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Monday, June 29, 2015

SGI's complicity in slander evident on SGI Malaysia's website

"Imam Dr Wang based his talk on 'Islamic Perspectives on World Peace', and spoke about the role of Islam in promoting peace. Imam Wang used the teaching of Koran to point out that religious freedom, equality and respect for all human beings are important values for Muslim. He said that Islam promotes mercy and tolerance towards others. Besides this, Imam Wang also pointed out that 'jihad' means human struggle and self-revolution, but people still harbor misunderstanding on this concept, resulting in politicians using it to achieve their own political ends. He believes that if the family and friends can promote the concept of mercy and the spirit of helping each other among us, world peace and societal stability can be realized.

The next speaker, Imam Ma talked on 'The moral perspective of Islam'. According to him, moral is the yard stick of measurement for human life. "Differences of ideologies among humans, which cause conflicts are unavoidable," said Imam Ma, "without the guidance of religion, the ugly nature of humans will emerge making society a 'heaven' for the strong and 'hell' for the weak." Imam Ma continued to point out that the absence of religious moral is equivalent to living without a water source; faith should be the water source for moral. "Law, moral and faith are the three pillars for establishing peace in society."

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