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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Who is the world's greatest Christian?

"I was with the members of the youth division in Japan recently, along  with Dean Lawrence Carter, of the Martin Luther King Intl. [Baptist] Chapel at Morehouse college in Atlanta. Before his trip, Dean Carter had been very excited about seeing SGI president Ikeda. He told us that 30 years ago, when a reporter asked Dr. MLK Jr who is the greatest Christian in the 20th century, Dr. King replied, "Mahatma Ghandi." Dr Carter said that if he were asked that same question today, he would reply without hesitation that the world's greatest Christian is "A Buddhist-- Daisaku Ikeda." He explained that he could say this because he feels that President Ikeda, through his actions, is doing the most to put the humane ideals of Christianity into practice" -- Danny Nagashima's speech to the SGI Central Executive Committee SGI World Tribune, Oct 6, 2000 page 10


  1. "World's greatest Christian", "World's greatest authority on Buddhism", "World's greatest poet", World's most prolific writer", "World's most honors, awards, and honorary doctorates", "World's greatest photographer", "Daisensei", "World's greatest teacher", "World's greatest statesman",....

  2. Let's not forget, "World's greatest mentor", "World's greatest philosopher",