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Friday, January 29, 2016

I used to practice the SGI UK for about 20 years

"Hi, I live in the UK, I used to practice the SGI UK for about 20 years, I left the organization in the end, I got fed up of the arrogance, and ego trips of some of the leaders, and long term members, some of the stuff that went on you just would not believe. They really think that their path is the only way, they pretend to understand and respect other faiths, don’t you believe it, it’s just a front. My wife still practices SGI, she is married to the organization, there is no love in our relationship, I love her, but her whole being is devoted to the Gakkai, she has not much care for our relationship anymore, if our marriage finished tomorrow, the only thing that she would care about is what people might think, I have a difficult health problem, I really need my wife’s support, not a chance, SGI comes first I’m afraid. This organization brain washes it’s members, or might I say, the members allow this to happen. I am glad I got out when I did, the worse thing for me now is I feel so alone in my relationship, all I hear is about the benefit of chanting…….what benefit." -- Jon Smith

Response: Faith is first and foremost Jon and a correct faith which you won't find in the Soka Gakkai Ikeda cult.

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