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Monday, August 31, 2015

Tough guy Ikeda

"The Kenshokai used to be called the Myokan-ko. It was a rightist lay group of Nichiren Shoshu that was particularly radical in terms of its view that the "high sanctuary" should be declared a national sanctuary. When Nittatsu Shonin declined to identify the Shohondo as such, they became quite outspoken, and I think even violent, and were excommunicated. They have been carrying out intensive propagation efforts since then, and have been accused of coersion and various rough tactics. There was an arrest recently in Hokkaido of a Kenshokai member who beat up a prospective convert who changed his mind at the last minute. There were many witnesses to the incident and the arrest was reported in the local paper." -- SGI leader

What about Ikeda? The last ass he kicked was the old priest Ogasawara's. Tough guys those YMD's. I bet they could give 96 year old Rev. Kubota a good beating too

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