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Friday, July 31, 2015

Disillusioned with SGI

"I was introduced to SGI Buddhism 2 1/2 years ago. It is actually the only Nichiren sect I knew existed at the time. I was fine with what the practice seemed to encourage based on my introduction. I was excited about embracing the Lotus Sutra and reading the letters of Nichiren. This all began to fade when “May contribution” month hit. It wasn’t the asking for money part, it was the nature of the videos, and the paranoia surrounding potential cameras in the room! Apparently there are people out there who wish to harm president Ikeda’s image! That really struck a chord with me. I tried to let things go and continue my study and practice with less interaction with this particular group. Also I don’t know if anyone has seen these videos but they seemed to imply people give what they don’t really have…that one really raised red flags for me. I had just about begun to forget each incident and kinda just distanced more, then another friend who was curious suggested we go to a meeting. I was reluctant at first but I went against my better judgment and took him to one. He said it was all okay until, they began singing “Forever Sensei”. He says he’d rather just chant at home. I try not to laugh but I don’t blame him. I’m actually accepted by family and friends just fine as a Buddhist but I’m actually embarrassed to introduce people anymore because I don’t want to see them drop chanting all together. I haven’t stopped chanting or studying, I just include non-SGI materials in the stack now. I hope that change will come, I really do. I also wanna add I have found a lot of information about SGI history I didn’t know. If I had been informed better I probably wouldn’t have joined. For now I chant and study alone."

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