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Monday, June 29, 2015

Worlds foremost authority on Buddhism?

"President Ikeda is the world's foremost authority on Buddhism." -- SGI leader

"A sad but true fact we must solemnly recognize is that the corruption of priests began soon after Shakyamuni's death. Religion is always in danger of growing apart from the people when its leaders forget to reflect carefully on their own behavior and come to look upon themselves as authorities" -- Daisaku Ikeda


  1. Then why has he made so many errors?

    1. Pity he couldn't take his own advice ' It must be his bad karma

      "those who don't rememer history are condemned to repeat it"

      Look at the mess that the Psyco GA GA's political party Komeito has created for Japan. The the psyco ga ga (soka gakkai) leaders have betrayed the soka Gakkai members to vote Komeito that has given the LDP a rubber stamp to go to war

      There are many concerned scholars and citizens who want to stop this from going ahead.

      At one stage when there were around 3,000 scholar's signatures from university's throughout Japan only 3 were from Soka university. I wouldn't be surprised if it is still the same now because they would be scared of losing their employment as I presume their wages are entwined with the Komeito - Jimento/LDP, - Mitsubishi interests in the war machine [military industrial complex] amidst numerous associated corporate entities

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  3. Today 6/30/2015 there has been 7,647 scholars from University's throughout Japan that have signed the petition to stop the Abe government from violating Article 9 of the constitution.

  4. Anything for more power for Soka, anything. All their noble rhetoric out the window for money and power. Feel sorry for the members who only seek Buddhahood as did Nichiren.