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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Throw out all of Josei Toda's writings on the DaiGohonzon

"The natural power of human beings is very weak. No matter how hard one tries to live one's own life in one's own way, in the end one is easily influenced by others and by external factors....I believe that to make one's life its strongest, most brilliant and happiest, there is no way but to live the Buddhism of ichinen sanzen [a single life-moment possesses three thousand realms] and the mutual possession of the ten worlds. This is the ultimate philosophy that Nichiren Daishonin delivered to the vast universe more than seven hundred years ago. He perceived people's ignorance of this profound principle and bestowed upon them the gem of ichinen sanzen so that they could attain the state of happiness. This gem of ichinen sanzen is nothing other than the Dai-Gohonzon that he inscribed...."(Buddhism in Action, vol. 7, pp. 107-08)

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  1. Especially his Lectures on the Sutra that has dozens of references to the DaiGohonzon. I love the original Human Revolution where Toda prostrates on the ground in front of the DaiGohonzon and apologizes for his misdeeds,