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Thursday, April 30, 2015

We, unlike SGI, refuse to alter so much as a dot of the teachings

Soon, the only fundamentalist followers of Nichiren in the 21st century will die off with nary a youth to take over the mantle. Ordinarily this would be a sad thing, an unfortunate thing, a bad thing. However, thanks to Nichiren Daishonin who has left behind his relics [writings], one after another youth will read the Kaimoku Sho, Kanjin Honzon Sho, the Hoon Sho, the Senji Sho, and the Rissho Ankoku Ron and will adopt Nichiren's manner of spreading, upholding, and preserving the teachings. 

Do you know what I say to our detractors? "You are destined for the Avici Hell. Furthermore, for criticizing the true votaries who refuse to alter a dot of the teachings, not only are you certain to fall into hell after you die but you are already there. What a pity. What a shame."

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  1. yes, when the world becomes so difficult to live in, and it won't be long, people will be forced to open their minds to the real and true teachings of the buddha.