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Monday, March 30, 2015

The "great benefit" of visualizing Daisaku Ikeda at the moment of your death

A May SGI Contribution Video I have seen and commentary:

One video given to each District.... I love the Japanese YMD telling about how he didn't even have a bowl of rice before donating his last penny to the SGI and now he's driving a Lexus. I also love how Nathan "Brainwashed" Gaeur and Danny "DON'T YOU THINK SO" Nagashima shill, lie, and cajole to get every last cent out of even the poorest members. Don't forget the tremendous benefit you will receive, a photo thank-you card of Daisaku and Kaneko Ikeda that you can place on your altar. 

Hehe, I think the thank-you card will help you visualize Taisaku [Fat Building] Ikeda at the moment of your death, the goal according to Jeff Krieger SGI-USA Study Chief. WHAT A BENEFIT! I think the members should deeply ponder this and think of Taisaku at the moment of his death. They can remember the dear leader's guidance to be sure to brush their teeth before retiring into the good night. 

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