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Friday, December 25, 2015

"Mr. Ikeda. the most important person in the future history of the earth"

"If we can exert a billion lifetimes of painstaking effort in a single moment then for certain we can experience the full-blown Buddhahood that Mr. Ikeda enjoys." Public statement by Salem Don on the SGI yahoo board 

"Sometimes we find it very difficult to chant to find our Buddhahood. Buddhahood can be so undefinable. But I have heard of several women who chant instead to support and protect Sensei or to have the same heart as Sensei. This allows them to believe in themselves and this helps them believe in their Buddhahood. If the word Buddhahood is too vague or maybe idealistic then try chanting to have Sensei's spirit: to be a real disciple of Sensei." SGI Trets Womens Division Leaders Training Course October 2001

"Expand the heart, pry it open and let your heart connect with Sensei's heart. His heart is big enough to encompass the whole world and everything in it. By making your connection with his heart and keeping it strong everyday, you begin to sense the immense richness of your life." SGI Trets Womens Division Leaders Training Course October 2001

"Didn't anyone tell you that 'no prayer is unanswered?' They should have. Pray to visit President Ikeda in a dream. That's all. Anyone can do it. What's so difficult about that? Then maybe you wouldn't spend so much time minimizing the reality of Mr. Ikeda, 'the most important person in the future history of the earth' or lamenting that he is inaccessible." Salem Don

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