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Sunday, May 31, 2015

SGI's cloning strategy. What's next, channeling Ikeda?

"WADA So when we consider how to actualize the oneness of Master and Disciple in everyday life, we should consider, "If I were Sensei, how would I think about this?" or, "If I were Sensei, what would I do about this?" I think that our taking action that President Ikeda would take is, in one sense to actualize the oneness of master and disciple. 

TANIGAWA If we truly with to reach this point, we must read President Ikeda's guidance repeatedly. We must get to the point where we can't distinguish between our own speech and action and what we would do if we were the SGI President. It's incorrect for us to put our opinions about how to behave over what we believe President Ikeda would do. It's even worse to act without thinking about what President Ikeda would do. This is not acting as a disciple." -- Seikyo Times, August, 1990, p. 45 in an article entitled "Dialogue and Democracy."


  1. BTW, these are two top Vice Presidents of Soka Gakkai. Their view is official.

  2. Linda Johnson SGI Woman's Division leader and death sentence prosecutor and many top YMD leaders are perfect examples. She waves, smiles, and says hello and goodbye exactly as the cultmeister and they adopt his cadence when they speak.You too can take it to such a level by following the guidance of these Vice Presidents.