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Friday, July 31, 2015

The absolute exquisiteness of the Lotus Sutra.

"Compared to Hinayana Buddhism all Brahma schools are in error. Compared to the Lotus Sutra, the correct way of Hinayana Buddhism or first four of the so-called "five tastes" and the first three of the Four Teachings are all evil and erroneous. the Lotus Sutra alone is true and correct. The 'perfect teaching" preached in such pre-Lotus sutras as the Flower Garland, Hodo, and Hannya Sutras is called perfect but its perfection is only from a relative point of view. It is still inferior to the absolute exquisiteness of the Lotus Sutra.

Also, the "perfect teaching" of the pre-Lotus sutras is erroneous because it still remains in the first three categories of the Four Teachings. Therefore, we are still treading the way of error even if we practice the ultimate teaching of the pre-Lotus sutras such as the Flower Garland and Hannya. How much more should Honen and his disciples and followers be in error! They depended on such petty sutras as the Kanmuryoju-kyo, which are inferior to such pre-Lotus sutras as the Flower Garland and Hannya, taking the "Lotus" in the Kanmuryoju-kyo and urging the people to discard the Lotus sutra. Aren't they the so-called slanderers of the true dharma? Sakyamuni, Taho, and numerous other Buddhas from all over the universe came to this world in order to have the Lotus Sutra remain here forever. Honen and Pure Land believers in Japan claim that the Lotus Sutra in the Latter Age of the Decadent Dharma will perish before the Pure Land School. Aren't they the enemies of Sakyamuni, Taho, and many other buddhas from all the worlds in the universe?" -- Opening of the Eyes

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