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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Old Man Marvin

I gave Old Man Marvin the rescue parrot away to my friend Shelley. Old Man was a sad 35 year old Quaker Parrot who lost his human mother. He would mope around all day, never standing straight up, or talking, like a hunched over old man. Shelley is the wife of my shakubuku, Redneck Ed. The moment she walked into the room, Old Man Marvin perked up and began to laugh, standing straight up and even rolling on the floor of his cage laughing and not for a minute or two but for ten or fifteen minutes. The more Shelley talked to him the more he laughed and cavorted. He is now one happy parrot but he hates Ed. When Ed goes to pick him up, Old Man Marvin tells him "F-you" and when Ed isn't looking, he turns around and sprays him with bird poo. I think he is one jealous parrot. Ed is trying to teach Old Man Namu Myoho renge kyo so he can change his karma.

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