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Friday, December 25, 2015

As to changing your name [from Taisaku "fat building" to Daisaku "great building"]—it is all too absurd!

"And [the ruler of] Akitsushima, this island country of Japan, cannot compare even to the retainers of the wheel-turning kings of the four continents. The ruler of Japan is simply the chief of this island country. To speak as you do of being “summoned” by persons who serve that ruler, of appearing before those “in high position,” and of conducting yourself “fittingly” is, however I consider it, in the end an insult to me, Nichiren!

It would seem that Nichiren’s disciples, after journeying to the capital, at first were careful not to forget their purpose, but later, led astray by the heavenly devil, they lost their senses completely. That is the way Shō-bō was acting. You had better beware that you do not act the same way and incur the anger of heaven.

So you have gone to the capital, and before much time has passed you are changing your name, a piece of utter nonsense. No doubt you have also changed your way of speaking and acquired the accent of the capital. Like a mouse that has changed into a bat but in fact is neither bird nor mouse, you are now neither a country priest nor a priest of the capital. You are behaving just like Shō-bō.

You should just go on speaking like a country person—otherwise you will only sound ridiculous. And as for changing your name to Sonjō, the characters of which are the same as those of the personal name of the Retired Emperor of Oki—it is all too absurd!"

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