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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

"If one associates with and is friendly with evil persons, one is bound in time to become an evil person oneself." -- Nichiren

"IF one does not touch the sleeping lion, one will suffer no anger. If one does not plant the pole in the stream, one will raise no waves. And if one does not reproach those who slander the Law, one will undergo no hardship.

“If even a good monk sees someone destroying the teaching and disregards him, failing to reproach him . . .” If you have no qualms about the word “disregard,” then all may be fine for you at present, but you may be certain that later you will fall into the hell of incessant suffering!

That is why the Great Teacher Nan-yüeh in his Four Peaceful Practices states: “If there should be a bodhisattva who protects evil persons and fails to chastise them, thereby prolonging evil, bringing distress to good people, and destroying the correct teaching, then such a person is no true bodhisattva. Before others he puts a lying face upon his behavior, always insisting that ‘I am practicing the virtue of forbearance!’ But when his life comes to an end, he will fall into hell along with those evil persons.”

And the Ten Kinds of Wheels Sutra says: “If there are slanderers of the Law, one should not dwell with them nor draw near them. If one draws near them and dwells with them, one will be bound for the Avīchi hell.”

If one enters a grove of sandalwood trees, though one may not even touch the trees, one’s whole person becomes imbued with their scent. And similarly, if one draws near to those who slander the Law, the good roots that one has gained through religious practice will be totally destroyed and one will fall with the slanderers into hell. That is the reason volume four of The Annotations on “Great Concentration and Insight” says: “Though one may not be evil to begin with, if one associates with and is friendly with evil persons, one is bound in time to become an evil person oneself, and one’s evil reputation will spread throughout the world.”

"We were shut down"

"I can remember years ago - early 90's - the women in my district would meet a couple times a month for some incredible spirited talks about anything and everything. We would have book reviews that had great meaning to us and almost all the books were non-buddhist! I miss those times. We were shut down. The only thing that we were allowed to talk about was Ikeda and his writings. For me that was the beginning of the end. When I go to a meeting now it has nothing to do with buddhist teaching. I think people are starving for heart to heart conversations. The SGI says that's what we do, but only if the heart to heart is SGI and Ikeda talk. I know I'm hungery for some intelligent heart felt conversations where NO ONE feels threaten to speak what is in their heart. The format that the SGI has does not address a true expression of the human heart. It's too militaristic." -- Redrose 

Yup. Back in my old district years ago, we could decide a subject for the discussion meetings from secular stuff, then relate it with the SGI Buddhist stuff, if that explains it right. A better way of putting it is we did not have to use the "Discussion Points" from the WT month after month. Like with Redrose's experience, we had great times and fulfilling, inspiring meetings. 

Yes, now it is only from the WT/President Ikeda's guidance that discussion meetings can be based on. Anything else is verboten and shut off. There are no heart-to-heart dialogues in the SGI, unless you are contemplating "totally understanding Sensei's heart and making it your own". When you feel what's in your heart to be shared will be/has to be censored continually--there's that ol' fear factor again. P.I. always talks about how "true freedom" is found in practicing SGI Buddhism. Really, Sensei?" -- Shavoy

Clueless are they

In 1979 I was talking to a top young woman's division leader who was sure that thanks to the SGI there would be no more nukes within ten years. I tried to educate her about geopolitical realities, the SALT agreement, bubble economies, the role of militarism, and the fundamental nature of man's greed, anger, and stupidity. All she had to say was, "You will see. Thanks to SGI and Sensei, within ten years, there will be no more nukes." Then she impugned my faith. 

Too bad too sad

"The members were especially wowed by the Cyrstal Ship Chandelier hanging in the lobby." -- Report on SGI YMD training course in Japan

They should have been wowed by Nichiren's Daishonin's hut on Mount Minobu or the site of the great persecution at Tatsunokuchi beach. Too bad SGI members are never guided to the important sites of Nichiren Daishonin's life.

"They are all beyond excited with every experience and opportunity to seek Sensei"

Sent to all zone 4D leaders in West) 

Date: Mon, Apr 16, 2012 at 8:44 AM 
Subject: April 2012 Training Course Day 1 

There are 17 members from SGI-USA on this April 2012 Training Course. This is an historic training course with participants from the islands in the Pacific and in the Caribbean: 5 from Hawaii, 1 from Guam, 2 each from Puerto Rico and St. Maarten, 1 each from Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago and Curacao. Some of the members in the Caribbean actually traveled over 24 hours in total to reach Japan!! With great pride, members from each island brought a stone from their country which will be placed among the stones of the 192 SGI countries in the new SGI Central HQ building!! 

We began the first day of activities at the SGI HQ with an inspiring message from Sensei. He said in part: "The SGI is now welcoming a new era of kosen-rufu with a groundswell of capable Bodhisattvas of the Earth emerging from every corner of the world...Towards the centennial of the founding of the Soka Gakkai and the completion of the new Central Headquarters in 2013, let us seek out and foster many individuals of ability and build a solid, Soka castle of capable people in your respective countries." 

Afterwards, we did Gongyo with SGI General Director Oba, he shared that on April 4th, Sensei had been taking photographs of the different kinds of cherry blossoms. Later in the day, the island participants were so fortunate to each receive a photograph of these cherry blossoms. Mr. Oba spent time conversing with each participant, asking in detail about their lives and their struggles for kosen-rufu in their own countries. It was moving to hear from each participant about their unique activities in their homelands. 

In the afternoon, the MD and YMD were able to have an in-depth question and answer session with Soka Gakkai Vice President Yoshihara. The WD and YWD met with SGI Vice WD leader Ms. Morimoto and also got a special surprise visit from Mrs. Hachiya. Their session was supposed to last only one hour but due to the great seeking minds of the participants, the session lasted almost 3 hours!! The WD leaders truly gave their all to encourage the visiting members. 

Most of the participants have never been to Japan and attended an SGI Training Course. They are all beyond excited with every experience and opportunity to seek Sensei and make an eternal bond with him while here in Japan. 

Thank you very much, 
From the April 2012 Training Course! 

SGI has no core principles

"I remember brainwashed gakkai members literally shedding tears over the beauty of the Nikken gohonzons, admiring the powerful calligraphy, then later, after the split, those same people looking at the same gohonzon with the same scorn as if they were casting their eyes upon used sheets of toilet paper. With a wave of the magical gakkai arm, they changed gohonzons (declaring which ones had "power" and which ones didn't), changed gongyo, changed the prayers and relegated the dai gohonzon to subsidiary status. Such shortsighted chutzpah was the beginning of the meltdown. It was indeed sheer stupidity. 

It's pretty clear that the gakkai cult will say anything to make the winds blow in the direction that they desire and to justify whatever it is that they wish to do. There are no core principles to which they adhere and respect, they simply wing it, frivolously changing with the times."  -- Hitch

SGI cultspeak translated

"Isn't Joe Shmoe leader GREAT!" = Act like him or her 

"Ichinen" = Bust your butt for SGI 

"A true disciple of Sensei" -- An absolute unabashed Ikedabot 

"What would Sensei do" -- Don't think for yourself 

"Victory or defeat. Buddhism is win or lose." = Bust your butt for SGI 

"Follow no matter what" -- No interpretation necessary

"He or she has a strong connection" [to Ikeda/SGI] = good and brainwashed follower 

"He/she has strong faith" = strong faith in the gakkai and Ikeda

"Raise capable people" - raise Ikedabots programmed well enough to recruit other Ikedabots.

"Maintain a high life condition." = Act as if you are delighted with everything SGI, even if you're not. 

"Be the change you wish to see (in SGI)" - Don't expect us to change -- if you don't love the organization, you have a bad attitude and you need to change; shut up.

One of Daisaku Ikeda's young American friends

One of my first experiences with the obsession with Ikeda's lame writing was back in the early 80's when they were pushing REALLY HARD for the ymd to memorize the poem "To My Young American Friends." I never did, simply because I couldn't stand the thing. I never understood how others could get up at meetings and recite such drivel from memory ("YOU! YOUTH! OOOOHHHH YOUTH!!") with tears flowing down their faces. I remember thinking that it was all way over the top and cuckoo for cocoa puffs. Nope, I was never a fan of any of his works. I think the guy's an insecure pretentious hack and the people fawning over it are not in their right minds. -- Hitch

I too tried to memorize it, at the insistence of Vice General Director David Kasahara. Only one of my friends and fellow YMDs succeeded. He was propped up at more than several meetings to recite it, to the rousing cheers and applause of the brainwashed Ikeda groupies. Funny, he appears to be the least happy and successful of all my friends who I knew growing up. He actually thought and stated many times that he was going to be a senator. Why? Because he could memorize and recite Daisaku Ikeda's poem? Craziest thing, he couldn't get above a C- on a college english course but he could memorize 200 lines of Ikeda's drivel word for word. I write this not to deprecate him. He could be loads of fun and is a source of some of my fondest memories. I write this to show the lie of the Soka Gakkai which promises its members that all their desires will be fulfilled if only they embrace the oneness of mentor and disciple. Certainly, no one I know embraced Ikeda more than he, and not one of his great wishes has come to fruition. 

What does the Fukushima ice wall have in common with the SGI?


Going Clear in the SGI

To protect themselves and the mentor [from lawsuits?], in their public guidances, they relay Ikeda's guidance to get plenty of rest and to use common sense but during the actual activities of the young men's division, everyone is pressured to do more and sleep less. -- Nichijew

Things are indeed different "off-the-record" within this cult. If you ever did try to invoke Ikeda's "official" guidance, you're treated like sh**, home visited, and manipulated to get with the program and do more (even if the rest of your life and family are falling part, which in the warped mind of the cult is even more reason to practice harder, "double, even triple your efforts"). It's a vicious cycle and it eventually breaks people in different ways. And for those it doesn't break, I can think of a dozen examples of people I know who are still practicing and have horrible intractable personal problems of the kind that ultimately cannot be squared with their years of practice - except in their own delusional minds. -- Hitch

"I saw enough fang to convince me something was wrong with these people."

Somewhere in these pages I believe I mentioned having lunch with some women's division members who were cold and stone-faced toward the very friendly woman working and taking the order at the counter. This woman was probably in her late 40's and part of that business for a while, or maybe the owner, rather than a smiling worker for hire, so her "ichinen" if I dare call it was natural and comforting. She was trying to engage us in conversation but these Gakkai leaders were not making eye contact and kept their mouths drawn down. I guess this woman wasn't neutral or expressing suffering so the shakabuku feelers didn't come out. It was total disdain in the body language of these SGI women. I mouthed a silent "sorry" to this woman who looked distressed at these subtle and overt displays of disrespect. (She still tried to let her genuine smile and joy of life shine through). These SGI women were normally very smily and almost giggley with members. You would have to be there, but I know it didn't feel right. I saw enough fang to convince me something was wrong with these people. -- Rattyboy

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Re: Soka Gakkai International -- SGI
Posted by: Hitch ()
Date: March 27, 2012 09:39AM

I bet if that restaurant worker had expressed an interest in attending a meeting or learning about nmrk, they would have done a 180 in their demeanor. (Incidentally, if you ever fall out with some of these people, you'll be on the receiving end of the same behavior in the blink of an eye. I speak from experience.) 

In America, the worst offenders were by far the WD and to a lesser degree, the YMD. The Men's Div. were always pretty cool and normal with me. In Japan, however, it's ALL divisions. I was once making my way to a kaikan in a very busy city and the shortest, quickest route was thru a different sect's temple area. The Japanese YMD who I was with, I thought was going to practically spit on some of the people he encountered in the same area; needless to say, we wound up walking all the way around - the long way - and arrived late for our meeting (late, but still "pure" and "unslanderous"). 

This kind of stuff just isn't sane behavior.

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Re: Soka Gakkai International -- SGI
Posted by: Nichijew ()
Date: March 27, 2012 05:50PM

Interesting but not surprising. For public consumption, it's all interfaith this and interfaith that but in private they disdain other religions and practitioners. Their heads [minds] are split like a lumberjack's log. 

Monday, March 30, 2015

The "great benefit" of visualizing Daisaku Ikeda at the moment of your death

A May SGI Contribution Video I have seen and commentary:

One video given to each District.... I love the Japanese YMD telling about how he didn't even have a bowl of rice before donating his last penny to the SGI and now he's driving a Lexus. I also love how Nathan "Brainwashed" Gaeur and Danny "DON'T YOU THINK SO" Nagashima shill, lie, and cajole to get every last cent out of even the poorest members. Don't forget the tremendous benefit you will receive, a photo thank-you card of Daisaku and Kaneko Ikeda that you can place on your altar. 

Hehe, I think the thank-you card will help you visualize Taisaku [Fat Building] Ikeda at the moment of your death, the goal according to Jeff Krieger SGI-USA Study Chief. WHAT A BENEFIT! I think the members should deeply ponder this and think of Taisaku at the moment of his death. They can remember the dear leader's guidance to be sure to brush their teeth before retiring into the good night. 

Protection is the opposite of hiding the truth

PROTECTION: Word used in SGI leader circles in the sense of "protecting the members from the TRUTH." The original meaning in the Lotus Sutra is, "To protect what the Buddha has entrusted to us", the opposite of hiding the truth. 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

A must read: Two SGI "fortune babies" discuss the SGI

Hitch: I'm just now realizing, SGBye, that we have walked very similar paths. 
SGBye: Even if this stuff is beaten into your head from childhood, there's still hope of getting away relatively unscathed. I officially joined the SGI around 6 months old, learned gongyo (prayers) at 7, and can remember having a photo of Ikeda in my room around that same age. In fact, my first name was actually given to me by Ikeda. I believe it's a fairly common thing in Japan to request Ikeda to name your expected child. I've briefly considered changing my name, but it would be a hassle at this point since I'm well into my thirties.
Hitch: I remember doing gongyo before kindergarten and I grew up in a house with Ikeda's picture hanging up on the wall next to the family bustudan (in fact, it's still there). I've seen all kinds (and I mean ALL KINDS) of members come and go throughout my life and years in the practice. Some are still plugging away at it, no different in the their personal fortunes (some even worse off) and just getting drastically older. 
SGBye: I was very active in the SGI: being in the brassband and doing gymnastics at conventions, shakubuku, various leadership positions. But, even after all of that, I had no problem walking away. It was a combination of seeing deception and corruption with my own eyes, reading plausible things on the Internet, and being turned off by the ever-growing worshipping of Ikeda (the guy who named me!). I don't harbor any ill feelings toward my parents. In fact, I feel kind of sad for them. They've given a lot of their time (and money) to the SGI but are far from living what I would call quality lives in their golden years. So where is all that good fortune they were supposedly building up by fighting for kosen-rufu?
Hitch: I was extremely active as well. My practice grew and grew, climaxing briefly around high school age, then slowly drifting off (with education and critical thinking). They tried to get me to be an HQ leader, but I just as quickly backed out of it, because it coincided with the same time that I was becoming increasingly wary of the organization. My bullsh** meter started to register more & more with time, until I finally called it quits. I just simply walked away and only reengaged when contacted or home v'ed. At one point, I had some things to get out of my system, so I went and saw Mr. Williams and did so. Although I had already been out for quite a while, it solidified everything. I could see things in an entirely different light. It was a like getting an unwelcome glimpse of Mr. Oz behind the curtain. I saw everything CLEARLY thru the eyes of a critical thinking adult; twas not a pretty picture, I'll just say that much. 
SGBye: And then there's my sibling, who is a completely different story from me. My sibling is way into the SGI (and I mean WAY into it). We can't even have a conversation without the SGI or chanting or Ikeda being brought up. And this sibling gets offended if I even say the slightest negative thing about the practice. 
Hitch: Like I said, reading things on the Internet was one of the things that helped me in my decision; a decision I am so glad I made. So I agree that posting this stuff is very important. And a lot of times I just post things straight out of the World Tribune - they aren't transcriptions from any secret SGI meetings. The SGI can't protest - it's all propaganda that they themselves regularly shove down the members' throats (and encourage you to share with others).

I've got a parent who is way beyond off the deep end with the organization, a stark raving nuts gakkai kamikaze soldier. I went thru hell and back growing up with the practice, as a result. I don't really feel too sorry for them, because they are happy and unsane with the practice; if it were removed, they would just become unhappy, unable to cope and probably go entirely insane. I've come to view it as a lesser of two evils, given what I know. So, it is what it is and such is life. Lots of wasted finances, I'll grant you that, but it's what they *wanted* to do and made them happy. 

I knew what the cult was about long before the internet. The internet merely confirmed it all. The only thing that really surprised me was that there were so many others who had been thru the same ringer, especially so-called "fortune babies" who grew up in the practice. In a way, it's kind of refreshing to know that there are others out there who have survived, come out the other end and reclaimed their compass, sanity and lives. 

On that note, a tip of my hat to all of you who managed to make it out, especially to fellow kids (now adults) who through no real choice of their own were *forced* to grow up and be brainwashed in the practice.

“How To Make a World Peace Piggy Bank” -- SGI guidance for children

"I had gotten access to the latest issue of the World Tribune today. Since next month is their all-important May contribution campaign, it was full of reminders about how the members should feel appreciation towards the organization (hint, hint). Most disgusting was the propaganda aimed towards children. Following a 2-page comic strip about giving a contribution was a “How To Make a World Peace Piggy Bank” craft article. In it, they tell kids to find a plastic container and adorn it with construction paper, stickers, etc. And then it said the following: “You can put it by your altar or somewhere in the house where you can fill it up with coins and bills. Watch your bank become filled with appreciation and then make a contribution from your heart!” -- Shavoy 

"Taking Mommy and Daddy’s cash simply isn’t enough for Ikeda. They’re aggressively going after junior’s allowance too!

Boy, oh I glad I didn't renew my subscription. This stuff is beyond gack-worthy. And I'm sure, SGBye, that Ikeda as Master-Mentor abounds on every page as well. 

The SGI is totally an all-inclusive organization. There is no room for "heart-to-heart" dialogue with people of differing minds. And I wonder what will happen to the children in the future? Suspecting mass defection somewhere down the line."-- Hitch

"@Hitch....remember hearing how SGI activities will be "the only golden memories" you will have?? == Shavoy

"Speaking of the money again: What will Ikeda do with the money? You don't see luggage racks on a hearse." -- Shavoy

"Hiromasa is so dull and lacking personality, what else could he do except inherit daddy's billions and accept soon to be posthumous awards for Ikeda? I know, I know, he is a humble teacher who holds a sociology degree. I guess there were too many applicants for the Hachioji college of applied basket weaving and he was rejected. BTW SGBye, thanks for the World Tribune update. Anybody with half a functioning brain who hasn't been completely brainwashed should run, not walk, out the culture centers exits. Instead of AAO, I have a new salute for Ikeda and his top lieutenants, Oink, Oink!!!" -- Hitch

Large donation or 24 hour chant?

"Here's another truth that I can vouch for - if you were a big enough donor, you could even get Rijicho (the general director) to attend your small/select han or district zadankai meeting. A hefty monetary contribution for Kosen Rufu would get quicker and almost instantaneous results than all of the 24 hour daimoku tosos and midnight gongyos that you could ever manage to muster out of sincere faith. Go figure, huh." -- former connected member

"Learn from President Ikeda. He gets this Buddhism." -- Linda Johnson SGI Woman's Division Leader and death sentence prosecutor

If there is one thing about the Soka Gakkai that irked me more than the stupid planning meetings, it was their obsession with claimed "accurate" statistics but which were actually manipulated in a fast and loose manner and their harping on "victory" and "winning". I may have posted this before, if so, please excuse me. It is nearly word for word from an SGI Headquarters and up leaders meeting. my comments are in parenthesis (). 

Tariq Hassan: We just got back from Japan receiving guidance and meeting Sensei. Though it was a hard time with the loss of the LDP and Komeito, Sensei was in high spirits. He gave us tremendous guidance, “When you lose you actually win!”. So very important, the unity of mentor and disciple as we walk alongside our mentor. Sensei said to his Japanese leaders, “please learn from America the spirit of oneness of mentor and disciple”. We met Hiromasa Ikeda and Vice President Hasagawa who said: “facing times of change, how much greater the mission of America. With ever deeper faith in the oneness of mentor and disciple we will protect sensei.” Again, as disciples of President Ikeda let us joyfully advance. We make the mentor proud when we unite wholeheartedly with him. With the Mentor we will always win (does that mean lose? HA HA). Sensei’s guidance was on the importance of statistics and statistics department. I am the head of the statistics department though I didn’t volunteer for this job (joke). There will be monthly statistics meetings for the districts. New form to remove someone from the SGI statistics roll. I will be happy to assist the SGI in doing statistics. In Japan, it takes six months before someone is removed from statistical rolls, signature of district and chapter chief required. 

Linda Johnson: Chant to live up to the mentor. Learn from President Ikeda. He gets this Buddhism. He has never lost (then he has never won?? HA HA sorry to interrupt). Linda J. continues, To manifest your capacity…vital to study Sensei. Send out only Sensei’s encouragment on the internet not your own. Lets learn from the best. Home visit every member. It is the time to teach them about Sensei and how to win (which is really losing???). “Bless her” (Kitty Shapiro who helped her when she was a new member) "hallelujah" [yes, she said hallelujah]. Chant to let me win. (shouldn’t she have said, chant to let me lose which is actually to win?). Then she spoke about the attitude one should have when we chant. Maybe she mentioned the Gohonzon one or two times. Determine that your members will win today. Challenge ourselves to care about the members winning. Never leave a home visit without impressing on that person the oneness of mentor of disciple. This is the eternal formula we must get and teach. To insure through our care that every single member always tap unlimited potential and win we must practice with the spirit of mentor and disciple. Change our lives, the lives of our family, and this country. 

Next, young mens’s division leader Nathan Gauer: Who will uphold Sensei’s legacy? 50th anniversary of his visit to America in July. Culture festivals. Sensei determined to spend the remaining part of his life in America, the country he loves best. Culture Festival for Sensei. REALLY REALLY GREAT (he must be spending too much time with Danny Nagashima) Real short speech. 

Vanissa Shaw national YWD leader, Crest toothpaste girl, actress and Ikeda disciple extroadinaire: ARE YOU READY TO ROCK THE ERA. ROCK THE ERA MEETINGS AND FESTIVALS IN JULY. AMERICA CAPITAL OF MENTOR AND DISCIPLE. “Entire focus, the mentor”. (duh). As Sensei has said always sing a gakkai song during our Rock The Era meetings. Sensei we will create the capital of mentor disciple. 

Keith Beeber student division leader: National direction… shakabuku on college campuses. Since July, 15 universities 200 guests and 35 shakabuku. Carry on the spirit of the oneness of mentor and disciple based on the mentors guidance form student groups. Bring joy to Sensei by warmly embracing our leaders. 

Danny Nagashima (shouting as usual): HELLO EVERYONE ARE YOU HAPPY? THANK YOU THANK YOU VERY MUCH. We did 1984 shakabuku in the month of august, the most in twenty years. We have been waiting for this moment for twenty years. (somewhat surprisingly, muted cheering and clapping). The time has come. We have to create AMERICA WITH YOUTH DIVISION. I’M THIRTY YEARS OLD. EVERYONE IS YOUTH DIVISION. AS LONG AS WE SEEK SENSEI WE CAN REMAIN YOUNG. THE KEY TO VICTORY IS STATISTICS. 70 % increase in membership (I have a bridge to sell you). As a disciple of Daisaku Ikeda,the oneness of mentor and disciple IS THE KEY. We will make exhibits of mentor and disciple. Fifty years since Sensie’s first visit to United States. We are experiencing in America, the great character of Daisaku Ikeda, we are fusing with him. Something genuine is the oneness of mentor and disciple. What is the Genuine meaning of oneness of mentor and disciple? SEEKING SENSEI (Im getting a freaking migraine). Genuine disciple of sensei is never defeated. Ever victorious. Always winning. KANSAI NEVER LOST SINCE 1957. With your bond with sensei you will be ever victorius, EVER VICTORIOS WITH SENSEI (flailing his arms and coming back to his chest), with sensei. SCREAMING AGAIN. YOU BODHISATTVAS TO CREATE EVER VICTORIOUS AMERICA. HOW MUCH CAN WE CREATE THIS KANSAI. KANSAI NEVER LOST SINCE 1957. Orlando Cepeda joke and then 7 points of victory for Kansai. Oneness of mentor and disciple, repeating it again several times. SHOUTING AGAIN: READING GOSHO AND SENSEI’S GUIDANCE; UNITY; FIGHT AGAINST INJUSTICE; LIGHTENING SPEED IN COMMUNICATIONS AND GUIDANCE; ACTION ACTION ACTION; ALWAYS WIN (which means lose?); Last one I didn’t get (BECOME A LION?) BASED ON ONENESS OF MENTOR AND DISCIPLE. 

Comment: Platitudes upon platitudes. 6 mentions of Nichiren Daishonin. >100 mentions of Ikeda. No mention of Shakyamuni. One or, at most, two mentions of the Gohonzon. No mention of the Lotus Sutra. 

Are they winning? That must mean losing HA HA. 

Protect Sensei? The guy’s already got dozens of body guards who will take a bullet for his old self but they want you to protect him all the way from New Jersey. The cult speaks and sometimes SCREAMS! 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Where there is no Lotus Sūtra, there are no Buddhas

Why do all the Buddhas in the entire universe throughout the past, present, and future protect especially the Lotus Sūtra? It is because the Lotus Sūtra is the parent, wet nurse, and master of Buddhas in the entire universe throughout the past, present, and future. They say that frogs feed, hearing the voice of their mothers; if they don’t hear the voice of their mothers, they will not feed and grow up. The Indian lizard called kṛkalāsa eats in the wind; it won't grow if there is no wind. A fish lives in the water, and a bird makes a nest in the tree. Likewise, Buddhas live in the Lotus Sūtra. As the moon's reflection resides in the water, Buddhas reside in the Lotus Sūtra. Therefore, you must remember that where there is no Lotus Sūtra, there are no Buddhas.

- Written on 24th October 1280, at Mt. Minobu
《A Response to My Lady the Nun, Mother of Lord Ueno》
Writings of Nichiren Shōnin

Is it true?

After trashing the Nichiren Gohonzon for eight decades, the Soka Gakkai will now allow the enshrinement of a copy of a Nichiren Gohonzon? What's next, Shakyamuni Buddha as the eternal mentor? 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

An alternate analysis of the Daisaku Ikeda rape allegation

SGI dragging its members into the primal swamp

corboy: About the shitting in ones diapers during mass rallies -- Its a bonding ritual, too as well as a secret, one usually cannot disclose to ones family and acquaintances. Robert Twigger, in his book Angry White Pyjamas, told that the workouts were so harsh at the Yoshinkan Aikdo dojo, that barfing was common. So very common that a protocol was in place. You did not leave the room. Instead, you barfed into your workout clothes and continued to practice kata, which meant you stewed in your own barf and your practice partners got it rubbed in, too. But...Twigger felt able to write about this. Some of the sitting in ones shit may be part of the military/indoctrinational ethos. 

Buddha, so the story goes, had been trained not only as a prince but as a warrior and had practiced harsh bodily austerities only to find that trashing his body did not assist him in waking up. And he did not teach a method of indoctrination, either. 

More about shitting ones pants: Anyone who has been a hard core martial artist, bicycle racer, member of a biker club and yes, combat veterans will know all about this. They wont laugh at you. 

But its something to be kept secret from most civilians. In a perverse way it is a bonding ritual--driven by the afflictive primitive emotions that Buddha did not inflame but instead taught us to apply insight to -- not stir up further. Humans are already primitive enough, without a dictator dragging us further into the primal swamp. 

Bikers: Read that part of the initiation ritual in some clubs is when a newbie has earned his colors (the vest with the club emblem on the back) all the members piss on his new vest. The person who wrote this said its common for bikers to pee in their own jeans without stopping to take a leak. Gotta get used to it, so turn it into part of the intiation ritual. 

During Tour de France, one champion was ill with diarrhea and insisted on riding and shat in his shorts whilst racing. And kept right on. 

From what I have read, shitting and having diarrhea in ones clothes is part of the process during military basic training and in battlefield conditions. Karl Marlantes, in his book, What It Is Like To Go To War, tells how he was desperate to get onto a helicopter and get some much-needed R & R he was entitled to. He and his men had been in Vietnam, in the jungle for weeks, months. US Marine practice means keeping clean and organized, but in the jungle, this was impossible. Some men were so covered in fungal infection that they went naked because doing so was less uncomfortable than wearing underwear which chafed their tortured hides. Marlentes lefted off in the helicopter, and described his own condition - utter filth and his trousers were foul with diarrhea (everyone got sick out there) --and, he confesses, - cum. 

A survivor of the seige of Khe Sanh, Ernest Spencer USMC- ret, wrote in Welcome to Vietnam, Macho Man, that being filthy became a badge of honor. You were a combat soldier, the real deal. SPencer would fly to staff meetings at Da Nang covered in filth and refuse to shower before the meeting. It proved he wasnt a Rear Echelon M****r F****R Part of the contempt Spencer and his Khe Sanh troops had for the Air Force pilots was that the latter were always clean. Real warriors were filth pigs. In the shit meant being in the war zone. So Ikeda and his goons are using those rallies to turn people into shock troops, whether its door to door leafletting or bullying anyone inside the org who has doubts or less than scintillating vitality. 

Me:Brings back memories of my father who was a Master Sgt in the Big Red 1. He told me a story that for forty days and forty nights, he never took off his clothes or his boots because he was either attacking or running away from the enemy day and night. When he took off his boots and outer clothes, his socks and underwear had disintegrated, he had trench foot and sores all over his body, as you describe. 

I would call SGI "army light". Certainly, they are Buddhism lite.

Another reason they are full of Soka Kaka

SGI Code of Conduct for SGI leaders or "Real Buddhas don't need no stinkin' code of conduct."

SGI-USA Code of Conduct for Leaders
In recognition of our shared commitment to spread the Mystic Law
throughout the world for the sake of peace and the happiness of all
humankind; to proudly carry out kosen-rufu activities based on the
spirit of the oneness of mentor and disciple exemplified by the three
founding presidents of the Soka Gakkai; and to resolutely protect the
harmonious unity of the SGI; in recognition of the great opportunity
and responsibility to serve the precious Bodhisattvas of the Earth in
the SGI-USA; in recognition of my mission to nurture the faith of
those entrusted to my care on behalf of SGI President Ikeda; in
recognition of the impact, both positive and negative, that my
behavior can have on the faith and unity of my fellow practitioners; I
am determined to live up to the standards of leadership and highest
standards of conduct as described in the 2008 Leadership Manual, and
agree specifically to:
* Contribute to harmonious unity based on dialogue and respecting
the opinions of others and, in particular, men respecting the opinions
of women;
* Abide by the guidance and activity guidelines of the SGI and
participate in and promote the kosen-rufu activities of the SGI,
including, but not limited to, propagation, publications and

* Study and apply the writings of Nichiren Daishonin and the
guidance of SGI President Ikeda to deepen my faith and 
understanding of Nichiren Buddhism;
* Respect the dignity of each person, neither condoning nor
engaging in discriminatory language and/or behavior toward any member
based on age, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, political
views or any other distinction;
* Refrain from using religious activities to involve the
organization or its members in political activities, recognizing that
I, as an individual, may freely engage in political activities;
* Restrict my leadership role to my assigned organizational
responsibility—not giving direction in organizational matters to
members in other organizational units—and connect members to their
direct organizational leaders and never promote exclusive
relationships between members and any leader, including myself;
* Not use my organizational relationships to promote any personal
business interests or engage in the borrowing or lending of money
among members;*
* Not engage in or condone sexual misconduct;*

* Not violate the privacy and confidentiality of members;* and

* Not engage in any other behavior that disrupts the harmonious
unity of the SGI or disturbs the faith and practice of its members.*

SGI Vice Regional Leader Tim Janakos: "I never heard of the SGI Code of Conduct For Leaders"

Tim Janakos had to have signed it were he actually an SGI leader. But he claims he knew nothing of the Code of Conduct. What else is he lying about? Anyway, were he still a leader, by promoting Energetic Emotional Healing [or whatever is his latest bogus business venture]  to his fellow believers, he has broken his pledge and should be removed from any leadership responsibility. What about the SGI minstrals, Buster Williams, Herbie Hancock, and Wayne Shorter. They tirelessly promote their shtick to SGI members. They are all full of Soka Kaka.

Proof that they did indeed wear adult diapers

"One of the most memorable of these early culture festivals was in Chubu in September, 1982. It was pouring rain and all the organizers got together at 5AM to do morning gongyo. When they finished at 6AM, Sensei turned around to ask the YWD behind him if it was going to stop raining. She didn't know what to say, and Sensei said, "You are merciless. We are not God so we have no way of knowing whether this rain will stop or not, but our prayer should be that it must stop no matter what." Sensei ordered 30,000 towels to put on the ground so it wouldn't be so muddy, and thousands of umbrellas and raincoats. He went to the field very early and said, "Congratulations on this great victory!" Then he went from the first base to the outfield to encourage 20,000 flashcard youth division. They would have to be there for 8 hours awaiting the late afternoon show. For the last 2 weeks they had been controlling their meals so they wouldn't have to go to the bathroom on this day. Still, many of them wore diapers as a precautionary measure since it would be impossible for them to get up once they were seated. Many of them had been inactive members, older teenagers who had showed up with their girlfriends for the first practice. Sensei realized how important it was that they have as good an experience as possible this meetings." -- From a lecture by top senior leader Richard Yoshimachi at the Northern Virginia Community Center in 2001

No! They wore adult diapers?

dragon14: I was in Boston in the late 80s, and as a YMD then, I took a lot of trips to Flushing Meadow in Queens to participate in these same kinds of activities. One time, George Williams made an appearance while we were sweltering in the sun. To this day, the "Ay Ay Oh" stuff also makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck. In a five minute "guidance and encouragement", we'd do that cheer about 15 times, and follow it up with the ever-contrived and practiced-in-advance "let's have a picture with Rijicho!". Those photo ops - argh! - spontaneous my a**! Unlike some contributors who have said they value the time they spent in the SGI even though they're no longer members, I still feel regret at the valuable time I wasted on these cultish activities. 
Hitch: Different part of the country, EXACT SAME "spontaneous" photo ops with Williams. Amazing, isn't it! I regret all the time I wasted with the practice. I value none of it. "Value Creation" society? Not for me. More like "Misery, Mind Games & Energy Draining Cult." SGI = Such Gullible Idiots.
You know, the more I read this mb, the more memories that it brings back. Here's one (I don't know how I forgot this, because they told it so many times)
dragon14: I also recall a time when someone told me (a secondhand account) about Richard Sasaki (the then YMD chief) coming to New York and in some "guidance" telling the YMD that they were "pussies" for not doing more daimoku. It's right in line with what you reference: problems are solved by doing more shakubuku and daimoku, even if the rest of your life suffers from neglect."
Hitch: YD were supposed to be treated like crap (and we were). It was supposed to make you a stronger member - literally. Did they ever tell you, or anybody else, this story? They used to relish in sharing with us, stories about how the Kansai Japanese YD, during their "famous" campaigns, performed in the mud and rain and willingly wore adult diapers so that they wouldn't have to leave the field/stadium/seats for even a moment. That "Kansai Fighting Spirit", with your diapers full, made you a better member. I kid you not. I'm 100% serious. We were told to strive for that same kind of "spirit." The implication was very clear - that if called upon, it would be a honor to sh** our pants for sensei."

I honestly don't know how or why I ever sat thru this kind of stuff (pun intended). If I were to hear this kind of crazy brainwashed nonsense today, I wouldn't hesitate to stand up and leave immediately. Certified crazy idiocy. Like I said before, if I hadn't lived it, I wouldn't believe it myself.
Me: SGI members will call you imbalanced and a liar but it's all true. Reminds me of the female astronaut who drove 1500 miles with a diaper to kill her husband's mistress just so she wouldn't have to stop to go to the bathroom. Who is imbalanced, we or the SGI youth? SGI breeds evil men and women and fosters mental illness.

My recollection of three SGI conventions

The three SGI conventions I went to were: Boston [year?] with that giant photograph of Ikeda next to George Washington and Ben Franklin; New York 1976; and Chicago [1982?]. Despite putting on the biggest parade in New York City history [July 4th] and the non-stop pre and post-parade activities, very few new people joined. 

What I got out of the conventions is, you can take the leaders of SGI out of Japan but not Japan out of the leaders: Lots of walkie talkies; marching; standing in the sun and under the stars; milling around the control center; people movements; "protecting" leaders; chanting to pictures of Ikeda; working up to a hundred hours a week for a month or more in advance, costumes, brass band, shows, fireworks, cheap food, little sleep, rally after rally.... SGI was both militaristic and cult like.

The problem with SGI leaders

The problem with SGI leaders is they come off as if they have attained what they have not. Deluding themselves and others that they can give guidance to those who have serious existential problems such as AIDS, major depression, impending divorce with custody issues, etc, when they themselves have not overcome anything as serious as hemorrhoids. Many are taken in by their new age positive thinking, false bravado, and exaggerated sense of self by virtue of their phony relationship to Ikeda. 

Let's get real. Who is capable of giving life and death guidance in the Soka Gakkai? Danny Nagashima who not only is lazy but who must have had worse grades than Rick Perry? Ethan Gelbaum? Linda Death Sentence Johnson? 

I can think of only two men capable of unerringly imparting sage advice and wisdom to a young mother who suffers from metastatic melanoma, a man who lost his entire family in an auto accident, or to a woman in the throws of a nervous breakdown and one of these men, Shakyamuni Buddha, is rejected by the SGI. In both a religious and secular sense, only Nichiren Daishonin and Shakyamuni Buddha are capable of giving guidance to those in the throws of life's most grievous travails. These men are supposed to be the life coaches in the Soka Gakkai, not some two bit clarinet player or Ikeda bum licker. 

Planting a single seed of doubt

I've helped to convince many people to leave the SGI. I spoke to one person for 5 years until he eventually left the SGI but I don't know how much I actually contributed to his decision or if it was solely due to his own awakening. Other people have thanked me for helping to open their eyes to the true nature of SGI. I've been doing this for so long and I have been read by thousands of people, so I may never know to whom I have made an impact. Its like two ships passing in the night or a distant lighthouse warning of the shoals ahead and sometimes, it's just planting a single seed of doubt.

What goes around comes around

All those who ascribe to the SGI ends justify the means worldview have no compunction about lying, deceiving, backstabbing, and manipulating. Greed and animality propel such men [and women]. They don't really believe in the Law of cause and effect, they couldn't. Since what goes around does indeed come around, they are in for a very very hard time. 

Finding a parking space directly in front of the SGI New York Community Center

In 1996, I set up a table outside the New York Community Center with anti-SGI literature and demanded a meeting with David Kasahara. Many members were interested in what I had to say but 3 YMD's came out and told me to move away from the center or they would call the police. I got into my car which was right in front of the center [hehe I thought only top senior leaders find a parking space directly in front of the New York Kaikan] and told them, "You are cowards and poor disciples of the Buddha of the Modern Age." 

Punishment leads us out of the burning SGI house

Neither the Sutra, writings, nor reason may be enough to overcome one, two, five, ten, twenty, or fifty years of programming. More often than not, it is punishment that leads us out of the burning SGI house. It will come, in this life or the next.

Monday, March 23, 2015

SGI's hero says...

"I like your Buddha, I do not like your Buddhists. Your Buddhists are so unlike your Buddha." -- Ghandi

The nail that sticks up in the SGI gets hammered down.

The nail that sticks up in the SGI gets hammered down. When I lived in Italy, I had been practicing Ikedaism for 10, 11 years. The YMD had weekly Chapter level soccer games. I was 28 years old at the time and had been a soccer goalie in High School. I must have blocked 20 or 30 shots from the other team. The Area or Territory leader who was on our side got mad because the YMD on the other side were getting frustrated. So he actually blocked me from positioning myself when the other side was going for a goal. There is no room for "exceptionalism" in the Ikeda cult herd [except for the exceptionally stupid Ikeda bum kissers], even in a silly soccer game. A more common near daily experience I had was that the higher leaders encouraged us to either purposely give an incorrect answer to a question [if we were answering too many questions correctly] or, if we were called upon, to exclaim that "we don't know", to give another person the chance to answer. It sounds noble but if one is to get ahead, one must be allowed to compete. More importantly, it is a matter of being true to oneself, not ego. They talk about friendly competition and winning but when it comes down to it, they want everyone to be a good little follower, not a winner. I hope that the Ikeda cult members who read this don't lie to themselves that their experience is different and instead take it in the spirit that it is given....Get out of the SGI cult because you know that what we are saying is true. 

Fresh meat by anticult

A point about SGI-USA. Very clearly, their designed mandate, is NOT for many members to be SGI-lifers, as in Japan, for example. 

Its very very clear, that in the USA, SGI came up with a strategy to be able to access a large number of more casual members, where they can just collect dues money. 

SGI-USA also has another level, where they bring in some newbies who are gung-ho for SGI, and then get them to work and slave away for a few years for SGI, then burn out and leave. SGI-USA has many levels of structured membership. 

They are very happy to have those who just give them dues money. Others, SGI-USA is happy to use as a workerbee for some years, and then dump them. 

So its an error to think that SGI-USA wants to only create SGI-lifers with all their members. In fact, they do not want that. 

SGI will only take those it can really control into its inner circles, and doesn't trust most Americans. Ikeda knows ultimately, Americans prefer to think for themselves. 

So the pattern described above, of joining and being Love-bombed by SGI, then being conned into working as a worker-bee for SGI for a number of years, then burning out and quitting...that is part of the design of SGI-USA. They know its better to burn members out, and then discard them, and find fresh meat, as they say. Its like certain corporations that do the same thing, they just churn through entry level staff, and never have to pay benefits. Its the cost of business. 

Same with SGI-USA, they churn members in the same way.

So SGI-USA has a number of levels. 

And just using a member until they burn out, that is a huge part of SGI-USA. SGI doesn't mind, as then it gets rid of any "complainers" and forces SGI-USA to find new people, which these cults think of as "fresh meat"

SGI's pretense of practicing as the Buddha and Nichiren taught

Zen Buddhism and the Soka Gakkai

“The fifth volume of Great Concentration and Insight states, “There is
a type called Zen men, but their masters and disciples are blind [to
the truth] and lame [in practice], and both masters and disciples will
fall into hell.” In the seventh volume we read: “[There are ten ways
necessary for understanding and practicing Buddhism correctly. Of
these, except one], the nine ways have nothing in common with the
ordinary priests of the world who concentrate on the written word, nor
do they have anything in common with the Zen masters who concentrate
on practice. Some Zen masters give all their attention to meditation
alone. But their meditation is shallow and false, totally lacking in
the nine ways. This is no empty assertion. Worthy persons of later
ages who have eyes to see will understand the truth of what I say.” 

The seventh volume of On “Great Concentration and Insight” states: “
‘Priests who concentrate on the written word’ refers to men who gain
no inner insight or understanding through meditation, but concern
themselves only with characteristics of the doctrine. ‘Zen masters who
concentrate on practice’ refers to men who do not learn how to attain
the truth and the corresponding wisdom, but fix their minds on the
mere techniques of breath control. Theirs is the kind of [non-
Buddhist] meditation that fundamentally still retains outflows. ‘Some
Zen masters give all their attention to meditation alone’ means that,
for the sake of discussion, T’ien-t’ai gives them a certain degree of
recognition, but from a stricter viewpoint they lack both insight and
understanding. The Zen men in the world today value only meditation
[as the way to realize the truth] and have no familiarity with
doctrinal teachings. In relying upon meditation alone, they interpret
the sutras in their own way. They put together the eight errors and
the eight winds, and talk about the Buddha as being sixteen feet in
height. They lump together the five components and the three poisons,
and call them the eight errors. They equate the six sense organs with
the six transcendental powers, and the four elements with the four
noble truths. To interpret the sutras in such an arbitrary manner is
to be guilty of the greatest falsehood. Such nonsense is not even
worth discussing.” — The Opening of the Eyes 

SGI members go to toso after toso, chanting one million Daimoku after
another, yet they sometimes assert that the prime point of the Lotus
Sutra is the M/D relationship or that the Lotus Sutra teaches
interfaith and other times they assert that the prime point of the
Lotus Sutra is the Buddha-nature possessed by all beings. They know
nothing of the doctrines contained in the 16th Chapter of the Lotus
Sutra and the Opening of the Eyes. They lack both insight and
understanding. In the end, they are guilty of the greatest falsehoods. 

There are several reasons for the slanders and distortions which
characterize SGI’s teachings: 

1). Except for Makiguchi, the SGI members have not experienced
martyrdom. They have had a relatively easy go with propagation and
have, on occasion, resorted to bullying tactics themselves, something
a Buddhist who has experienced severe persecutions first hand would
never resort to. 
2). The way of the Samurai and Bushido [way of the warrior], remnants
of the retainer/lord relationship, the principle of saving face, and
the Zen Buddhist model of master/disciple relationship characterizes
the Soka Gakkai 
3). Possibly the greatest digression from the Way of Buddha and
Nichiren Daishonin is the zennification of the SGI. The Buddha stated:
“be a lamp unto yourself” and the Buddha as well as the Daishonin
taught that we should follow the Law not persons. It should be obvious
that the SGI admonishment to seek guidance, going so far as having a
Guidance Division, is actual proof of this distortion. Those who
embrace the highest Law and the Supreme Object of Worship, need never
be exhorted to seek guidance and develop what is virtually a master/
disciple relationship with anyone, even one deemed a senior in faith.
In Zen Buddhism, whatever the master says is followed without
hesitation or question. In SGI, one often hears, “Follow no matter
what.” I have heard such arbitrary non-Buddhist opinions as, “‘If you
sincerely follow the guidance of your leaders, even if they are wrong,
you will gain tremendous benefit.” Such teachings are endemic in the
Soka Gakkai and in Zen. This is not the Lotus Sutra Buddhism of
Shakyamuni Buddha and Nichiren Daishonin. 

Even if the SGI were to adopt the Object of Worship of the Original
Doctrine and admit that the identity of the Original Eternal Buddha
was Lord Shakya, it will take many generations to purge the SGI of the
Way of the Samurai, Bushido values, the way of lords and retainers,
and the insidious master/disciple teachings of Zen. 

The Lotus Sutra and the writings of Nichiren Daishonin trump the
worldly ephemeral successes of the two mentors. The ten million Soka
Gakkai converts by virtue of their false mistaken faith and practice,
based on the Taisekaji teachings mixed with value creationism, Yui
Yoga, and Bushido, have become demons who will destroy true Buddhism
in no time. Nichiren states in Happiness in This World: 

“There is no true happiness other than upholding faith in the Lotus
Sutra. This is what is meant by “peace and security in their present
existence and good circumstances in future existences.”” 
He further states in Embracing the Lotus Sutra: 

“Now, if you wish to attain Buddhahood, you have only to lower the
banner of your arrogance, cast aside the staff of your anger, and
devote yourself exclusively to the one vehicle of the Lotus Sutra.
Worldly fame and profit are mere baubles of your present existence,
and arrogance and prejudice are ties that will fetter you in the next
one. Ah, you should be ashamed of them! And you should fear them,

One million times zero equals zero. Since the Soka Gakkai rejects the
Lotus Sutra and Buddha Shakyamuni of the Juryo Chapter of the Lotus
Sutra, how can SGI member’s happiness be anything but an ephemeral
happiness? SGI members’ happiness is based on worldly fame and profit,
not unlike the zenmen. We hear over and over about what SGI, "achieved” 
but what did they really achieve? Nichiren states, quoting the Nirvana 

“Kashyapa, because [in the past] I devoted myself to the correct
teaching, I have been able to achieve this diamond-like body that
abides forever and is never destroyed.” 

In the USA there are pehaps twenty or thirty million new evangelical
believers in the last ten years. They espouse great happiness but
Nichiren states, “because [in the past] I devoted myself to the
correct teaching…” 

We must ask ourselves, are the Soka Gakkai teachings the correct
teachings? Is it correct to abandon Shakyamuni Buddha and the Lotus
Sutra? The ten million Soka Gakkai adepts faith and practice is based
on a dream, or should I say, a nightmare, the nightmare of the
Taisaekaji teachings expounded by Toda and Ikeda: 

“…the Gohonzons that we recieve are also the living flesh
of the Original Buddha whose eyes have been opened according
to the principles of the actual Ichinen Sanzen in the passages
depths of the Juryo Chapter and the true attainment of Buddhahood
by plants and trees. Why would this very Gohonzon not be
the true aspect of the eye opening of wooden and painted images?
This is absolutely not found in the heretical sects outside of
Nichiren Shoshu, and is a profoundly secret doctrine which only
Nichiren Shoshu possesses.”– Daisaku Ikeda Soka Gakkai Daibyaku 

“….He knew all too well that the age of the Latter Day of the 
Law had already come, when prophecy foretold a decline in the 
power of Shakyamuni’s Buddhism; he knew it would have been
entirely inappropriateto bring back Shakyamuni’s Buddhism as 
a new set of beliefs. He was ableto bring the people a totally new 
kind of Buddhism because he was convinced of his identity and 
missions to save all people in the Latter Day of theLaw.” — 
Daisaku Ikeda (pg. 212 Selected Lectures on the Gosho)

The Lotus Sutra admonishes him: 

“Shame on such monks! — they will preach their own fictions.”

And Nichiren states: 

“I had gone to many centers of the religion during those twenty years,
in the quest of Buddhist truths. The final conclusion I arrived at was
that the truth of Buddhism must be one in essence. Many people lose
themselves in the labyrinth of learning and studies, through thinking
that every one of the diverse branches might help to the attainment of
Buddhist ideals.” — Works pp 1770-71 

And again in Myoho Bikuni Go-henji: 

“According to the Zen Sect, the true teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha
are not transmitted through sutras. They say that sutras including the 
LotusSutra are like a finger to point at the moon or a ferry to cross a 
river; and that it is no use after seeing the moon or crossing the river. 
Zen Buddhists say such a thing as they learned, without thinking what 
they say. But they are actually slandering Shakyamuni Buddha and 
preventingp ropagation of the Lotus Sutra. Thus, the people in this 
country are all committing a grave sin, more serious than the Five 
Evils, without realizing it.”

In Those Initially Aspiring to the Way, he writes: 

“…As for other types of people, it would appear that, even if they
do not understand the meaning of the Lotus Sutra and are ignorant but
have earnest faith, then they will invariably be reborn in a pure
land. For it says in the Lotus Sutra, “They will be born in the
presence of the Buddhas of the ten directions,” and “She will
immediately go to the World of Peace and Delight.” These passages give
clear proof that one who has faith in the Lotus Sutra will be reborn
in a pure land. 

Chapter 3 of the Lotus Sutra states: 

“Whether during the Buddha’s lifetime
Or after his extinction
If there be any who slander
Such a sutra as this,
Who, seeing those who read and recite,
Write or hold this sutra, scorn and despise, hate and envy them
And bear them a tenacious grudge.
Concerning the recompense of such people’s sin,
After their lifetimes end
They will enter into the Avici hell.” 

Although neither the evangelicals nor the SGI members have faith in
the Lotus Sutra, it is better to be an evangelical who doesn’t slander
the Lotus Sutra than an SGI member who slanders both the Lotus Sutra
and the true believers of the Lotus Sutra and Nichiren. Their holier than 
thou pronouncements based on the heretical SGI teachings are a castle 
built on sand.

As far as SGI’s assertions that the SGI teachings frees one from birth
and death, that is not possible if one is to believe Nichiren Daishonin
that the Lotus Sutra is the means: 

“What I call the Heritage of the Great Thing Concerning Life and 
Death is nothing else than the Scripture, the Lotus of the Perfect 
Truth. Fo rthe Sacred Title of the Lotus was handed down from the 
two Buddhas, Sakyamuni and Prabhuta-ratna (Taho or “Many 
Treasures”), to the BoddhisattvaVisista-caritra (Jogyo or “Emminent 
Conduct”), when the Buddhas appeared in the Heavenly Shrine, and 
from eternity the heritage has been kept without interruption.”

In another writing, we read, 

“Then to utter the Sacred Title of the Lotus with the conviction that
the three are one — the three, that is, Sakyamuni, the Buddha who from
eternity has realized Buddhahood; the Lotus Sutra, which leads all
beings without exception to Buddhahood; and we, beings in all the realms
of existence.” 

How can you be one with Buddha Shakyamuni who from eternity has
realized Buddhahood if you reject Him? Chanting mechanical daimoku
with no so conviction in Shakyamuni is not the way to free oneself
from the fetters of birth and death. 

On Establishing the Correct Teaching states; 

“The host said: There are numerous passages that could be cited and a
wide variety of proofs. For example, in the Golden Light Sutra we
read: “[The four heavenly kings said to the Buddha], ‘Though this
sutra exists in the nation, its ruler has never allowed it to be
propagated. In his heart he turns away from it, and he takes no
pleasure in hearing its teachings. He neither makes offerings to
it, honors it, nor praises it. Nor is he willing to honor or make
offerings to the four kinds of Buddhists who embrace the sutra. In the
end, he makes it impossible for us and the other countless heavenly
beings who are our followers to hear this profound and wonderful
teaching. He deprives us of the sweet dew of its words and cuts us off
from the flow of the correct teaching, so that our majesty and
strength are drained away. Thus the number of beings who occupy the
evil paths increases, and the number who dwell in the human and
heavenly realms decreases. People fall into the river of the
sufferings of birth and death and turn their backs on the road to

The Selection of the Time states: 

“The Buddha says determining the future, “Depend upon the teaching,
not upon the people. Bodhisattva Nagarjuna says, “If one depends upon
the scripture it is a correct argument; if one does not depend upon
the scripture it is an incorrect argument.” T’ien-t’ai says, “Again,
if it conforms to the scripture, quote and use it. If there is no
corresponding sentence or corresponding meaning, then one should not
believe and accept. ” Dengyo says, “Depend upon what the Buddha
taught, not upon the oral tradition.” If one follows these scriptures,
treatises and commentaries, then one should not base oneself on
dreams. Once should only treasure the passages in the scriptures and

Since the SGI abandons the scriptures, treatises, and commentaries,
what is it that they have faith in? The words and the oral teachings of 
Toda and Ikeda? I don’t see anything about a mentor being necessary 
for attaining Buddhahood nor that new car or raise.

Nichiren writes: 

“The essential key to Nichiren’s disciples and followers is, namely,
adherence to the Lotus Sutra.” 

The Lotus Sutra states: 

“But if one, after the Buddha’s extinction,
In the midst of an evil world
is able to preach this sutra, this is indeed hard…..(LS Ch.11) 

What the Soka Gakkai teaches is not “this Sutra”. 10,000,000
million SGI believers or 1,500,000,000 Muslims, are not equal to
one Nichiren believer that has faith in the golden words of the
Sutra. Most SGI members haven’t even read the Lotus Sutra. They 
go by the hearsay of the mentor, the Human Revolution, or the World 
Tribune. The SGI teachings on the Master-disciple relationship, value 
creation, receiving and giving guidance, no worth or role for solitary 
Bodhisattvas, the practice of shoju in this degenerate evil age, are all
hearsay and oral teachings which Nichiren completely rejected. How sad
for them. How sad that SGI members confuse Anger or Rapture for 

Nichiren states: 

“Then what teaching should the country of Japan learn if its people
are to free themselves from the sufferings of birth and death? As for
this question, the Lotus Sutra states, “After the Thus Come One has
entered extinction, I will cause it [the Lotus Sutra] to be widely
propagated throughout Jambudvipa and will see that it never comes to
an end.” 

Note, it doesn’t say to cause "Value Creationism”, “Human Revolution”, 
or“Taisekaji Mysticism” to spread.

In the Opening of the Eyes, we also read: 

“It is also laid down that one should “rely on sutras that are
complete and final and not on those that are not complete and final.”
We must therefore look carefully among the sutras to determine which
are complete and final and which are not, and put our faith in the
former. Bodhisattva Nagarjuna in his Commentary on the Ten Stages
Sutra states, “Do not rely on treatises that distort the sutras; rely
on those that are faithful to the sutras.” The Great Teacher T’ien-
t’ai says, “That which accords with the sutras is to be written down
and made available. But put no faith in anything that in word or
meaning fails to do so.” The Great Teacher Dengyo says, “Depend upon
the preachings of the Buddha, and do not put faith in traditions
handed down orally.” Enchin, also known as the Great Teacher Chisho,
says, ‘In transmitting the teachings, rely on the written words [of
scriptures]. ‘”

SGI's relies on the inferior teaching of the Human Revolution, those 
Nichiren Shoshu teachings that distort the Sutra and the teachings of 
Nichiren Daishonin, they depend more on the preaching of Daisaku 
Ikeda than they do on the preachings of the Buddha and Nichiren 
Daishonin, and they hardly rely on the written words of the Sutra and 
Nichiren Daishonn. They are far more evil than the Zen men who 
make no pretense of practicing what the Buddha taught.