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Friday, December 18, 2015

Top down is as grass roots as the SGI will ever get by BlancheFromage

This from a "SGI-USA Campus Club Constitution" template, specifically the sections "Operations" and "Amendments":
Section 1— Campus club presidents must turn in an SGI-USA Campus Club Leadership Application for all candidates for office in the Executive Committee. All applications must be reviewed and approved by the SGI-USA region personnel committee before elections are held. Candidates must be enrolled in a minimum of three credit hours at and have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5. Candidates for president should be actively practicing in a local district and have a leadership position within the SGI-USA line youth organization.In addition, the president should seek out the support/advisory role of the local SGI-USA four divisional line leaders in planning and carrying out campus activities. All outgoing presidents must propose a slate of Executive Committee officers to the SGI-USA region personnel committee for review and approval before elections are held.
Ooh! What's that called where the candidates must be approved by the regime before they can be allowed to run for office??
Section 2—In the event an election results in a tie, approved candidates may share a position and the corresponding responsibility of the position.
Section 3—In the event of misconduct resulting in the obstruction of the rights of members to enjoy the benefits of the campus club organization, officers may be removed from office by a two thirds approving vote from the SGI-USA region personnel committee. Officers expelled from office may appeal the matter to the zone personnel committee.
The members can't even vote to remove their own "elected" leaders from office! THAT's an SGI-controlled function! But the members can still beg and impotently hope - THAT hasn't changed.
Section 4—The role of the advisor is to support, encourage, offer suggestions and help the Executive Committee and general membership work more effectively in the university setting.
OMG! This document is a masterpiece of black comedy! The advisor's role is to see that SGI's interests are protected!! If you don't think the "advisor" is there to make sure none of those naughty children gets funny ideas about self-governance, you're simple enough to be an SGI member!!
Section 1—The Executive Committee shall propose constitutional amendments to the SGI-USA region youth leaders and national student division leaders for review and approval before being voted on.
That's hilarious, isn't it? "The dictator will allow you to submit your suggestions for his approval. Unless the dictator approves, no one else will ever hear of these suggestions - OR ELSE!!" It's a mockery of the democratic process.
Section 2 — Upon approval by the region youth leaders and national student division leaders, a vote to pass a constitutional amendment may be held. Approval by two-thirds of the voting members present at a regular meeting shall pass a proposed amendment. The amendment shall be put into effect immediately, unless otherwise stipulated in the amendment. SGI-USA Campus Club Constitution
Top down! Top down! And you will do as WE say!! Or we will SHUT YOU DOWN!!!
That's as grass-roots as the SGI will ever get, baby.

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