer wheezes, her diabetes is well controlled, and her pain is very manageable. Nancy is an investor in rare Buddha heads and 17th century silver objects, our house is immaculate, she cooks up a storm almost daily, and takes care of me and our many animals. Our grown children are very proud of her and they rely on her for her sage advice. Had we remained in SGI, she certainly would have been dead.

A Letter to My Lady the Nun, Widow of Lord Ueno

UENO-DONO GOKE-AMA GOZEN GOSHO (A Letter to My Lady the Nun, Widow of Lord Ueno, NOPPA)

I heard with sadness that your son, Shichiro Goro, passed away. Everybody knows, regardless wise or ignorant, high or low in rank, all men are born to die. Therefore, we should not be saddened or alarmed at death. I know this and have taught it to the people. Upon the death of your beloved son, however, I can't tell whether it is a dream or a vision. As a mother, you must be all the more sad.

You survived the death of your parents, brothers, and beloved husband, but I suppose that you have many children who must have been a consolation to you. Nevertheless, you now have lost a beloved son, who was extraordinarily handsome and so dependable that everyone was looking forward to seeing him as a grown-up man. It must be too much for you to lose such a fine son, just like an opening flower withered by cold wind or the full moon suddenly covered by clouds.

I don't want to believe that your son really passed away, so I don't feel like writing about it now. I will write to you again later.

Respectfully yours,
In Response to Lord Ueno

P.S. When I saw your son on the 15th of the 6th month of this year, I received the impression that he was spirited and manly. It is very sad that I can never see him again. However, as he believed in Sakyamuni Buddha and the Lotus Sutra, his last moment must have been peaceful. His spirit will go to the Pure Land of the Mt. Sacred Eagle, where his father is, and he will be happy to see his father face to face and be hand in hand with him. How wonderful it is!

Response to SGI senior leader Soren

Soren replies to Nikkyo and makes numerous errors regarding the faith and practice of Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism. In this reply I will attempt, by utilizing the three proofs, the Gosho, and the Lotus Sutra, to demonstrate that Soren and ultimately SGI is mistaken and will lead their members to unfulfilled existences in this life and misfortunate births in the next. At the same time I will attempt to clearly demonstrate that a correct faith and practice of Nichiren Lotus Sutra Buddhism will lead to a happy and joyful existence in this life and a fortunate birth in the next.

Soren states: 

> I am well aware of this aspect of reality. I have been able to have
>great conversations with people, particularly Catholics, who have
>shown me that it is not really possible to say that "other religions
>do not offer their followers 'the experience of perceived actual
>proof' at all." In a word, i've moved way WAY beyond that. This is
>in fact one of the reasons I 'believe' that the 'faith' i embrace is
>the 'true teaching.' I consider the way in which the practice with the

To demonstrate that he has gone "way beyond" a superficial understanding of actual proof Soren then states:

>SGI has lead me from from realization to realization, deepening
>understanding over time, a very convincing instance of genuine and
>valuable 'actual proof.'

"Realization to realization, deepening understanding" to show that this is indeed "moving WAY beyond that". 

Question: realization of whom or what, deepening understanding of whom or what? In order to have realization and understanding one requires a correct viewpoint, a correct faith and practice. If one has neither a correct viewpoint, faith or practice how can one realize the Way and enable others to do the same? The Daishonin states in the Senji Sho:

"Concerning the appearance from the great earth of Bodhisattva Visistacaritra(Jogyo), Bodhisattva Maitreya, Bodhisattva Manjusri, Bodhisattva Avolokitesvara, Bodhisattva Bhaisajyaraja, who have terminated the ignorance of the forty-first state, they are called ignorant since they have not terminated the fundamental ignorance and did not know that Bodhisattva Visistacaritra was called first in order to spread the "Homage to the Lotus Sutra of the Wonderful Law" which is the essence of the Chapter in the Lotus Sutra on the "Revelation of the Tathagata" in the Age of the Last Law."(Senji Sho, NOPPA pg.114-115).

Since Soren and the SGI confuses The Eternal Buddha with Bodhisattva Jogyo, they are no better than the ignorant provisional Bodhisattvas cited by the Daishonin above. We, the disciples and believers of Nichiren, are cognizant of the truth of the matter and can, in no way, be considered ignorant. On the contrary, we are worthy of being known as leaders of all mankind because we correctly transmit the perfect teachings.

Soren's discourse on the etimology of the word religeon <snipped>. He goes on to say:

>This may well be so, although i don't know why one necessarily has to
>get involved in that stuff in the course of seeking for "Nichiren's
>Mind of Faith." I find the Daishonin's mind of faith in the Gosho;
>the experience of reading the Gosho and perceiving the Daishonin's
>Mind therein is also very deep and powerful for me.
>In the course of doing so, i have been convinced again that the
>Daishonin is the True Buddha as 'believed' by the SGI. It is more
>than clear to me that the identity of the "Tathagata" is a matter so
>profound that it defies the little quibbles and theories that pass
>for discussion in our newsgroup. At the VERY least, let me say that I
>cannot even conceive of some way in which it could be considered
>'slanderous' to revere Nichiren as the 'True Buddha.'

You cannot conceive of this because, as demonstrated above, you are as ignorant as the provisional Bodhisattvas cited by the Daishonin.

Soren continues:

>Reading the Gosho the way that you do is an example of
>tremendous error as far as i see it. It's clear that it is done
>without the slightest sense of understanding of metaphor, subtlety,
>simile or the like. The problem is aggravated by the fact that they
>are reading translations, no doubt. But even were we all to be able
>to read the original Japanese, it seems there would still be this
>problem. The problem is looking for literalness in everything.
>Japanese don't think that way; look at a typical Japanese poem in
>which so much is left unsaid or alluded to with the slightest, most
>subtle and indirect reference.

Nichiren Daishonin was hardly a "typical japanese". He was more concise than Tientai who illucidated the doctrine of Ichinen Sanzen. How many times did the Daishonin state: "this is perfectly clear" or "only a fool could fail to comprehend." The teachings of Zen, on the other hand leaves things unsaid. The teachings of zen "allude to". The teachings of the Eternal Shakyamuni Buddha and Nichiren Daishonin are as clear as a mountain stream.

Soren admits he is not really interested in the teachings, only benefits:

>I may become interested in those questions someday. In the meantime,
>i am much more interested in producing the benefits of faith and in
>practicing correctly. One does so not only for one's own sake, but
>also for the sake of many other people. My friends, relatives and
>other people in my environment are deeply affected by my practice;
>their lives are reshaped from within by the power i put into motion
>when i practice, and their experiences and growth are directly
>connected to my life. At the same time my little ego isn't
>'responsible' for all that in any sense (it would be ridiculous to
>think so; it is an error that some who pray for others in other
>religions might make but not me!). We're dealing with something that
>is beyond words here, and all the words about it in a.r.b.n. demean
>and cheapen it.

The frank and sagacious words spoken on a.r.b.n. by the Eternal Shakyamuni, Nichiren Daishonin, and others are to help you and others practice as the Daishonin taught so that you can begin to really experience the benefits of a correct faith and to lead others to the same.

>Documentation that is offered to me by people who behave the way 
>you do is of no interest to me, in any case. Why should i have ANY
>confidence at all that this 'documentation' is genuine, that it's
>source is truthful and undistorted? These things were argued about
>centuries ago in bitter disputes among those that may have staked
>everything, or seemed to, on being Nichiren's disciples and their
>successors. I have no illusions about the 'ethics' or condition of
>Japanese society in those days. it was for centuries a society of
>absolutist rule by despots, social inequities that never relented, as
>close to soviet-style unfreedom as we can imagine. A rigid caste
>system. Corruption at all levels. Why should i believe some religious
>documents that came out of that history, especially those from sects
>that bear ancient enmity towards Taiseki-ji?

We have committed no fault here. We simply speak in order to lead others to happiness. Your malicious and unfounded statements reguarding our behavior will return to you, the perpetrator of these falsehoods. In addition, as has already been demonstrated, your perception of the "great matters" are distorted, how can your perception of any lesser matters be any less so? Also, your reasonings and conclusions about the history of the Nichiren movement in Japan and the enmity of the 35 or so other sects towards the Taisekaji sects is incorrect. There is enmity toward the Taisekaji sect because of their distortion of the Daishonin's teachings, their lies, and their forgeries. All the sects adhere to the same Three Jewels except Taisekaji. All the sects worship the entire body of Nichiren's Gohonzon without distinction except for the Taisekaji sect that advocates, "abandon and discard" these treasures thus leading the people into darkness and despair. There has been a rather startling conformity of doctrine among the other 35 sects demonstrating that the Gosho is not prone to misinterpretation, contrary to your empty assertions. Only Taisekaji misinterprets and mistranslates the Gosho. Still, how much more difficult to practice as the Daishonin clearly teaches?

>However, interestingly, you haven't mentioned Theoretical proof. It
>has been my experience that the SGI (please, NOT NST) has been in the
>forefront of providing and demonstrating Theoretical Proof of this
>Buddhism. The SGI 'interpretations' {Makiguchi/Toda/Ikeda} of
>Nichiren's Buddhism seem to me to have anticipated and strengthened
>many of the most important social trends and advancements in this
>century. I think Makiguchi's 'Theory of Value' is magnificent, and in
>no way in contradiction or conflict with the Daishonin's Buddhism. In
>addition the social ideas embraced by a large majority of SGI members
>seem to me to be correct, humanistic and 'enlightened.'
>The lack of this sort of 'demonstrated Theoretical proof' on the part
>of other old religions like Christianity is a large contributing
>factor in those religions' decline. To say that this sort of issue
>has no role in evaluating Proofs is simply foolish, and outsiders find
>it completely unconvincing.

Indeed, the issue of Theoretical Proof is very important. There are two basic ways to demonstrate theoretical proof: The first is zuitai, or preachings in accordance with the minds of others; the second is zuijii which are preachings according to the mind of the Buddha. If one puts faith in the teachings(theory) of zuitaii, one will never be able to attain Buddhaood. The Lotus Sutra is the zuijii teachings and the mind of the Buddha. It's theoretical proof (Ichinen Sanzen) is incontrovertable and faith in them will without fail lead to Buddhahood.

The theoretical teachings of the SGI are zuitai teachings because of the lack of emphasis they place on the Lotus Sutra. The theoretical teachings of Nichiren Daishonin which place strong emphasis on the Lotus Sutra are zuijii teachings that never fail to lead to Buddhaood. The Parable of the Poor Son is an example. This parable is perfectly clear. The wealthy father is the Eternal Buddha Shakyamuni and we are his son. The father never forgets his son although we forget our father. With patience and perseverence our father, the Eternal Shakyamuni, guides us to the truth and we will obtain that which we least expect.

>There have been several really good experiences posted by SGI members
>over the past several months, and i haven't even seen ALL the
>messages that have been on the group. You've got part of MY
>experience right here; what i have realized and seen as a result of
>my practice with the SGI. Others have posted great stuff, and I think
>that it goes pretty much unrecognized by you. That attitude is one of
>the ways that I can tell that whatever you teach and study about
>historical issues in Nichiren's Buddhism, doctrine, etc., isn't
>bringing anyone closer to enlightenment. Perhaps in some indirect way
>of course, someday. This stuff which you so concerned with is dead to
>me. It reeks of death. I cannot really state it any more clearly
>than that. It is my 'religious intuition.'

Since the many "good" experiences posted by SGI members are not based on the teachings of the Eternal Buddha and Nichiren, they are no different than experiences posted by Christians. That's why they are unrecognized Talking about dead or deadly teachings in the same breath as Nichiren's teachings is another example of your distorted religious intuition (perception). It is tantamount to slander. You have clearly demonstrated that it is the SGI that destroys the Buddha seeds and it is we who cultivate them for posterity.

They confuse arrogance, conceit, and false confidence, for sincerity and wisdom.

I had already left the SGI for about 6 months or a year in 1996 but I had not left all my SGI baggage behind. My very sincere wife [who is alive today because we left the SGI] bought a beautiful statue of Shakyamuni Buddha in Chinatown. She was so proud of her find. The moment I saw it, I freaked. I told my wife in no uncertain terms that she would have to throw out the statue as we couldn't have it in the house. I told her to give me the statue and I would dispose of it. She immediately grabbed the statue and carried it around like a baby for half a day. A few days later I learned that many Nichiren sects have statues of Shakyamuni Buddha either enshrined with the Gohonzon or by themselves. It has been inside my altar since then. Subsequently I learned that Nichiren carried around a statue of Shakyamuni Buddha for nearly 20 years until his death which he even enshrined and prayed to when he was in exile. Also, Nichiren himself taught in his second most important treatise that attachments are bad, even attachments to the Perfect Teaching of the Lotus Sutra. The SGI mentor and leaders only get away with their BS teachings because the low life conditioned and unlearned members take their arrogance, conceit, and false confidence, for sincerity and wisdom.

They would admonish Nichiren Daishonin himself for asking [and answering] so many questions.

"All these questions makes me think that you are not actually interested in attaining enlightenment. You are putting a lot of energy into not chanting." -- Julian SGI member

" I Nichiren have inscribed my life in sumi ink"

Nichiu destroyed Nichiren's life when he carved the camphor plank DaiGohonzon, thus obliterating the sumi ink.

SGI has forgotten the principle of humility

SGI member: You are personifying the Law. This is a grave error.
Response: One of the Three Bodies of the Buddha IS a personification. In a sense, we are all personifications of the Mystic Law but special reverence was accorded Shakyamuni Buddha by the Daishonin. To such an extent did Nichiren Daishonin accord Shakyamuni Buddha special reverence that he embodied the Eternal Shakyamuni Buddha's life and land in an Object of Worship. Humility is a part of Buddhism but I think you and Ikeda have forgotten this. I also remember the SGI series of videos, "I am Myoho renge kyo". You are Myoho renge kyo but you would deny the teacher of Myoho renge kyo, Shakyamuni Buddha, his rightful place? Ikeda is a hypocrite and more lacking of gratitude than the roe deer.

Reply to Lady Myoshin

"It is the Dharma which is such that, when you keep this mandala about your person, then even as warriors guard a king, as a parent loves its child, as fish rely on water, as plants and trees long for rain, and as birds rely on trees, so all the Buddhas, gods, and so on will gather together to guard you, guarding you day and night like shadows. You should believe and use it with care."

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Hindu cruel tradition

Both Nikken and Ikeda are archenemies of Shakyamuni Buddha and Nichiren Daishonin

SGI says Nikken resides in the Worlds of Animality and Anger. Nichiren Shoshu says he resides in the World of Buddhahood. Nichiren Shoshu teaches that Daisaku Ikeda resides in the realms of Animality and Anger and SGI asserts he resides in the realm of Buddha.

How can we judge who is correct, if only one or the other is correct, or if both are wrong? Nichiren Daishonin teaches that it is very difficult to determine the reality of even mundane matters. How much more difficult the reality and portants of those pertaining to the Lotus Sutra and Buddhism. In the Opening of the Eyes, Nichiren teaches that those who follow in the footsteps of the votaries of the Lotus Sutra, Tientai, Dengyo, and Nichiren himself, are those capable of judging such matters. In the Selection of the Time, he teaches that we must borrow the "eye of the Buddha", and the "Sun of the Buddha" [Lotus Sutra] in order to judge teachings, doctrines, and individuals. In light of the Lotus Sutra, both of them are archenemies of Buddhism.

"Do you [SGI member] really mean to slander Nichiren in this way?" by Mark Herrick?

SGI member: "That is, all of you who spread negativity here are NOT immune to cause and effect. In focusing all of your energy toward attempting to make the SGI look bad, you are not only displaying your own desperation and insecurity, but you are digging your own graves.

None of us here needs to spend the time "debating" with you; your life conditions speak for itself, and you will be your own downfall. 
Mark Herrick Responds: 1. Nichiren said some very negative things about other people's practice and faith, making them look bad, attacking their heretical the Rissho Ankoku Ron for example. Was Nichiren displaying his "own desperation and insecurity" or "digging his own grave?"

2. Nichiren took the time to debate and answer the questions of a LOT of people who sought answers from him, what do you think most of the Gosho letters are all about? Read all of the "Q & A" Goshos for many examples, and be grateful he took such time and care in "debating."

3. Nichiren had an extremely harsh life-condition, he admits that in his writings. He was persecuted, was virtually homeless, was exiled, was beaten and abused, and was almost be-headed! Does his life condition "speak for itself?" the "Ho'on Sho" contains several examples of Nichiren's "life condition".

So, Nichiren was obviously not immune to cause and effect. Based on your above assertions, Nichiren was his "own downfall." do you really mean to slander Nichiren in this way?
SGI member: The only place you have a voice is in this newsgroup, which explains a lot. Nobody knows who you are because you hide away and refuse to associate with anyone who is not in your fold and don't contribute anything positive to society. When you finally are given a voice in a place like this, you blow it by displaying your low life conditions! 
Mark Herrick: This is amazing, that you are so psychically gifted to know our lives so well! You cannot possibly know the life-conditions of a votary of the LS, unless you yourself are a votary. You have no idea of who any of us associate with, how we practice, or what we contribute to society. I could understand if you had actually asked us about our lives, but you are making pure assumptions here. When you ASSUME......well, you know how that goes.

If we follow the logic of your words, Nichiren really "blew it" by displaying his "low life condition," didn't he? He admitted to slandering the Law of the Lotus Sutra in previous lives. Why he even stated that he must have murdered practitioners of the Lotus Sutra in a previous life!
SGI member: Anyway, all that said, I don't see much point in "debating" with anyone here, in case anybody is wondering what the heck happened to me. 
Mark Herrick: I'm very grateful that Nichiren, when faced with the hoardes of heretics and slanderers during his life, didn't say "I don't see much point in 'debating' with anyone here." If he had, we would not have this Buddhism to practice!! Nichiren had the courage to take on the Emperor, the lords, the landholders, the priests of other temples, anyone who opposed him... We would do well to humble ourselves and follow as closely in his footsteps as we can.

Nichiren Daishonin's bones and the degenerate Nichiren Shoshu and Nichiren Shu

The Nichiren Shoshu claims to have Nichiren Daishonin's bones yet the Nichiren Shu sells admission to their ossuary [columbarium] on Minobu that they claim contains Nichiren Daishonin's bones.* Were the latter true, that means the Nichiren Shu low lives dug up Nichiren Shonin's bones in order to sell admission tickets. Were the former true, the Nichiren Shoshu low lives dug up Nichiren's bones to bring them back to Taisekeji to prove their orthodoxy. Either way, someone is lying and both are degenerates.

* Note...They both claim "bones", not ashes. Were their claims, "ashes" it could be because relics in Buddhism are often distributed among the various heirs. Were this true, it would disprove the Nichiren Shoshu fake transfer documents. It is doubtful that his relics were distributed since Nichiren stated that his remains are to be buried at Minobu

Right this way folks


Taisekiji, the main temple of Nichiren Shoshu, is abundant in treasures.

Among these treasures, there is an especially mysterious one, the *Onikuge*, a tooth of Nichiren Daishonin. He himself pulled a tooth which had become loose, and gave it to his favorite disciple. A tiny bit of flesh that still adhered to the root of the tooth has grown larger for the past 660 years and now, almost the whole surface of the tooth is covered with flesh. Unbelieveably, this is a living tooth.

Since the *Onikuge* is thus a mysterious and valuable treasure, it is not customarily shown except on special occasions. However, in recent times, it was opened to the view of all worshippers on the 700th anniversary of Nichiren Shoshu, 1952, and at the ceremonies of Odaigawari (ritual ceremony for the installation of the High Priest), held in 1957 and 1960. At the 1960 ceremony, 200,000 worshippers, including medical specialists and physiologists, were permitted to have the honor of seeing it from a distance of 20 inches, and they were deeply impressed with its dignity, for the *Onikuge* looks alive and shines with a pearly luster.

There is nothing in the world more mysterious than this sacred *Onikuge*. It tells us without speaking, the dignity of Buddhism and the mystery of life.

...from the Nichirenshoshu Sokagakkai - 1960

Happy Thanksgiving

Soka Gakkai members are Daisaku Ikeda's ATM

The Weekly Post - Jan. 11 - Jan. 17, 1996

Japan-Heaven for a Religious Group But Danger for Country's Politics

Moved by an enormous amount of concern of Japanese people about a series of horrifying murders committed by a Japanese extremist cult sect, Aum Shinrikyo, last year, Japanese politicians have been fiercely arguing the issue of religious groups for new legislation.

However, their argument is not about the issue of Aum sect, but the involvement of religious groups in politics. The Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) which governed Japanese politics for almost four decades until their defeat in the 1993 election, took full advantage of increasing outrage of Japanese public toward Aum. They wasted no time in shifting the nation's attention to attack Sokagakkai which is the most powerful religious organization in Japan and possesses a significant amount of influence over Japanese politics.

Sokagakkai was established in 1930 and in 1960, when Mr. Daisaku Ikeda became the leader, Sokagakkai expanded its size of followers very rapidly and evolved quickly to the largest religious organization in Japan.

Sokagakkai has its own representative political party called the Clean Government Party (CGP) which has become one of the most important components of the New Frontier Party (NFP), the largest powerful opposition party against the ruling coalition including LDP.

The New Frontier Party is headed by Ichiro Ozawa, a most convincing rival of the Prime Minister Ryutaro Hashimoto of LDP, and the political power game between two parties has accelerated the stormy argument over the issue of religious groups in Japan.

The Sokagakkai has about 12 million followers in Japan as well as abroad, and their voting is significantly important in Japanese elections. Sokagakkai's Clean Government Party accounts for 52 members in the total number of 170 of the New Frontier Party in the Lower House which has decision power over the Upper House.

A money machine for collecting big cash

The Sokagakkai's power is important also in money. It is estimated that Sokagakkai's total revenue reached $2 billion in 1995-less than those of normal years which recorded $2.5 to $3 billion. The largest chunk of their $2 billion came from the collection of annual dues of their followers.

At 12:00 a.m. on the New Year's Day, Sokaggakai starts their ceremonies at their temples across the country to celebrate the new year. During their three days ceremony, about 3.5 million followers come to these ceremonies and make financial contribution at the entrance of their "temples" where they find an envelope to enclose their donation. On an average, they contribute $50 each, which means about $150 million in total. It is a money machine for collecting big cash.

No receipts are issued to these contributors. It may create opportunities for some local officers to embezzle these funds and for the Headquarters to use these monies for purposes which cannot be made public. No government authority checks for what purposes these monies are spent. No one, other than high ranking leaders of the organization, knows where the money goes.

Segregation between religion and politics

It is a well-known fact, in various forms and ways, Sokagakkai spends money directly or indirectly for their political purposes. The Japanese constitution dictates the segregation between religion and politics and does not allow any religious groups to practice their authoritative power over politics. Also, Japanese tax laws which were structured under the U.S. guidance, prohibit religious groups' movements for organizing political groups, legislative activities, election campaigns and even using their facilities for political activities.

Of course, there are polemics in interpreting the constitution among politicians. They interpret it in favor of their own political convenience. Even in LDP, there are some politicians who want to restore their friendly ties with Sokagakkai. Former Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone is one of them.

It is more obvious than ever that Sokagakkai's no tax status privilege for a non-profit religious organization must be in serious question. Considering their handling of finance and the accounting book as well as their degree of involvement in national politics, if Sokagakkai were in the U.S.. they would have lost, a long time ago, all the privileges given to a non-profit religious group. -Atsushi Mizoguchi