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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

SGI leaders inwardly despise their father and disregard their mother

No individual or group has ever slandered the Law (Myoho renge kyo) more than Daisaku Ikeda and the Soka Gakkai. They are even greater slanderers than Mahadeva and his followers. That is why their dreams remain unfulfilled, their understanding shallow, and their practice base. I have given dozens of examples of the misfortune of their leaders and members both individually and collectively. Not aware that these terrible, untimely, and untoward events are happening to them as retribution in this present life for their slander of the Lotus Sutra, Shakyamuni Buddha, and Nichiren Daishonin, they continue to make the same mistakes over and over again.

Their hatred of me is particularly perverse but understandable. They are absolutely powerless to defeat me either in debate or in an actual proof challenge, such as a Buddhist rain challenge. Hatred is the world of Hell.

Since I foresaw that these difficulties from the SGI would occur, I resolved that, whatever they might say or do to me, I would not bear any hatred towards them. They mistake my compassion to point out their faults as hatred. This is more actual proof that their faith and practice is bereft of benefit, the benefit of seeing clearly.

The SGI says that they highly respect Nichiren. Incredulously they ask, how could I ever say that they hate Nichiren? They hate Nichiren because they change his teachings and destroy his life's work of spreading faith in the Lotus Sutra and reverence for Shakyamuni Buddha. Never forgetting that the Gohonzon exists in the heart, ostensibly, they take Buddha Shakyamuni out of the Gohonzon and replace him with Daisaku Ikeda, an unenlightened worldling. Sensei Ikeda is in the heart of every last SGI leader and member while Shakyamuni Buddha and even Nichiren Daishonin is an afterthought. Nichiren states: "Hell is in the heart of a person who inwardly despises his father and disregards his mother."

Their father is Shakyamuni Buddha and their mother is the Lotus Sutra. They disregard the teachings of the Lotus Sutra [except those that suit Daisaku Ikeda]. They inwardly despise their father Shakyamuni Buddha, calling him the "Easter Bunny" or "the Buddha of the harvest" while groveling before Daisaku Ikeda. They are ill. They are the Buddhas sick children and they are therefore my sick children. I will continue to prescribe the good medicine of the Lotus Sutra to them so that even their scorched seeds will sprout.


  1. once again..........great work dr, mark.

  2. This link has a few quotes from Greg a few days ago...

    Quotes from Greg:

    "We don't like or respect (sick children)"

    "Who would possibly respect a (sick child)?"

    Greg doesn't explain who "we" is, but as a member of the Lotus Sutra Society, I assume he is speaking for everyone in their organisation.

    Luckily we have the LSS's compassionate Dr. Mark on call to cure us.

    Unfortunately, in our deluded state, the SGI members mistake Dr. Mark's reference to President Ikeda as "Daisicko" and "Dai$aku" as hatred rather than compassion.

    1. Ikeda Buddhist,

      Nichiren has said such things as cutting off heads and burning down temples of those that he considers as being slanderers of the Law and how people hated him for what he said. I can see how history is repeating itself in the way that you are judging Mark for the way in which he chooses words to express his disapproval for your mentors past behaviour. There are many instances in the Gosho like what I'm showing in which Nichiren says, that you would probably consider to be name calling

      "When I met with Hei no Saemon on the eighth day of the fourth month, he questioned me about various matters and, in the course of the discussion, asked when the Mongols would launch their invasion.

      “They will come this year,” I replied. “And with regard to that, there is no one who can save Japan but Nichiren! If you want to save the nation, you should cut off the heads of the Nembutsu, Zen, and Precepts priests in Japan and expose them to view on Yui Beach. But I suppose it is too late for that now.

      “Everyone thinks that I am simply intent upon speaking ill of the Nembutsu teachers and the Zen and Precepts priests. But these people are of little consequence. It is the True Word school with its evil doctrines that is putting a terrible curse upon this fair country of Japan! The Great Teacher Kōbō and the Great Teacher Jikaku were misled by these teachings and have brought this country to the brink of ruin. Though a country may be destined to be destroyed in two or three years anyway, if the ruler has the True Word priests offer up prayers for its safety, it will be attacked before a year or even half a year is out!” These are the things I told him.

      Being so fiercely hated merely for trying to give advice that would save the country, I suppose that, when I was pardoned from exile, I should have left Sado and hidden myself somewhere far off amidst the mountains or by the seashore. But instead I went to Kamakura, because I hoped to explain the situation one last time to Hei no Saemon, and thereby save those people who might manage to survive an attack on Japan. After offering my admonition, I knew I should remain no longer in Kamakura, and so I set off, letting my feet carry me where they would. And since you were on the way, I thought how much I would like to see all of you once more, even though it might be an imposition. But though the thought came to me a thousand times, I struggled with my own feelings, and in the end I passed you by".

      (Reply to Takahashi Nyudo)

      Even if I, Yorimoto, should compare the priest Ryōkan to a mosquito, a gadfly, or a toad, because such assertions are clearly based on the sutras, you would have no reason to find fault with me.

      (The Letter of Petition from Yorimoto)

    2. Look what Lord Shakyamuni Buddha says about Devadatta

      A second time Devadatta made the same proposal and received the same answer. When he made the proposal for the third time, the Blessed One said, “I would not hand over the Sangha of monks even to Shariputra and Maudgalyayana. How should I do so to such a wastrel, a clot of spittle, as you?”

      Then Devadatta thought: “Before the public, including the king, the Blessed One has disgraced me with the words ‘clot of spittle’ and praised Shariputra and Maudgalyayana.” He was angry and indignant. He paid homage to the Blessed One and departed, keeping him on his right. Now this was his first grudge against the Blessed One.” (Ibid, p. 258)

      This strong condemnation and even insult coming from the Buddha is quite shocking. One can easily understand why Devadatta might bear a grudge after being publicly insulted in front of the Sangha and even King Bimbisara. Even if one takes the position that this incident is a story that arose after the death of the Buddha in order to vilify the schismatic Devadatta and his followers, it still seems to be so far out of character that one wonders how anyone could have attributed such words to the Buddha. And yet, there is a discourse in which the Buddha’s rivals used this and later condemnations of Devadatta against him. Prince Abhaya, another son of King Bimbisara though not an heir, was a follower of Nirgrantha Jnatiputra, the founder of the Jains. According to the Abhayarajakumara Sutta, Nirgrantha Jnatiputra made the following request to Prince Abhaya:

      You should ask Dr. Mark if he could kindly compile you a list of the words that your Mentor has used to describe those that he doesn't approve of over the years and you'll see that Shakyamuni, Nichiren and Mark are quite tame in their expression compared to him.

      You have been using these words of Dr. Mark's reference to President Ikeda as "Daisicko" and "Dai$aku" as hatred rather than compassion just as Buddha’s rivals used condemnations of Devadatta against him

  3. Thanks Noel! I think "Nichiren" Buddhist will not be in the SGI forever. He spends too much time with his true friends in the dharma or is he part of the SGI-UK internet committee? Either way, the good influences here will impart and elevate his consciousness and understanding. Of this I am certain.

  4. Hope you are well Noel and live a very long and happy life.

  5. "If the source is muddy, the stream will not flow clear; if the body is bent, the shadow will not be straight." -- Nichiren

    Thanks Mark and same with you. Shakyamuny's Lotus Sutra,the writings of Nichiren Daishonin, the complete and final Nichiren's authentic Gohonzon/s, the off line and online Sangha,(friends of the dharma) the Buddha way becomes clear

    Gassho NMHRGK x3