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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Buddhist on a bus in the Bronx


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  3. The Bronx what was known as Morrisania. The estate was destroyed during the war of independence by the English war ships firing their cannons relentlessly on the property to create the maximum amount of damage because the Morris's my ancestors dared to stand against the authority of the ruthless British empire that ruled with an iron fist. The war of independence still rages on, on many fronts like this one over the 3 treasures

    The 3 treasures the Dharma, Buddha Sangha

    Dharma - Gohonzon

    Buddha - Shakyamuni, Nichiren

    Sangha - Votaries of the Lotus Sutra

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  5. Just as my ancestors signed the Declaration of
    Independence that would help free the people from being controlled by tyrants, I declared my independence from the tyrannical Soka Gakkai by sending in my resignation on 29th of November 2014 as follows;

    Notice of Cancelation of membership from Sokka Gakkai International

    The Organisation's direction in secular matters, the personal worship of Daisaku Ikeda to gain enlightenment and the rejection of Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism to name a few is something that I do not share. I cannot compromise my faith and integrity by having my name any longer registered as an SGI member.

    Having a clean break is the most honest thing I can do for myself and others given the grave situation that I have found myself been caught up in with the SGI

    I am part of an onward growing number of Independent Practioners throughout the Globe who have decided to stand on their own feet grounded in the teachings, of Lord Shakyamuni Buddha,Nichiren Daishonin, The Lotus Sutra and Law of Namu Myoho Renge Kyo

    Yours sincerely


    "So it is that some of them put their faith in heretical teachings, or pay honor to those who slander the Law. It distresses me that they should be so confused about right and wrong, and at the same time I feel pity that, having embraced Buddhism, they have chosen the wrong kind. With the power of faith that is in there hearts, why must they vainly give credence to heretical doctrines?"