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Sunday, November 30, 2014

SGI members like Pavlov's dogs?

"Last few years I've been extremely busy and was not able to attend many "gaktivities". I was considered to be a "weak" member, whatever the hell that meant. In addition, whenever I tried to stir any discussion towards Buddhist doctrine, I was  diagnosed with "Sharihotsu Syndrome" (actual put-down by Gakkaites) and was considered "arrogant". 

On the other hand, a "strong" member is someone who is always at the SGI Community Center, devoting all their time and effort to Gakkai - but whose understanding of Buddhism may be close to ZERO. I know quite a few of such individuals who, when doing activities are all teeth-from-ear-to-ear. The same individuals are quite disfunctional and miserable in their private lives. Of course, they'll keep going back to their "gaktivities", for a fix of "happiness", just like Pavlov's dogs." -- Bo 

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