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Monday, January 4, 2016

I no longer believe in SGI

by: Anonymous 

I have been practicing for last 12 years and have been into the state of delusion now. Have seen the best and worst of it. Its not Buddhism any more. Its Ikedism and I cannot see Mr Ikeda as God…I agree its a parade of cameras and suits. I am working as block leaders and have seen leaders bitching about members, manipulating them and making sure to make their life hell if one does not agree. Have seen throwing out members on one pretext or another. Have heard them saying members happiness is not their concern.

Dont agree with this bullshit. My point is if this is Ikedism teachings, I dont want to be part of that. Where is compassion for the members. Also, none of the Buddhist concepts are taught. Just read about how Toda and Ikeda struggle for the Kosen Rufu…

I am not sure if people do understand the meaning of kosen rufu…I have seen members suffering and leaders avoid them because they have their own problem to cater to…

Also, there is no disclosure of the financial contribution….If one does not contribute, you are discarded….

I think I am on verge of leaving SGI…Can see the day coming….

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