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Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Moment of Death in Nichiren's Thought by Dr. Jacqueline Stone


  1. This makes me angry when I see how much Nichiren had such a strong belief in life after death of the individual, when I had to put up with an SGI General Director for over ten years who didn't believe in Karma and life after death. He only had the limited capacity of his stunted intellect and warped heart related to his karmic tendency's to only believe in an isolated eternal now aspect devoid of any linear aspect..... so much for paradox that Buddhism expounds. Thanks a lot for lack of Duty of care, Soka Gakkai Headquarters, you are totally incompetent in sharing Nichiren's teachings to the world, you are just one monumental stuff up and destined to make anything that you control including your business's to become dysfunctional as you have done with Nichiren Buddhism

  2. Anything goes if one loudly praises the mentor and SGI. Leaders my arse!

  3. The behavior of these morons beggars belief, they have become so obedient to their masters that they have lost their power to discriminate. It's all the same as long as their leader says it all the same. What pathetic excuses for human beings they have become, they should feel shame rather than being a proud member of the SGI but they cant as long as they are in an SGI induced trance state