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Friday, December 25, 2015

Stupidity is the World of Animality

"The Eternal Shakyamuni is very clearly an extremely interpretive translation of the term honbutsu. I already know that it does not appear in the Lotus Sutra. I will try to find where it appears in the Gosho and we can discuss it further." -SGI leader [please remember stupidity is the World of Animality]

First, from the writings of Nichiren Daishonin:

“Thus it was revealed that Shakyamuni had long been the Buddha since the eternal past and it became clear that various Buddhas in other worlds were all manifestations of Shakyamuni Buddha. Now, however, as Shakyamuni was proved to be the Eternal Buddha, those Buddhas in the Flower Garland Sutra, or Buddhas in the Hodo, Hannya, or Great Sun Buddha sutras all became subordinates of Shakyamuni Buddha.” (Kaimoku Sho, p. 174, translated by Kyotsu Hori, 1987)


“Since Shakyamuni Buddha is eternal and all other Buddhas in the universe are His manifestations...” (Kaimoku Sho, translated by Kyotsu Hori, p.176).


“Since Sakyamuni Buddha is eternal and all other Buddhas in the universe are His manifestations, then those great bodhisattvas converted by manifested Buddhas are also disciples of Lord Sakyamuni Buddha. If the “Life Span of the Buddha” chapter had not been expounded, it would be like the sky without the sun and moon, a country without a king, mountains and rivers without gems, or a man without a soul.” (Noppa, pg. 176, Kaimoku Sho)


“Shakyamuni Buddha, the Lord-preacher of this pure land, has never died in the past, nor will he be born in the future. He exists forever, throughout the past, present and future.” (P.100)

The True Object of Worship reads,

“Many wooden statues and portraits were made of Shakyamuni Buddha as He preached Hinayana and quasi-Mahayana sutras, but statues and portraits of the Eternal Shakyamuni Buddha revealed in the Juryo Chapter of the Lotus Sutra were never made. Now, in the beginning of Mappo, is it not the time that such statues and portraits are made?” (P.104 NOPPA)

The Lotus Sutra, Nichiren Daishonin, and the Kempon Hokke teach that, "Shakyamuni Buddha attained enlightenment at a time even more distant than gohyaku jintengo." (MW, Vol.2, p.268)

Here are more than a dozen  passages from Chapter 16 of the Lotus Sutra which you recite every day:

"But forever here preaching the law."


"I forever remain in this [world]"


"And then I tell all creatures
That I exist forever in this world"

Therefore, once expedients are abandoned:

"I [Shakyamuni] tell all creatures that I [Shakyamuni] exist forever in this world."

"By the power of tactful methods
Revealing [myself] extinct and not extinct"

"[If] in other regions there are beings
Reverent and with faith aspiring
Again I am in their midst"

"other regions" means everywhere, means past present and future and means eternal:

"I behold all living creatures
Sunk in the sea of suffering
Hence I do not reveal myself"

Beholding all living beings means omnipresent.

"Hence I [Shakyamuni] do not reveal myself" (although "I" am always present.)

"Till, when their hearts are longing,
I appear to preach the Law:"

"I therefore appear to all living creatures."

All living creatures include those who have existed since time without beginning, those who now exist, and those who will exist in the infinite future.

"[I am] always on the Divine Vulture Peak
And in every other dwelling place".

This is self explanatory.

"Tranquil is this realm of mine,
Ever filled with heavenly beings,"
Parks, and many palaces
With every kind of gem adorned,
Precious trees full of blossoms and fruit,
where all beings take their pleasure"

Again, "ever" is forever [eternal] and "all" is all throughout the Three Existences. This passage brings up a very important point: Not only the Buddha Shakyamuni who teaches all beings the eternity of life is eternal but so is his land and so are the masses of beings.

''But all who perform virtuous deeds
And are gentle and upright
These all see that I exist."

Again, "all" is all. Those who existed, exist and will exist(from the standpoint of the Truth of Temporary Existence) who perform virtuous deeds and are gentle and upright, these beings see that Shakyamuni always exists. Does that mean that those who don't see the Buddha, those such as Nikken, Ikeda, and yourself, are not virtuous and upright?

"For the Buddha's words are true, not false.
Like the Physician who with clever device,
In order to cure his demented sons,
Though indeed alive, annonces his own death
Yet can not be charged with any falsehood,
I, too, being father of this world,
Who heals all misery and affliction,
For the sake of the perverted people,
Though truly alive, say [I am] extinct;

Who is the father of this Saha world who heals all misery and all affliction? There can not be two fathers. This would have been an opportune time for Shakyamuni to announce a Buddha more original than himself [as the father of the world] but, as we see, the Buddha Shakyamuni, consistent from beginning to end, again announces, "I".

"I, ever knowing all beings"

Again, the words "I", "ever" and "all".

"Expound their every Law"

Buddha Shakyamuni [as He, Nichiren Daishonin, and we state] teaches every Law.

"Ever making this my thought:
How shall I cause all the living
To enter the Way supreme
and speedily accomplish their buddhahood."
  1. If you don't read another post on the Eagle Peak blog but read this one and take it to heart, you will have gladdened the heart of Shakyamuni Buddha, Nichiren Daishonin, and their disciples and believers throughout the universe.
  2. Oh sir, I forgot, "my eternal mentor Daisaku Ikeda" appears in the Lotus Sutra and Gosho and that which you exhort us to awaken. My bad!
  3. Yes, thanks Mark - Great post.

    Of course you know the NST stance on this is somewhat surprisingly....

    The two Buddhas, Shakyamuni and Taho, are merely functions of the true Buddha, while Myoho-renge-kyo actually is the true Buddha. The sutra explains this as "the Tathagata's secret and his mystic power
  4. in light of the teachings, the above quote that the shoshu has used for many years ("the two buddhas......etc") , makes no sense.

    people who know the teachings know that this does not fit.

    i used to read this 35 years ago and would think that it just didn't seem right or fit with anything i had read before.

    shame on the shoshu and shame on the sgi.
  5. Buddha nature buried beneath the rubble.
  6. We will dig them out.

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