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Thursday, December 31, 2015

SGI celebrates the birth of a building. We celebrate the birth of Shakyamuni Buddha

SGI claims a rainbow appeared and a cherry tree blossomed during the opening ceremony for their Hall of the Great Vow of Kosen Rufu. Nichiren teaches that on the eighth day of April, the birthday of the Buddha, the following occurred:

"The eighth is the day on which Shakyamuni Buddha, the father of all people, was born. On that day thirty-two mystic phenomena occurred. First, flowers blossomed and fruit ripened on all the plants and trees. Second, every kind of treasure welled forth from the earth. Third, without a single drop of rain falling, water welled up in all the fields and paddies. Fourth, night became as bright as day. Fifth, not a single sorrowful voice was heard throughout the entire major world system. All of the other signs that appeared were as auspicious as these. From that time on, for a period of over 2,230 years, the eighth day has been selected for the holding of auspicious events."

Moreover, why does SGI celebrate the birth of a building or the day Ikeda made a trip to Disneyland but never once have they celebrated the birthday of Shakyamuni Buddha? Certainly, they are inferior even to the practitioners of the Lesser Vehicle.

Nichiren goes on to say:

"Moreover, now when everyone else in Japan has abandoned Shakyamuni Buddha, what roots of goodness from the past, I wonder, account for your believing in the Lotus Sutra and Shakyamuni Buddha, and for all of you not only gathering on the eighth day and making offerings, but sending flowers and incense to Nichiren deep in the mountains? How truly praiseworthy!

Can we be counted among those who have abandoned Shakyamuni Buddha? Can the Soka Gakkai? Think about this. You don't need to think hard about this.

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