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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Let us then see photographs of our SGI leaders and so-called Nichiren priests on their deathbeds

"If among my disciples there are those whose faith is weak and paltry, then when they are on their deathbed, they will manifest signs that they are destined for the Avīchi hell. And at that time, they must not hold me to blame!" -- Nichiren


  1. I have instructed my wife and daughter to take a photograph of me on my deathbed as instruction to both my enemies and my comrades in faith.


    These aren't Nichiren's disciples but leaders of a other spiritual traditions. There expression is morbid to say the least

  3. I fear that you are another one who hates the real Nichiren and his authentic teachings...

    "When one dies, if one is destined to fall into hell, one’s appearance will darken, and one’s body will become as heavy as a stone that requires the strength of a thousand men to move. But in the case of a good person, even if she should be a woman seven or eight feet tall and of dark complexion, at the hour of death, her countenance will become pure and white, and her body will be as light as a goose feather and as soft and pliable as cotton.'

  4. It will be interesting to see your complexion in the photographs that you have instructed your wife and daughter to take at the time of your death, then we will know if your belief in Nichiren's teachings were correct according to Nichiren's above quote but we will never really know till then.

    We are all in the same boat in that case, all we can do is hope that we got it right according to our own understanding and act with a clear conscience until that time

  5. Nichiren teaches that accurate reports on claims of Supreme and Perfect Enlghtenment are invaluable in ascertaining the truth of the matter.

  6. SGI centers on the phrase, "no august attributes" but this is hardly the whole of the matter. They center on this phrase because in SGI there is no actual proof, no record of even one member attaining Annuttara Samyak Sambodhi..