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Thursday, December 31, 2015

A bunch of "Nichiren" believers hanging out in a bar

Believer #1 [KHK]: I'll take my Nichiren straight up
Believer # 2 [KHK]: I'll take a shot of Nichiren
Believer # 3 [KHK]: Make mine a double
Believer # 4 [SGI]: I'll have a Nichiren and water, lots of water please
Believer # 5 [NST] I'm in the mood for a mixed drink. How about a Sado Island Iced Tea with a shot of Nichiren, a splash of Tientai, a splash of Zen, and lots of Shingon. 
Believer # 6 [NS]: I'll have a virgin Nichiren
Believer # 7 [HBS]: I'll have Nichiren with a glass of magic okozui water on the side.
Believer # 8 [Indy]: Hmm, let me see, um, um....

1 comment:

  1. Believer #9 (Indy): I'll take my Lotus Sutra straight up, double please... Shakyamuni, Tahoe, Guys (Four Bodhisattvas), Nichiren? (unison) "same thanks"... though so, make that another seven please...