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Monday, December 21, 2015

I spent years defending the SGI against accusations of being a cult by Sparticus

SGI is absolutely a CULT!!!
I am an ex-member, having practiced with the SGI for over 30 years and held senior leader positions. I do not make unsubstantiated claims or have a grudge vendetta. I know what I am talking about, because I've seen and experienced the SGI first hand. Others may not have had similar experiences to mine, but that does not negate the validity of those of us who have experienced the true nature of the SGIcult beast. IF knowing the truth is important to you, please search for the truth from as many sources as you can before drawing any conclusions.
I spent years defending the SGI against accusations of being a cult, so I know a cult-dominated mindset when I encounter one. The very idea that the SGI might be a cult was impossible for me to even consider for three decades. The very nature of becoming involved with a cult reduces or destroys one's ability to speak, think, and act objectively or independently. This is a well established fact (do your own research if you doubt this). It wasn't until long after I left the SGcult that I finally came to realize how well the SGI fits the definition of a cult. Yes, I had "allowed" the cult to control me for years. But like many victims of abuse, I fought back over and over, tried to run away, tried to make excuses for all the bad behavior, ignored the ugly side and focused only on the "good" parts. That is, until I came to realize that the real problems were systemic to the cult organization, not the poor tired members, so heavily indoctrinated to see everything in life through the prism of the SGcult. In my experience, becoming a senior leader is akin to turning out the last light of reason, as darkness envelopes rational thinking. Once one accepts the journey up the leadership ladder, the hooks are sunk and set deeply into the prey. And they want everyone to become a leader!
Leaders are never NEVER elected, only selected. Selected according to their potential to become ikeda-bots, deeply entrenched in dogmatic familial fantasies of a god-like mentor that has some magic ability to hear the members' sincere prayers to "connect". Hogwash! He just a man. A very rich and powerful man, with a bona-fide cult following like Rev. Moon. "I would give my life for Sensei!" Really? Is such an attitude healthy or is it sickly cult-ish? Perhaps your life is already being drained away, little by little as you strain to justify the leakage of lifeblood by those who seek to get ever more from you. Ah, but these blackstraws are sneaky vampires. They make sure your mind is properly numb enough not to feel the prick of their razor-sharp teeth before they start the real bleeding.
If you are considering becoming a member of the SGcult, then buyer beware! IF you are considering leaving the SGcult, don't let the fear and intimidation overcome your natural instincts. You are in the same position as a Scientology practitioner, or any other cult member. You are not their slave. You are free to make up your own mind and to do what you want, despite their objections and deterrents designed to keep you forever (enslaved) loyal and controlled. It is a battle for you mind and spirit (and money). You will have an advantage once you understand this vital point.

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